Vyvanse or Adderall?

Vyvanse or Adderall?

Which is better?

Situational, you degenerate fuck

I cant handle uppers any more without getting a panic attack.. :( bros did i do too much at one time? is that why?

Vyvanse for a smoother longer lasting time. Adderall is more of an intense pump you up right away kind of a feeling. For long term use I'd pick Vyvanse


So what does all this shit do

Meth you faggot.

>panic attacks
It's just onset of schizophrenia, nothing to worry about, you will get used to it

it allows you to focus on your potty training so you can finally stop shitting on streets.

Has anyone tried Concerts/Ritalin?


LSD for maximal spiritual gains.

Gives you some of the mental benefits of a brisk walk, but addictive.

anyone who says modafinil is retarded

Concerta every day it kicks the ass off anything else

How does it compare to Adderall?

Keep in mind there are two forms of Adderall, Adderall IR (instant release, stronger but shorter lasting) and Adderall XR (extended release, weaker but longer lasting).
I've never tried Vyvanse though.


I take 40mg vyvanse at 7am and fall asleep and wake back up at 8:30 am

I also have adderall I use if I don’t take my vyv in the morning. I like vyvanse because of its smooth absorption and less unwanted side effects.

Also coke in between for just a bit of a pick-me-up.

Main side effects I get are of course the decreased appetite, sweaty palms, sometimes some anxiety, and if you take a dose that’s more than what your body can tolerate, it’s not very easy to fall asleep.



it sucks donkey dick
addy, meth, vyvanse, coke
in that order
meth if you just want to party, vanse is pre good for actually getting shit done

vyvanse. less side effects

Adderall for sure, I've never tried dexedrine but isn't that what vyvanse is? An XR version of dexedrine

I use dextroamphetamine

I used to use concerta but the headaches were awful and I couldn't sleep.


Look at the image he chose. He clearly doesn't want to just feel awake

brisk walk?

Nice, just bought 100k.

does trauma cause schizophrenia? say if you have a traumatic event but also smokes weed while it's happening

Yes, you know... walking quickly for 5 minutes? Taking a light jog? Get some oxygenated blood moving through your system at a quickened pace?

ok just thought it might mean something else, because I thought a drug would be more powerful than a walk
anyway I did notice that whenever I HAVE to walk a little and do something outside of my routine, I feel more energetic afterwards

Adderall if I wanna clean my whole house with a toothbrush. Cocaine if I'm just trying to party

this shit will fuck you up. slowly change who you are. youll lose friends, family and everyone close to you. do not abuse this youll regret it.

lol you sure that wasn't street meth you had?

I used it as prescribed and it did that. Use it very sparingly now, keep it once a week at most boys.

Do not use everyday. I was on Vyvanse 50mg with Dexedrine boosters for three years. it was good the first 3-4 months. that was the honeymoon phase. After that everything was shit. Pure anedonia. My brain was telling me to stop and I was aware that I was just a fucking robot multitasking with no emotions. I tried to stop 100x... but ... you become tired again, a feeling that didn't exist anymore. The only way was to flush the pill bottle into the toilet. That's how I ended it. Believe me.

Once a week though it's a great tool. I take dexedrine once a week twice in one day and get most of the dev work for my business done then, then do my other work the other days where I need to interact with people.

It's like coffee, alcohol, or nicotine, great things but must be used responsibly or you will become addicted.

I get my doc to give me a bottle of like 100 of the 5mg pills each year and that's enough. I'm thinking of trying vyvasne though.

Omae wa mu shinderu if you need drugs betacucknumalefaggot

but in all serioussness just drink coffee and be sure to take a healthy amount of breaks

I couldn't cum or sleep on vyvanse
But it was amazing besides that
I'd listen to electronic music and be super focused.
Haven't taken it since high school

The Chadarall meth substitute vs the virgin coffee pill

I can’t stand taking adderall by itself. It just makes me feel like dogshit after the first hour or so. Taking it while smoking some weed feels amazing though.

Can't take uppers anymore. I took too many, especially mephedrone fucked with me. Nowadays they fuck with my heart, too much anxiety, chest pains. Without stims I feel fine but with them it fucks me over.

morphine heroin shoot it

No but I've done Adderall and Ritalin. Adderall turns me into a superhuman, can go for days without sleeping or eating, extreme tunnel vision, euphoria, and I feel no pain. But it makes it impossible to get an erection or even care about sex. the first time I was on it, i noticed i had not even thought abut my dick in 20 days so i freaked out and tried to see if it still worked. Ended up jacking off for 12 hours straight before i could force myself to cum. Ritalin on the other hand makes me a bit more focused and a bit more conversational though I still feel tired and couldn't go for days on it. But my dick still works on it.

Adderall is KING in the stimulant world, second only to prescription desoxyn. I've been taking it daily for 12 years. I tried vyvanse about 20 times. It's lacking in fucking pump. Why the fuck waste time on that shit? Same shit goes for concerta, ritalin, modafailin, and all the others. I've done them all in large quantities and long periods. Adderall is king.

Coke for a casual "pick me up" lol what r u a trader or some shit?

Is Adderall better for studying and working on school stuff then?

Motivation to succeed and intelligence are better for working on school stuff. If you're a normie who can't handle hard stims tho then go with vyv.

My trick to avoid physical dependence(not addiction, I know I'm an addict) is to cycle different types of stimulants. Adderall modafinil phenylracetam caffeine pseudoephedrine. Some are better than others, but that's the price you gotta pay because this way at least you don't crash or feel withdrawals if you ever stop. Mix them all together once a month, regret it for the next 3 days, rinse repeat.

Adderall is retarded because it has levo-amp in it that does nothing but make your body buzz like caffeine does, Adderall is most famous because it was marketed like mad, the name derives from "ADD for all" because Shire knows that people are taking this even prescribed. You should just take straight Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) for best results from an amphetamine class, this is what Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine) turns into when you metabolize it in your stomach, so Vyvanse is probably better. Keep the dose 30mg and below, because tolerance will rapidly increase beyond these therapeutic doses and it will no longer be practical. Be safe, and don't start fapping on these drugs, you will waste all day jacking off, don't forget to eat and sleep, your body needs food and rest. Be safe OP, and may gains be in your future.

even not prescribed*

Where is the best place to get adderall. I want to give it a try, but i don't want to take chink meth.

Depends. If you want to fap while speeding, have laser focus, and crash hard, adderall. If you want a smoother more well rounded boost without the sexual effects, vyvanse

Uh... your doctor?
Adderall script is easiest thing in the world to procure it's all questionaire behavioral. They want to make money off of your junkie ass.

The best analogy I can give you is that adderall is to vyvanse as crack is to cocaine.

Why do you faggots need this Veeky Forums-wise?

adderal is better

>I take 40mg vyvanse at 7am and fall asleep and wake back up at 8:30 am
I used to do this - best way to wake up

WHERE, any of it without a script and not $30/pill darknet? fucking millenials and their health insurance from parents.