After a meeting, walked into a water cooler talk

>after a meeting, walked into a water cooler talk
>coworkers started to talk about crypto, how it is failing with no intrinsic value
>asks for my opinion
g-guys help me with rebuttals

Well user, if youre here for the tech you're an idiot. Just ride the bubble until it pops.

>Walking into a water cooler talk

You sure know how to put yourself in shitty positions, don't you?

Why would you even bother responding? Just say you aren't into crypto and keep doing your crypto without the niggers knowing?

>Well, the problem with all speculative trading, like with crypto, is that people gamble with more than they are willing to lose.
At this point, you've said enough to keep the conversation moving (or even diverted) while not saying anything at all about your personal holdings/powerlevel.

>"y-yeah I agree"
>proceed to larp about my million doller crypto assets on Veeky Forums on company time on company computers

>coworkers started to talk about crypto, how it is failing with no intrinsic value
The US government just said it's future tech and it will hit $20 trillion mcap by 2020.


Agree with them and one up them, say crypto is the biggest scam ever, keep investing in it secretly and amuse yourself 5 years from now when you've ascended and they're still stuck being peasants

Crypto is not about creating value, it's about making money
For every fucker who lose a dollar there's a dollar to make if you're good at it

Unless your friends are moralfags, in that case just nod your head

This.. some kid at the bar was running his mouth about crypto "well it's not bitcoin but it's like bitcoin" know what he was all in on? Trx. I told everyone I know I lost everything and I'm done with crypto. I almost told my mom the other day hey remember when bitcoin was 250 bucks and I said you should think about buying some? Nah nows not the time. The time will be when I pay off her mortgage and say fuck you don't tell me how to live my life!

Don't Tell them you have crypto. Pretend like you don't know anything about crypto. Say that everything will be different when the government starts regulating it.

>I basically figured the same, which is why I only bought like $10 worth of bitcoins back when it started and just left it on my harddrive or whatever. Is bitcoin even still around?

take a shit in the water cooler tank


Don't fucking talk about it. Seriously. There's absolutely nothing for you to gain by opening your mouth. People won't understand, but it will succeed regardless. Keep your mouth shut and continue accumulating.

i like this
thing is i helped some of them open up an exchange account so they think I have a stake

But there is none.

>giving a fuck what normies think
>giving a fuck what anyone thinks

just laugh like autist and pee in you pants

It provides another avenue of money flow outside of traditional pathways, which in itself is pretty valuable, but it also provides banking services to the unbanked, allowing someone to hold something in savings and earn a return on it. Blockchains like etherium even offer a way to sell securities, creating a financial ecosystem of both money and securities that represent something else.

Sure, there is an issue with speculation driving volatility up and creating something of a “greater fool” effect, but it’s also basically forex that isn’t a bitch to get in to, which is to say I can own any crypto currency I want with the intent that it appreciates the most against everything else, and the bank isn’t telling me I have to denominate everything in the local currency.

The other big thing is that it functions as a currency that isn’t controlled by any one nation (barring nations creating their own crypto that they can control). It provides stability in a world where you can’t have unequivocal faith your countries monetary policy is serving your interests. County is hyperinflating away your savings and wages? Buy some bitcoin and don’t deal with that shit. Banking sector corrupt and prone to snatching your money? Buy some bitcoin, where the only people who can do anything with your money are those with your private keys.

There’s plenty of value in crypto, but it’s also extremely risky. No shame in not having the balls to deal with that.

nice user will throw this at them

You don’t because crypto is all speculation. 10 yeas later and no one actually uses crypto for anything. Can I buy a house, meal, airline ticket, car with it? Can I pay my employees in bitcoin? It’s a neat technology trick but all these retarded believe their own bullshit.

>b-but this one vegan place in Washington takes it

laugh at the concept of intrinsic value

small picture user pls go
you know how long it took the internet to take off? It took about a decade to get to a big bubble, it popped, then became the most important thing in the world
crypto is literally following the same path

You've already fucked up then. Say you sold it all during the peak and came to your senses, and never talk about crypto to anyone irl ever again

10 years into crypto and its still speculation. That’s plenty time

Can I buy a car with crypto or pay my phone bill with it?

Dish Network accepts Bitcoin

you're part of the problem

The internet was invented in the 1980s. 10 years is a long time, internet wasn't adopted yet widely in 2000, most websites are just vaporware. Internet is worthless.

That’s what I did
told them I sold 1 whole BTC at $16k even though I have a blockfolio worth 50 BTC

Vast majority of the Internet is still shit, so you have a point. 1 billion + porn sites

This changes everything

>yfw this actually happens because Veeky Forums is literally always right, even about fucking Trump