Made 60K this week day trading - AMA

Nothing more amusing than people here shit talking about TA, while they consistently hold and lose money. Let me give you a secret.

There are two kinds of whales in this space:

1. HODLers but only if they were holding for a long time. Many of the smart HODLers who have tons of cash (we're talking 10+ millionaires) have now switched to 2.

2. Day traders

Since 80% of day trades lose money, most people don't even think that they are whales. But for the 20% of day traders who do, believe me, they have more money than you can ever imagine.

Let me tell you another secret. Every single day trader is betting on this going down the drain long term. I'm part of a group that has experienced software developers who have worked at FinTech firms, and they all think this is fundamentally and technically going down the drain.

Thanks for believing in this failed experiment, thanks for thinking that every new experiment is successful like the web, and keep up the HODL illusion! After all, you guys are the ones we make money off of.

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It’s not going down the drain because greed.

That's literally exactly why it is going down the drain.

Of course it's all going down the drain, the hope is greed sends the market to at least a few trillion first.

Any tips on day trading with 5-10k?

why in the world are you telling them

you're an idiot

6K cuck brigade strikes again

How much did you buy in and for what? 60k is a good amount with these swings.

so how do you it user? Do you play with leverage?

What will it rise to before going down the drain?

How do you day trade faggot?

nice toast upboated

>80% of daytrades fail
Maybe you’re just shit at it?

Pretty much. Have been playing with leverage. I was lucky enough to get a lot of money by cashing in on this ponzi scheme (Yes, this is a grand ponzi scheme), and have simply been playing the swings consistently. It is still generally very risky and can take months of practice, but there is no better and consistent way to make money from day trading.

A safer route is to simply trade short term (by short term I mean 2-3 day periods) swings. Like the bull run last week after it reached the support of 6k. If you played that with leverage, you would have made a shit ton.

Nice proof you have there you fucking faggot
Kill yourself

i did, and I have, too

I'm also playing with leverage on bitmex and daytrading bitcoin, no big losses so far on this crash.

Any tips on leverage?

You’re are a fucking retard. Muh my friends are software devs...I am a software developer. Bitcoin itself may go down but crypto and smart contracts are here to stay and are the future.

talk to me on discord

discord gg /UawCvZ

Nope. People think their shitcoins will be worth 10k if they hodl. You said it yourself. Most people are dumb hodlers. 90% of coins should be going down the drain, but they aren’t and they won’t. It looks like you’re the retard at the end of the day.

So sick of these fucking larpers. This board has gone to shit.

>experienced software developers
20 years in front end development does not make you an expert in trading. larp on fgt

ain't going nowhere

>a safer route is to trade short term with leverage

what is your point, if you want to say something, say it, or just go spend all those mad gains you have.
>Comparing this to the web
>Taking advice from your experienced software dev frens
Fuck off Tai Lopez

> I'm part of a group that has experienced software developers who have worked at FinTech firms, and they all think this is fundamentally and technically going down the drain.
Nice larp

Don't bother, I've been telling them exactly this for a week now. I guess they are just too fucking stupid. In a way they are getting what they deserve.

>day trading with TA instead of just volume and price movement
>thinking whales arent in for the long term
Larping faggot

Yeah.. 60k my ass.

You can only make huge amounts like that on lowtier marketcap shitcoins , and good luck selling the enormous amount back when it's at an ath !

Bots are 80% of the market by now, and they'll absolutely kys you when you even think of trying in doing that shit.

you're a larp mate, nothing more then a dirty filthy larp.

OP back here again. I was outside so it'll be a different IP.

Nice, yeah you just have to keep playing the swings. I use Stoch RSI and the Oscillator most frequently; however, it's mainly based on price actions since the indicators can give too many false signals especially on very short term 30 min - 1 hour trades. I'll add you up on discord soon.

You sound like a salty front-ender. They were software developers at high frequency trading firms you idiot, and some of them were active traders using many of the strategies employed here.

To the rest of the people who think I'm LARPing, keep it up.

Yeah, I knew this post won't make a difference to 90% of the people here. They're going to continue 'HODLing' thinking that all of this is the future. No-one will ever use these to pay for any services as long as there are people like me and most of you who want to make money off it. If I want to pay for a pizza slice using ETH, I'm not going to fucking use it if I'm expecting a major upswing or downswing the next week.

>I'm part of a group that has experienced software developers who have worked at FinTech firms, and they all think this is fundamentally and technically going down the drain.

wow. the shill FUD never seems to end. OP is a dickhead.

Can the mods just start banning larp? It’s shitting up the board.

This, so much.

> He thinks that bots don't use trading strategies that can be copied by humans.
> He thinks that people like me don't employ bots when need be.
> He hasn't heard of leverage.
> He thinks the only way to make money is from holding shitcoins and then selling them at low liquidity.

decentralization is a meme

OP how do you feel knowing I have made 80K this week out of you? Seriously, I love exploiting brainlets, please feed me more money :)

This is officially the worst post I have read on Veeky Forums this week
It has everything:
Awful advice (TA totally works just daytrade bro), larping (made 60K this week, part of a group that does so and so), "AMA", "this is all going down the drain", "secrets"

How can you fuck up so bad seriously, kys my man

Wow so you bought the dip, and then everything went up. You're such a pro!

Look at the above poster. I told you it won't make a difference. They're literally oblivious haha.

I made 5k this week catching that bottom with sweet, sweet 10X leverage. If any of you are wanting to get into this go here we're all gonna make it bros

>paying with a platform coin
>he thinks this is ETH's use case
Wait you're actually just as clueless about crypto as the next pajeet

How do you make $ off someone who holds you dumb fuck? You only make money when people buy or sell you thier bags because they're weak handed pussies. Pure LARP. Go lose your virginity fagget

Naa it going to work in the long run. The autists will make something out of this like they always do.

ETH was just an example. You will not use a cryptocurrency for real life goods and services if you expect the price to go up or down. And as long as this is an unregulated, free market, people will always want to make money off these assets, thus the price swings or increases/decreases will never stop. That is an undeniable truth.

Keep deluding yourself though.

>says HODL is an illusion
>says he makes money off HODLers
niga are you stupid ? How can you make anything off HODLers like me who never sold a singly crypto since 2016 and only bough them off you when you liquidated yourself on leveraged shorts

I am an autist desu and have been in this space since 2013. I was a HODLer until I realized how much further money I am missing out on. By learning how to trade, I made even more money in this bear market than the bull market last year. I was literally in complete shock.

how do I get 0.99 of ven into eth on binance?

I make money off of HODLers because otherwise they would buying or selling regularly. If everyone is buying or selling regularly, day trading becomes even harder.

you're right thats why people will use something like LTC

Please senpai teach me. Do you use TA? LEVERAGE?

im an 18 year old med student cuck
as a complete business illiterate, how do I learn to day trade in my downtime?


One of the worst larp attempts i've ever seen, ever.

You're a disgrace OP, hang your head in shame.

Investopedia, Read the book 'Day Trading and Swing Trading in the Currency Market'

should i practice maths too? I was very good at it in HS but I haven't done any practice since.
and if so, what kind of maths? focus on quick arithmetic?

Why would anyone in their right mind buy crypto that is meant to be used for daily currency?

Currency and blockchain are not the same thing brainlet. But just like the normies back in 1997 who thought internet=email and email=internet you seem to have confused the two.

The next 2 years will be the war of the platforms and money like you've never seen will enter this space.

Here's my BTC address, you're welcome:

...that's the point. If people are buying this just for the purposes of having a digital commodity, then this is all literally thin air and brings no fundamental value to anything in the world. I might as just put money into a potato, and if I convince enough people, the price will go up. The price rises and drops are COMPELTELY and ENTIRELY built upon speculation, which is thankfully perfect for TA.

Stop comparing the internet or e-mail to any of these technologies. Being used as a currency was the only possible use case. Since you have already discounted that, there is literally and absolutely no use case.

Buy mco for those sweet ten x gains this month

You (and your ilk) are an irrational economic actor. Because of your inability to recognize the value of your investment you never sell. This keeps the value up when it should be going down. It also makes the market much easier to manipulate. Most of the people came when Bitcoin was well into 5 digits, so they have already lost a part of the initial investment. This too is an exchange of value. Not to mention the huge opportunity costs.

i made a post about this yesterday, i saw the light after losing 80% of my money
i pointed out some facts including how charlie lee endorsed holding so people could hodle the price up while he dumped on them and how whale endorse holding for the same reason
one user pointed out a fact never talked about
hodle doesnt apply to late adopters, anyone who thinks we are early are fucking lying to themselfs play the game with the new rules or stay poor

>less than 1% adoption rate
>"anyone who thinks were early are lying to themselves"

14 year old confirmed.

>he fell for the intrinsic value meme

What is intrinsic value? The dollar has no intrinsic value anymore. Gold? What does anyone really use gold for besides speculation? Past the bare necessities of food and shelter, what has "intrinsic value" to one person may not have "intrinsic value" to the next.

Things are worth what people think they're worth, plain and simple. Pull back the curtain and there's nothing there, there never was, and in reality it doesn't matter what you think about it, that's just how it is.

Wow this post just shows how fucking retarded you are.

> what is a utility token
> how does network usage create demand

Op get rekttt

There you go:

> Being used as a currency was the only possible use case

How stupid and ignorant can you be

Ok give us an example of a use-case and how your investment in a cryptocurrency will give you net returns. Step by step, if you don't mind.

And a tiny fraction of it was for an "intrinsic" use case as a conductor for tech

The rest of it, the vast majority
>Central banks
>Jewelery (status symbols)
AKA "it has value because... well it is valuable"

How do I get started with TA?

It seems cool as fuck.

meh I let bot automate daytrade, gluing on chart is too time consuming

Ok you seem like not as big of an ignorant retard like op so I’ll tel you.
It’s a new asset class where the asset being speculated on is used directly in the dapp/platform/network thus making the coin/token tied to usage in that dapp/platform/network. So the more usage the dapp gets, the more the token is needed which drives up demand which drives up price. Since a lot of these dapps save the users money by using blockchain instead of a middleman, we can expect their usage will increase as they grow and become more known. More usage = more demand for tokens = price of tokens go up

OP is a LARPer, post gains or it didnt happen

Stop bothering with these idiots. You have to remember most of these guys are 20 year olds who recently heard about BTC through word of mouth or the internet. They literally don't even realize the only reason the HODL meme continues by influencers and what not is because they are filthy rich from investing since 2016. These idiots still think they're early. Even a 70% loss hasn't woken them up yet. Like I said though, we can continue to take advantage of this and trade on the swings. Without these idiots, the price would have been in a continuous free fall to 0 by now, but will now probably fall amongst a number of swings before reaching a very low point (allowing us traders to make more and more money).

Besides reading that book you linked above, any advice for a beginner for some safe-ish strategies to try out? is there really any point in trading low cap shitcoins if you want to focus on the TA side rather than FA? by FA i just mean following news or hype since thats usually what pumps low cap shitcoins but so far that has been pretty unreliable

"Crypto is useful because it's useful within dapps. Let me ignore how dapps are ultimately useless though and just assume they are!"

Price increases in this market are completely based on speculation. This is why it went through a meteoric rise. Hype always dies down though and price increases based on hype do not last. This is that time period since the hype has already reached its highest point. Look at Google trends, price charts, mainstream media interest, and the frequency of articles posted on this. The hype is over, and since this has no fundamental value, this train ride is over buddy.

Inb4 "but gold!". Gold has use cases. Even buying gold plated materials to show off to your friends is a use case. There is literally no use case here.

OP is right, crypto is a hilarious meme. It will never be used as currency

Safer strategies are 2-3 day trades where you check whether the current trend is passing above or below the moving average.

any specific time frames or ma/ema's that are generally used for these trades?

For 2-3 day periods, 1h and 4h are most useful. For moving averages, I recommend reading this article:

Yes dapps that save users and companies millions of dollars are useless you fucking brainlet. I hope none of you are actually listening to this retards advice.

>larping OP stirs up the shit

>disappears when enough people have been upset by his words

These threads literally pop up multiple times a day.

Stop falling for it.

Senpai, really with a simple strategy like that you could make that much money? Seems too easy to me...

I'm right here you fucking idiot. I posted about 10 responses already. I mentioned I'm on a different IP since I was outside before, but let me guess, you probably didn't read the thread. Most peope who have

Good point fag

I'm right here you fucking idiot. I posted more than 10 responses already. I mentioned that I'm on a different IP now but of course, you probably didn't even read this thread.

That's a beginner strategy. It was in response to a beginner question.

Go and post your Ad Hominems in Reddit.

>there are people who'll fall for this shit larp

Now this is a bitmex thread fork

Go home gentleman nothing to see here.

Thanks for the article. Would you recommend others more advanced strategies?


There are two main strategies I follow.

First strategy: Short 15 minute - 1 hour trades based upon indicators crossing certain values (like the Stoch RSI being oversold on the 15 min chart). You then try to find an entry price based upon consolidation (i.e. wait for the price to stop bouncing up if it's increasing really fast or vice versa). Then, enter, and lock in your profits once you're satisfied with a percentage (10% is ideal, anything more is pure greed and can hurt you).

2. Do 2-3 day short term trades. Here you should use lower leverage since you are targeting a longer term (compared to 1.) swing so it can have many 1 hour swings that can liquidate you if you use high leverage. In terms of looking at the charts, you use the same strategy, but look at longer time periods.