Rebrands MEW without Co-Founder consent

>rebrands MEW without Co-Founder consent
>steals MEW twitter handle.
>says its her project
>attacks community instead of answering questions
>they are rumours she got VC funding
>takes entire team with her without telling cofounder

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not attractive=off topic

roasties in charge

not even once

this, if she were hotter i would read into this issue, but she isnt so i wont

Took my funds off of Bittrex after the FUN bullshit, put everything into Binance. Got funds off Binance after their bullshit and put it in MEW...

Is there any place that is safe? Fuck

I love when feminist women take over things. It's a spectacle to watch shit crash and burn soon after.

Ugly wench.

your funds are safe you idiots
MEW is just the door to let you into the ETH house

MEW is just a viewer for ethereum blockchain. Your crypto is linked with your private key.

but can always use Trezor

wtf i use mycrypto and now my linkies are gone

Seriously talk about an RBF, she is like a boner loss commercial that also shows old men in the shower and baseball .

wasnt the co-founder her husband?

no they were friends.
he put an official announcement on reddit. apparently he is the founder and that bitch stole all the followers and the team after he brought her on the team in the first place

Woman should be kept on chains.

time to change wallets, any recomendations?

So with my private key I can access my funds on a different interface if mew is ever dissolved? If mew is compromised my funds are safe is my private key is safe...? Sorry still newb at this part of crypto be nice

MEW is open source. Download it from github and run it locally.

Really makes you think.

she probably forces her coworkers to make out with each other while she laughs at them with tyrone

Meant to reply to you fk

mew is just an interface to access the wallet, you could do transactions using command line if there happened to be no other interface to use. so yes your coins/tokens will be safe

>tfw they dont let filthy pinos be captain

snow white and the soy boys

I bet the have safe spaces at that office.

HAHA holy shit she's fucking ruthless. That's kind of badass

i fucking hate this roastie

>loose lips sink ships
Hope the founder gets back to speed


>Captain Everything Officer

Joss Whedon needs to be executed for his crimes against language.

that's what you get for trusting a white woman

She's the co-founder that was doing all the work. The twitter followers are following her project. The entire team is with her. The twitter is hers to rebrand. They will be adding NEO, EOS, LISK, STRATIS wallets in the future. This is a much better project.

Dump MEW

>Captain Everything

Lol fuck off Taylor you stupid bitch.
Entire community will use MEW and hate your backstabbing ways.

go away taylor

LOL at you biz virgins

Everyone of you beta cucks would be balls deep inside that if you had half the chance

>The twitter followers are following her project.
More like, she was the person who signed up for the account making it "hers".

she nuked the project by doing this, so who cares

Literally read the window that pops up every fucking time you go on the site

They make this shit for people like you and you don't deserve it

kys Taylor

underrated post

I thought this was a trap

No thanks. She looks like a cross between Tom Holland in drag and a knee.

Let this be a lesson. Every person brought on should sign agreements what you do for the "company" stays with the "company" simple.
Want to start your own XRP, go ahead sell your shares and start XLM. is the professional way to do it.

I simply will not trust someone that essentially stole the twitter handle and all. For this reason alone I will stick with MEW. If they didn't split in this way, I might have tried their forked version.

I bet I have more crypto than you so eat my ass, nerd.

While you were playing around with your little computers, I was fucking multiple cunts; sometimes at the same time

Now I can't unsee it


taylor, fuck off, you slut

you forgot

>she was a front-end dev

Yes you could. You just need the private key or JSON . Install MetaMask..but don’t get phished lol

Way too fucking funny. It makes me happy that browsing Veeky Forums so much made identifying threats (and thots) like her so incredibly simple.

Just LOOK at her. Trusting that???

What is she implying?

This bitch...

>I have had daily, personal conversations with people via MEW's Twitter. Everyone following @MyEtherWallet did so because of a tweet that I tweeted...


lel only a woman could ever come up with this

>MEW will continue to be online until it, for whatever reason, is not online
Tell me this is FUD, how could someone play with people like that.

I think it’s fud , the originally founder has control of MEW she has her Mycryptowallet ..... she couldn’t even fucking make anything different on the site other than the color scheme

>t. bluepilled beta cuck that will never acknowledge the pattern of women taking things over just to run them into the ground

>how could a wamen be a cunt
i think you're on to something

Thank you kind user.

i think its because the kvh guy was inactive so mew would stop working if domains were not paid for and servers not paid for

>i think its because the kvh guy was inactive
if the guy was inactive, what would posting announcements of a change days, weeks before doing it overnight. Not so difficult, so that inactive excuse stinks of bs.

i said was inactive, not is inactive. Looks like he appeared out of nowhere when the news hit reddit

Am I safe if I use mew through trezor

you're a BIG, FAT mistake

5 guys burger and fries 2.0

Slight kek