19 days. Accumulate. Easiest 4x gains of february

19 days. Accumulate. Easiest 4x gains of february.

Zcl or etc? Shill me zcl

I have both.

As for shilling, blablabla zsnarks blablabla. Just get some zcl and enjoy the easy gains

All in on this bad boy. Like buying fucking bitcoin at $90, you fools.

Nice, just bought 100k.

the Darknet markets gon' love this coin

Bought at 220

What kind of range should I be looking to dump my bags?

Are you going to sell before the fork when it’s hopefully at a ATH?

Dunno, I'm gonna hold through the fork. Btcp is easily a $1k+ coin

Did you kids miss the dumpster fire bitcoin private conference or what? There was a 35 year old man who looks 12, a pajeet and woman reading off the powerpoint slides to 10 people in a hotel conference room. Not to mention on of the developers did not even show up.

i heard that taking zlc out of cryptopia takes forever? i have my stack there

Excuse me? When was this. They have a conference tomorrow. Regardless, people WILL fomo in the upcoming date, just fucking buy it and hold for 2 weeks.

I just bought 10 zcl there. Are they supporting the fork?


My plan is to sell 2 or 3 days before the fork and then rebuy BTCP, it's going to be cheap

no amount of FUD will stop this glorious coin

4x? More like 1/4x when the forks pushed off indefinitely no one wants ur shitty knock off coins

uh uh sure pajeet lets buy bitcoin hush right?

It’s gonna crash extremely hard after the fork, but have fun chasing the pump

Pump and dumb. It's be getting shilled for a month. Enjoy your riches OP, everyone who buys in after you is paying for your lambo.

Literally everyone who is in ZCL has already buy i mean we have been talking about this for about a month maybe?

No shit Sherlok. There's still time for more gains. Buy a bag, and sell before the snapshot.

Might happen, who knows. That's why you always follow the media

try harder m80

While everyone and their mother are trying to do the same thing. Yes, good strategy, 4x guaranteed

dont sleep on this one

Any idea if bittrex will support the fork?

or hold to get btcp worth 1k probably and than sell your zcl next year for 200+, now 1200 for one coin...

I bought 120 in the dip for just 82 dollars per coin. Feels so fucking good.

You will feel a lot better in a few weeks

i don't have any clue what's going on but i want in on this action.

mind explaining this shit to me user? udabes

Bitcoin and Zclassic are doing a hardfork together. Anyone holding these coins will get the new Bitcoin Private coin for free on a 1:1 ratio.

This means that if you hold 10 Zclassic, you'll receive 10 Bitcoin Private.

It's literally free money.

Ready for blastoff

Currently in the process of being added to binance, check their twitter

can i hold it on an exchange and get the free coinage?

must i be holding btc as well?

I think x4 is a conservative estimate considering the heavy volatility of this one. When it moons, it will moon beyond pluto.

Either one. You can buy bitcoin or Zclassic. Both will give you Bitcoin private. It's better to hold Zclassic ofc because it's much cheaper then BTC.

Holding on an exchange is still unclear tho, they're expected to make announcements on that soon. If it's not supported by exchanges, you'll have to transfer the coins to the official Zclassic wallet.

You won't see "the media" until important people have first, just like everyone that got to accumulate before they announced this shady fork. Have fun gambling guys.

this shitfork is going to be worthless screencap this

literally why would anyone use this shitfork and not just zclassic itself? fucking brainlets