Bit grail just announced they lost 17 million Nanos, thoughts on the markets reaction?

Bit grail just announced they lost 17 million Nanos, thoughts on the markets reaction?

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deluded nanies will just claim its FUD as usual, and hold their dumbass coin untill it goes back to 10 cents

we monero gold now

bitgrail exit scam get your money out immediately

I TRIED TO WARN YOU RETARD RAICOCKS. Bomber wants to control the nano market. He's been hoarding and skimming nano for months now and easily owns over 15-20% of the supply. But go ahead.. keep HODLING like the retards you are. Can't wait for you to wake up to a crashed portfolio

well if the nodes were syncing correctly, none of the XRB would have been lost in the first place. People still believe the "we'll fix it soon" meme.


My fucking sides
That’s an amount comparable to MtGox

it is starting to seem like the US government saying they have no real ideas about how to regulate crypto will be a bad thing all these incidents keep piling up how would anyone trust it?



Shoulda bought lumens :^)
Shoulda bought lumens :^)

Surely it's $17m worth of Nano, I don't even think they had 17m on the exchange. Still, that italian motherfucker has lost me a lot of money

This has nothing to do with the technology.


>$17m worth of Nano
try 170

nice cheap nano



The statement says 17 million Nanos.


that notification on my phone out of nowhere lol

>xrb has reached an all time low


Oh god.... I just lost 4.6k Nano :((((((( FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!

hold your shitcoins ladies and gentlemen

Cant even sell the shit cause i got it all on binance


too late to sell


not like on the stock markets companies do not fail because of fucked up reasons. this is normal, those who "invested" will not lose all their money either

>he still thinks binance got ddosed and is coming back
3 exchanges in one day, cryptopia next?

sorry bro

ED will never go down since it's decentralized :)

Got everything safely on raiwallet but the price still suffers. Buy cheap

Hahahahahahaha any retarded faggot who bought that shitcoin NANO XRB deserves to get fucked

Binance is working fine for me.

maybe they are under your bed or something, try searching, they are really small afterall



Just sold my nano, what coin should I buy now?

why are all the exchanges down.
this is bullshit

all in CCRB, just turn first C 180 and go all in

For posterity

I lost 2k Nanos, if green I kill myself.

at least you got trips

>not scooping cheap nanos right now

Serious question, will this Firano dude get murdered?


>implying hes still in eu and not chilling with his 17mil nanos somewhere on private island

Oyster (PRL)

Never trust an Italian. Ponzi was Italian himself.

wish I was lucky enough to get on an exploit like this


You learned the lesson the hard way mate. Don't hold your funds on exchanges

ROFL I feel so smart converting all my nano to XLM a month ago

Weird I woke up to a dream with Nano price crashing then I check the exchange

According to my dream the next hack/scam is ADA screencap this

There was a NANO dedicated thread last night where someone said bad news was going to come out today. Does anyone have the archive?

170 million


The only scam is their whitepaper will take years to implement and in the meantime EOS and NEO take over.

Only retards would buy redditcoin
I feel no sympathy

I’ll argue VEN/ETH/XLM over NEO/EOS

What do I know though

Exactly... it's confirmed that 17ml just left the circulating supply, is that not a huge buy signal?

it's Tony Montana, you are all fucked

I would agree with you.

At least VEN and ETH have a lot going for them right now.

I know for a fact that NEO doesn't have jack shit.

They didn't lose them. The problem is that it was pumped by fake btcs in their system.

Assuming the hacker won’t just dump them all.

Don’t catch a falling knife user

Pretty sure the serial scammer faggot that goes by the name Keyser is behind this.

you think binance would let a deposit of 17 million nano go through without locking the hackers account also 2 btc withdrawal a day without kyc

How do you know you lost it?

>create shitcoin with "instant and no transaction fees", make sure to only have it listed on an obscure exchange so no one can verify this
>devs and insider whales accumulate at sub $1 before the takeoff phase
>takeoff phase starts, whales take to their twitter accounts to shill this as the next big thing
>meanwhile it's still listed on obscure exchange where the features CAN'T be tested
>at this point the price is around $5, whales and devs begin to take big profits, while continuing to shill "new exchange soon" to keep people buying in
>price pumps once listed on Kucoin, surely binance is right around the corner.
>whales, knowing the true nature of this coin, continue to sell all the way up to the top
>once insider whales and devs have all sold there's no more volume to keep the price up.
>inevitably dumps
>rebrand and binance listing comes months later, this coin still does not work, realization sets in,
>price will continue to dump as deluded bagholders hold on to what is one of the most well orchestrated pump & dumps in crypto.

the level of bagholding we are about to see is unprecedented, even DGB doesn't come close.



u forgot that it's pumped with fake btc

remember that old saying ``buy the dip''

this is the dip

Someone translate

I don't speak spaghetti

never been more worried after buying a dip

give it two hours

So when is he getting stabbed?


perfect use
>this is an image board and we should all strive to be a bit more like user over here

Okay, should I sell what I have?
The price isn't dropping. It's at a solid $10 on Binance, shouldn't this shit be dropping faster than Eminem rapping?

>Doesn't know about NEX

How has this price not fucking tanked. It dropped to low $9s, but is back over $10 on kucoin.

I hear the drop has already happened. Bomber dumped everything before the news.

hack and dump happened gradually over the last month or two. the price will jump right back up. screenshot this

Get fucked I bought nano at sub 18 cents. Everyone just salty they missed those insane gainz

The millions of XRB transferred out of BitGrail happened back in October and was likely already dumped. The current crash is purely panic.

Why should people sell?

Bitgrail dudes are #rekt
Everyone else (anyone who is still able to trade) is doing fine

Heard firsthand stories from users who had been credited with thousands of raiblocks on their accounts which they'd promptly transfer to raiwallet. They hadn't even purchased those. This was before the big interruptions. Well now we know that those were not tall tales.

This. This lowers the supply out there. Anything the Italian stole is already sold off. What, is he going to wait until this became public before dumping his bags? It’s all priced in.

wtf this can't be real

I have a feeling the stolen funds have already been sold off in the past few weeks, hence why Nano's price failed to recover as well as other coins.

Plus he locked withdrawals from BitGrail so people had to sell for BTC. WTF?

because they have to dump

They were double crediting people's deposits into the exchange also.

Just use the link like everyone else, you fucking retard.

That is the scam page link


Ever since the rebranding this coin has been shit


srsly had you tried etherdungeon tho?

first hit is free

Wrong. If you locked before the drop then you're still safe. That's what I did. I'm laughing at the retards who didn't lock it in even with all the writing on the wall.

They did not lost it, you remember pic related? The J6/C4I took them and dumped them. Free lesson for all you faggots.