Bitgrail hacked, stolen, POLICE ! NANO

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lmao it's actually real


Maybe this is the perfect time to get back in?

So perfect. You just need to eat 12% of the Nano supply being dumped by the thief. No way you can lose, right?

bad coded site, come pp withdraw more nano than they had, or bomber is just exit scaming (probably)


Fuck that. This faggot just gonna dump his bags on you.

it was not a hack by 1 thief

anything that makes reditards cry is a good thing

took the opportunity when everyone was looking at binance, kek. if you lost your xrb you have no excuse. instant feeless transfers and its own wallet.

whys the price not going down anymore?

I fucking knew something sketchy was going on as soon as they disabled XRB withdrawal. Why would they allow bitcoin but not XRB? Because they were in the hole and they knew it. They took money out of their reserve to pay for yacht and prostitutes. There is no hack or masterplan, just a bunch of idiots who thought they were millionaires living off borrowed money.

The latest...

Nano team claiming that bitgrail has been lying for months about their solvency.

bitgrail replies by saying that they reported loss, and nano told them to wait 24 hours before telling anyone.

bitgrail posts link showing everyone's coin being looted


fukin rip

Oh, so that's why it's crashing. Well there we go.


Eat shit raiblacks niggers.

Will this affect bitcoin?
We're about to break 8700 until this shitstorm happened

who are these bitter people spamming the threads


Stuff like this can't happen too many times without people insisting on regulation.

So you tell me. Would forcing people to submit SSN's to the exchanges, forcing exchanges to follow securities law, and doing away with off-the-book transactions harm bitcoin?

Kek'd. No.

you dont think they dumped it already retard? ffs

Making submitting SSN common practice will increase identity fraud when people inevitably sign up for scammy exchanges to get alts.

for real, i've got a bit in nano and i'd be happy to hear some actual reasoning why it's apparently a shitcoin but all I ever hear is LUL KEK SHITCOIN GG FAGGOT LMAO. I don't mean that as in they can't, I mean I'd love to hear actual reasons so I can reconsider.

where the fuck is he going to dump 17 MILLION nano when binance has been down for ages.


you think they aren't going to launder it slowly then dump it instead of dumping immediately and being caught retard? ffs enjoy the soon to be $2 bags

reading shit up, seems they already have been dumping for months

Oh man, I'm so glad I didn't buy XRB when you guys were shilling it hard a few months ago

How? Aren't addresses public???

This is the conversation he had with the developers. I hope you are all prepared to go down with this ship.

there's plenty of ways to funnel crypto around to make it untraceable are you new?

in december for some cents? it was a super moon mission

It's only a moon mission if you land.

you could sell now with 1000%+ still

nigga it doesn't exist anymore

Not new, but I'd like to know the actual process. Make a million addresses and pray you're not tailed by a good pi?

This is the wallet movement

already dumped it all on mercatox?

Apparently the hacker has been dumping on mercatox for weeks if not months

bomber knew this for some time already

howd you find that wallet?
can't we contact mercatox and get the identity?

or maybe they used a vpn and fake crednetialss

It was on a thread in the nano reddit - I'm not sure what can be done, but I'm sure someone is sniffing them out

This shit is going to hurt the entire crypto market. Just like when the Bitconnect scam was revealed the whole crypto market crashed like 2000 points.

I'm not saying we're gonna see a 2000 point crash but I'd expect at least a 500 point dip. If you want to short the market sell now and rebuy at discount prices in a couple of hours.

Uhhh the bitconnect scam didnt do shit. It was a normal crash then bitconnect got fucked up at the same time but it was just a coincidence.

>I'm not saying we're gonna see a 2000 point crash but I'd expect at least a 500 point dip.
what the fuck are you talking about?

We just saw a 12,000 point crash a month ago but you even suggest a 500 point dip and the HODL monkeys act like you're retarded.

The price has dipped over 500 points like 5 times over the past 3 days you brainlets.

The email in the logs is [email protected]

That doesn't show anything if you google.

If you google trungwer2 you get this:

Can someone look into this. If you can speak vietnamese, reach out to any of those people who've given feedback to "trungwer2" and find his bitcoin address and let's see if we can trace this back

lol this shitcoin and scam exchange don't hold that much weight.

just like bitconnect, nobody gives a fuck when its just some shitcoin getting stolen. nano, nem, all the same.

>you could sell now with 1000%+ still
can't sell it if you got it stolen off the only exchange that listed XRB for months and miraculously would lock withdrawals whenever it was mooning. nobody should be even remotely surprised. if you're dumb enough to buy a Veeky Forums brand shilled shitcoin that's only offered on a single exchange that never lets you do anything with it, you should be storing it on a ledger or off-exchange wallet.

things like this are what kills a coin, there's no coming back from this. XRB has lost consumer confidence, and I seriously question you if you think this is going to pick up where it left off like XRB didn't just get their entire reputation tarnished by bitgrail's incompetency for security (for months now apparently, not even a one-and-done deal).

Some fag said that this shitcoin will be at $50 in February. Even told me he's going to screencap his post.

Are you here, m8? ;^)

Convert the dirty crypto to monero and you're done.

You're an absolute brainlet. BCC collapsed because BTC prices fell too much, not the other way around. XRB is a random shitcoin that won't affect BTC in any way.

What if the identity were actual BitGrail customers who submitted docs after Bomber locked withdrawals?


>"decentralized currency"
>stolen coins are tracked and labeled bunk
Shouldn't it be fair game?