12% of the supply now owned by one hacker.

Hope you had fun buying the most overhyped, circlejerked, and overrated coin endorsed by the biggest echo chamber in history: the cryptocurrency subreddit.

When should we start the funeral?

>He didn't sell at $30

people payed $25 for this LOL

I had a friend tell me he's on to the next bitcoin when it was $28 and that he thought I was a retard for dumping it at 26 after buying at 5. Guess what his proof was?

Another thread by reddit/cryptocurrency talking about its uses. Finally these reddit shills (a lot of them are in this thread) have learned their lesson.

I bought at $20

I’m an idiot but I dumped early. I was pragmatic thought it would at least get a slight Binance pump

Seriously fuck this coin

WEW I literally just sold all of mine to buy ACT this morning

well that was fast

>Binance pump

You people are seriously fucking retarded. If a coin is in correction no news, exchange, or whale can raise the price. So heres whats gonna happen, youre gonna sell because youre stupid, and when Nano is good and ready then the price will go to $50-$100 EOY. And youll still be a faggot.

I am really sorry for people who hold this. Seriously.

Reddit shill detected. Get the fuck out of your high horse and get away from this scam you dumbass.

t. hacker

what happened?

can anyone explain why bomber wanted to exit scam in nano instead of btc?

its not a hacker, its an italian stupid guy trying to exit scam

Lmao it dropped like a rock

you do realize Nano is BCC v2.0 right?

Anyone else tried depositing to binance from nano wallet? Transaction says completed from wallets end, but nothing showing up on Binance. I'm assuming this is due to network congestion?

what the fuck did I just read

care to elaborate?

People on reddit overhyped the fuck out of this coin. Any dissentary opinions, even when well argued, were immediately downvoted. This is their loss now.

12% stolen

but what about all those people that farmed captchas with captcha solving services? the coin distribution of nano is one of the worst out there

>If a coin is in correction no news, exchange, or whale can raise the price.
Yeah it can. Look at TRX charts. Supposed to correct a ton and every time it kept getting hyped and pumped more.

nah just the guy who ran bitgrail

These delusional idiots are still holding on to their XRB LOL.

> kept getting hyped and pumped more.

In times of the great dec/jan bullrun.

Yeah so impressive lol

0 volume. Price is still at 12.
The 'hacker' is Francesco Firano 145, Via Roma, Signa, FI.
Going to unfold in an interesting way, but it means nothing for XRB.

TRX has had some of the longest corrections Ive seen from any coin.

is this literally the worst coin
shitshow after shitshow
muh instant and free transactions