Reminder that if you have 10k or more in ANY COIN as of THIS MOMENT you are gonna make it

reminder that if you have 10k or more in ANY COIN as of THIS MOMENT you are gonna make it

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ive got 10k tron, i dont think im gonna make it

I had 10k on ICX.

Now only 5k sob sob

Can I still make it?

>10,000 xlm makes it?



40k fun
20k LINK
4k REQ
Am i gonna make it?

Hahahhahahahha no.

>tfw 10k in bcc
thank god. i was worried i wasn't gonna make it for a bit

2MM TRTL, ya damn right i'm gonna make it

damn son, you had your ticket to lamboland and wasted it... feel sorry for you :(

50k DNA
125k EVE
300k BOON
200k EDU
70m RBBT
get at me

Fuck yes, 10k Bitconnect.

repeat after me: SHIT. COINS.

sheeeeiiit ive only got 7k

i have 19k link daddy will i make it?

I'm in

No you see kind sir, the price dropped from $10 to $5

Only 1k Tokens, they cost me $10000

You need to go back to twitch chat

10k in niggercoin

tfw of monero
tfw went all in during the summer

even XVG?

Yuck, look how bulbous her nose is.

10,000 Dimecoin?

Even TRTL?

I’ve got 10k jnt how many times over am I gonna make it.
>*smug pepe face*

1mm Sprouts

I have 10k tether, how much will this be worth a year from now?

50k smelly
Will I make it?

Holding 16.5 million Nano. Had more but been dumping on merc.

About 0.1 Bitcoin, kek.

your going to make HODL

youre being unfaithful again doc

Not even close to 10k of the only coin I'm holding...

Just a few BTC... do I need 10k to make it user? :(

77k link
111k req
94k qsp
205k ada
120k xlm
602 neo

how many millions, Veeky Forums?

Wew a lot

Yay, early 90s Party

GOYS!!!!! ITS A TRAP!!!!!!

you will have $1,000,000 by end of year

60k ADB
5k UTK
5k ARY
40k KEY

Looking to buy POLY - maybe and INVACIO if I can figure out if scam or not.

I won't make it but maybe I can afford a holiday. sob

I was kidding, don't think so, from some of the sec talks, this and many other similar tokens will be considered "credits" instead of securities

21k BAT, and some NULS. Am I gonna make it?

did you buy nuls in the $1.48 dip?

Plz be true I have 8 (almost 9)

200,000 Ntwrk
200,000 HELP
1,900,000 Relex

Will I make it Fesu Dampai?

The wealthiest user in here



11K in Tether
Will i make it bros?

100 NEO, feeling comfy

10k bcc yess lads im making it

i unironically day trade tether.
those small 1.5% swings quickly compound.

I have 10K in VEN
But I really wish I had 10K VEN

tfw 703k JNT



>tfw 6,000,000 EXRN

I don't believe you.


funfair ceased trading and made everyone who owns fun tokens a very sad bagholder


19.5k in ETH right now. I used to have more and I regret selling some. Doesn't feel like I'm making it.

lel i have the same portfolio
.....nerfed edition with 99% less quantity than you

Will i make it?

You made some good picks then! I hope we both make it.

look at these cuck nigger queer faggot bugman soyboys

So do i. I will keep pumping my fiat every payday into this. Spent my last dime during the 6k dip. Fresh fiat coming in on monday.

If i make it that means you will flying lambos next to the tesla heading for the moon.

Guessing you bought at 0.19? You poor thing.
t. 250k FUN

I have 100k LINK and 1k OMG, also 10k+ in ETH and NEO

I will make it

Gonna make it for sure

I think you alreeady made it

Those 'ironhands' taken all the blood from your brain and made you an illiterate bagmonkey?

By 10k+ in ETH/NEO I assume you mean 10k USD worth? In which case no you won't make it.

I have 12k tether
Will I make it?

Also I'm gonna buy 1 BTC for as low as I can and put the rest in 0x, is this a good idea??

got 15k ven
am i gonna make it?

Just put it all in on 0x instead desu

I have 100k linda. I'm not going to make it.

biz contrarian coming through
12000 XRP

You think so?
I feel like I should hold on to 1 BTC for all time just in case

>The wealthiest user in here

His planation is profitable, cotton, tobacco and niglets earn him vast coin with that kind of stack

>we can't tell it's a shill

Even...JPMC??? My biggest stacks is only near 2100 xlm at .22 and 4.7k trx at .04

9999 telcoin

>tfw $9800 in eth