Good Job Secret /Biz Bros!

Positive thoughts are more powerful than negative thoughts. You guys did it! You used the power of your mind to attract what you want and as a collective we're hodling BTC to $100k per! Awesome!

Clif High's $64k and $100k web bot prediction video:

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Clif High baby Clif High

While I don't believe in pseudo-science bullshit, I do believe we're on track for a much higher correction than where we are right now.

With the increased attacks by central backs and socialist governments on BTC and other major crypto, a black market is forming in those countries and the demand will skyrocket soon, as is common with the prohibition of any other commodity.

tl;dr BTC will achieve drug status soon

yuge if huge

something no one admits about the secret is that it's really fucking hard to actually change your mind to believe in a better life--at least for some people, myself included. I don't think people who promote books like this realise how deeply entrenched some minds are, and how firmly shackled they are to a life of self-loathing and misery. I actually believe you can change objective reality by changing your mind, but have no idea how to change my mind. Whatever is in charge of that is far too powerful for me to fully understand, and it seems to only want chaos, destruction, and the painful decline of western civilisation.

Ra's al Ghul is that you?

All the AAAAAHHHHHH threads are self fulfilling prophecy. Markets are 25% math and 75% psychology. If people think something is going to go up, the market will go up. If they thinks it’s going to go down, it will dip.

it's not even "pseudo" science. it's very openly new age philosophy.

I personally don't buy it, but it's very hard to convince people out of it. Why? Because people who believe this stuff believe that reality is a consensus at best, or are solipsists at worst.

As a result it's impossible to make a general scientific argument against this worldview, although individuals can test and measure their own experience.

2019 = big money year for Dragons = China will be big market psychological influencer = hodl on to your butts

Fact: the kikes don't want you to know the power of collective meme magic.

If I learned anything in the 2016 election it's that magic is fucking real. If you want sick gains in crypto, have genuinely positive thoughts towards it. All day just have a positive disposition and tell the negative thoughts/energy to fuck off. You know why Chad's and Stacy's are so attractive and successful? Because that's how they genuinely see themselves on the inside. Either their soul is strong and they can control which energies they radiate, or their soul is naive and they just don't know any different.

It also helps immensely to adopt a patron god and conduct rituals to them, asking them to guide you towards your goal (gains) even if it's just feeding it through posting memes. Kek seems to love messing around on Veeky Forums, maybe he's still around.

Is this how atheists want to make the concept of praying all scientific? Lol.

>not just jumping dimensions when you get unfavorable results

shhh not here

>Kek seems to love messing around on Veeky Forums, maybe he's still around.
he is.



I think it works better the other way, mate. Changing your material reality you change your mind.

>he doesnt realize he's a causality conductor

Take drugs as an extreme exemple. You can't stop your mind asking you to take drugs if you're addicted. You stop taking drugs and your mind adapts.

centralized is to traditional as to decentralized is to quantum

>nothing is real



Clif High report leaks:


- It will reach 23,000 at the beginning of March 2018
- It will reach 100,000 dollars by the end of 2018
- There will be several dramatic falls. One of 20,000 dollars when it reaches 64,000 dollars.

- It will reach 5,000 dollars in the summer of 2018 (March to June)
- It will reach 50,000 in 2019

- It will rise in March after a surprising news. Vehicle of payment of a great sale chain ???
- It will be worth 1/5 of btc

- It will rise a lot in March

2018 is not a year to withdraw profits from the crypto. It's a year to invest in crypts. Even when btc reaches 100,000. Eat noodles in 2018 and caviar in years to come

"I've been tracking his prodictions for about 8 months. I would say about three quarters are correct. Most of his bitcoin pricing has been spot on. He was also right about trump winning, which was a huge call. One thing he seemingly got wrong is that he said that after China had their five year government meeting and restructuring that they would become more friendly to Bitcoin again. That has not happened. - China only got stricter towards Bitcoin."

I have the image version of one of his reports

enjoy anons

thanks buddeh

>Still believes there's an objective material reality. "out there"