Daily airdrop of 100k tokens, for free

Daily airdrop of 100k tokens, for free.


Get in while you can.

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P.S - It's an airdrop of 5000 tokens at a time, which is a value of $500 once they start trading. Easy money lol

Holy shit this is some easy money, how long is this going to go on for??

Lol I got banned from their telegram for saying their female moderator's face reminds me of a guy.

Until 2nd of April. 100k Daily giveaway, almost seems too good to be true lol.

That's awesome holy shit lol

Can someone tell me if Rarepepeboost still exists on Telegram?

The hell is that?

You there bud?

Affiliate chain?


Just remember it is random, and this 100k is split among only 20 people.


They've just said they're doing another drop in about 10 mins!

Drop in about 5 mins now!

I smell samefagging

Did I miss it?

rules look retarded

you cant pay me enough to sit in their pajeet telegram all day

Don't need to. As long as you have telegram, you will get a notification when there's an airdrop since it's always a pinned message. Takes 5 secs to check :)

pic unrelated

Next drop 23:15 EST!

Next drop between 23:25-23:45!

Drop in about 5 mins

well time to hope for some easy money

Next drop confirmed to be at 00:05 or so... :)

Next drop in about 20 mins or so!

fuck off

> trying this hard

This is transparently a shill thread. What's the catch, shills?

I'm a catch!

Still waiting on registration confirmation email. How long is this gonna take?

Odd, I don't recall waiting more than a couple mins!

Also, is there an airdrop schedule?

Nope completely random but announced occasionally just before

This shit is a scam, they are phishing your email and passwords

How many tokens have you gotten so far?

no drops until 9am

What are they gonna do with my email/password?

9am what time zone?

Eastern time