Daily reminder that no matter how much you've lost, as long as you remain in crypto, you are going to make it

Daily reminder that no matter how much you've lost, as long as you remain in crypto, you are going to make it.

Daily reminder that crypto represents the largest transfer of wealth in human history, and it hasn't even started yet. user, you haven't discovered a cheat code. You've discovered the future of the human race. Yes, you are early enough. Yes, you will make it. Yes, you will look back on the pain of your losses and feel real, genuine pride that you made it through.

Daily reminder to look forward, not back. Don't give up, don't opt out. A lot of you haven't known enough goodness to believe it can happen to you. I'm here to tell you that it can. And it will. Your worst mistakes will be nothing more than pebbles strewn along the beach that will be your life. And your children's life. And their children's life, too.

You are going to make it.

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I want to believe


I love you user

Rate my portfolio:

I have ~30k spread over the following (in descending order)
and a number of shitcoins with

NEO and ETH are good
rest is shitcoins

Get some VEN, XLM, OMG user

easy for you to say, went from 230k to 48k.

about to kill myself

so many memories

Went from 60k to 15k

It’s rough user but we’ll persevere

ok bro, just hold me


Dan Pena agrees

>getting 50k by mar31st, getting another 200k after, have no idea how long it will take.
>could be next year
>don't want to miss the next bubble
>might lose this once in a lifetime inheritance either from missing the boat or losing it all

I got in on the 14th of January which was my birthday, 1k just fucking melted down to $200 happy fucking birthday right? Can't believe I fell for this shit, for the past month my head has been a mess thinking all I had to do was magically know about bitcoin 9 years ago and put a $100 in and I would have broken out of my govbux retard prison
I honestly wish I never knew about this, it is fucking with my mental health playing the what if game, and to top it all off I'm down $800

Good choice on FUN. Jezus will provide.


138k to 45k

Can I join in guys

kek stop looking to the past or you will miss the opportunities in front of you
also you got in at the worst time, just hold until it recovers and then some like always

I remember reading this pasta last year when LTC was $22 and ETH was $48. Reading this back then cheered me up, just like it still does now.

Brothers buy something yet unnoticed. I have a good shill here.
You know that blockchain will once be used for travelling and hotel industry right?
Well, there has already been a coin made just for that. Travelflex, it is dirt cheap right now and you can get it on the shittiest exchange possible. More exchanges coming, get in. Stop buying mainstream trash, we have normies let's go.

sure bro, get in here

yeah but like all new major adoptions, 99% of the current companies will be non existent in the coming years, this is where research and attention become the most valued asset, also mastering the art of fud decipher

51k to 22k here

Honestly what I learned after this crash is that shit coins aint worth a damn. Only a few will ever survive. Eth is guaranteed to be one. So i have over 50% in that alone

I empathize bro. My entire holdings are 1k worth of ETH. I haven't lost anything yet (up about 100 dollars) but haven't gained anything either. Not sure how we're going to yet.

Every motherfucker is a genius in a bull market. Navigating a bear market is much harder and as a beginner, feel woefully incompetent at. On the bright side, if we ride this out we'll be much more prepared when things are easier.


>You are going to make it.

Just don't let anyone have physical access to your PC and you're crypto will never get stolen :^)

How long before landlords, friends, family, and maintenance folks start compromising your machines in search of crypto?



I've got 10k link, 0.5 BTC, 4 ETH, and 1k USD. How do I redistribute for maximum gains? With a portfolio this size I don't know if it's smarter to go all in a 'riskier' high growth coin or leave it as is.

$100 in 2013
$900k early Jan
$350k a week ago
$460k now

my XRB alone went from $8k to $250k to $60k, now $70k

I love this ride, gonna make it with my 150k linkies

>not using a hardware wallet

I needed this post amongst the sea of FUD. Thank you, user. I hope this is true.

Same here bro.

So last December literally every idiot i knew was talking about it and getting into it.

Are you telling me they are the smart money? Impossible.

It is NOT early.

it's (((JP Morgan))) spamming the site. been happening for a few days. the jewb is scared.

lol. eat shit, you fucking retard.

Thanks for this OP. Things have felt pretty grim this past month but I'm holding strong.

Smart money is buying the crypto that matters (not TRX XVG)

the market cap is 450b, it will easily 10-20x from here within the next few years.

Don’t worry user, you’ll get back there.

No one knew bitcoin would hit 20k 9 years ago. It's still possible to make it, just stop being a little bitch

It was APPC.....
I fell for the shills, fucking asshole even made a post with the screen capped thread he made on the 14th saying it was going to go up because of a coin burn, that turned out happen a week prior to it
Bragging about how he duped people into buying his bags, and how it is just a go nowhere pajeet coin
i have lost interest in everything and barely want to get out of bed in the mornings, people are so fucking evil