No FUN thread, huh?

No FUN thread, huh?
So when are you "chads" going to dump this shitcoin?

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This ain’t fun since you ask ahahahah

9 cents.

So, next month.

Hate to say it but biz ruined this coin for me

Not happening until $2 per coin

Veeky Forums ruins every coin

>expecting huge announcement of partnerships during a conference
>not understanding what due diligence is
>not understanding that partnerships require contracts drawn up to protect both parties
>being this retarded

Enjoy buying in when it starts to moon and you've already missed out.

you shoulda sold off 2 days ago up 25% ya dig

Gambling on the blockchain is not a revolutionary idea that deserves a coin on it's own. You can literally gamble with anything that has low transaction fees, such as LiteCoin.

Sorry Funfags, you got pajeet'd and depleted. Instead of gambling on shitty memes, you should've invested in something with actual tech behind it, such as LINK or ENG. :)


to let you know OP, I'll dump when they do 2 burns

They are launching a platform.

The absolute state of biz

lol at this shitty FUD again. Funfair has the potential to disrupt the gambling industry by what they are trying to achieve. They very well could take on quite a large chunk of the online gambling market. It's quite a shame that a lot of people on this board don't understand what a long-term hold is.
This guy gets it.

Whitepaper states that the burns won't occur until the actual project launches and tokens get "vaporized" when operators utilize them.

They burned ~11 Billion tokens less than 6 months ago.


Then is going to want a hell of a lot more than two burns.

Jokes on you I've been in the red for weeks

>he doesn't know about fate channels

FYI vaporized means the operator takes the tokens out of circulation

in any case, what's wrong with that?

Section 3 specifically.

There's nothing wrong with it, in fact it's a very good thing for the value of the token, I was merely referring to what was stated (of course as a guideline due to the uncertain nature of roadmaps) that a significant amount of tokens will be removed after the funfair platform is launched. They are just barely closing up ICE at the moment, so a lot of work has to be done before any real action is seen in this coin.

Yeah, but people are so impatient like hot damn this has only been in circulation for a few months

This meme doesn't make much sense. Poklonskaya is a Tsarboo.

I just wanted an excuse to post Mummy. Sue me.

Should I sell my shit and go all in on LINK?

do it faggot

This is a FUN thread faggot, not a LINK thread. Stuttering potheads, I swear.

It has been stressed time and time again that FUN, despite recent events in promoting the concept, is a long term hold, and most pumps seen from now until launch will most likely be temporary or merely following BTC.
Jez San has shown in many of his interviews and conferences that he does not like to hype his own product without something other than a whitepaper to show for it- maybe he learned he should be more careful with making promises after lying to Nintendo all those years ago.


except that actually worked out. maybe he could've taken a page out of his own book

It's not gambling ON the blockchain.
It uses the blockchain to initiate payments for the gambling.


thought feb would be our time...not selling at this shit price though so lets see what march holds

I'm dumping my bags of this shitcoin as soon as I break even and then buying back at the next dip. Quality project and solid long term hold but $0.09 was way too overpriced for the time that I bought it.

>not understanding that partnerships require contracts drawn up to protect both parties
Yes but deals are struck at afterparties at conferences

>got in at .09usd.

Feels bad