I just sent it all to the wrong address. I'm new to this please help. Who do I call to get it back...

I just sent it all to the wrong address. I'm new to this please help. Who do I call to get it back? Can someone please tell me my crypto is insured. Please help me im so confused I've only been in this game for 2 weeks now.

rest in pieces.

>those digits
>That pink ID
Alright I'll believe you friend.
What coin and how much did you lose?

Read the tool tip before sending crypto. Nobody is responsible for you making correct transactions.

I tried to do the ico but it all went away. All of my 1.65 bitcoin that I purchased. It took me 5 months to a save all that money please guys I'm really going to kill myself. I'm so miserable

It only took you 5 months to get that money and you have 2 years before crypto really takes off, and you're gonna give up all the potential opportunity in front of you even if you fucked this one up and there's no fixing it?


Next time after you wage slave them back you will be more careful, user.

I'm not even joking here. Someone please help me fucking shit my wife is going to kill me.

Tell me how can you mess up with copy and paste, did you not fouble check?

LARP. It's not even that inventive.

If this is real, provide details. To where were you trying to send BTC, and from where? Step by step what happened.

AHHAAHHAHAAH, MAN my first time i was worried I was this retarded

>I tried to do the ico

you don't buddy

Op is a hero, because of him, our coins will be forever more valuable!

Thanks OP!

>messing up a copy paste

CTRL + C plus double check? amature

post ur BTC address

I'll send 1 BTC since i had a good week shorting

happend me too 0.5 gone baby
don't cry invest what u are willing to lose

mate, please. I lost everything in the bitgrail hack. I just need a second chance. doesnt have to be a full btc, thats way too much. Whatever you can spare


Dumb ass that's not you op

>mate, pls

lol your shit is gone. and crypto isn't insured, as no one owns it.

This, wtf. How can somebody transfer more than a thousand in transaction and not check if all is done right ?

big if true

Seems like a bad larp... but the quads make me think it could be true.

Believing anything you read on biz is more of a gamble than crypto investing.

>tfw I only have 100$ of my first 200$ initial invest and only have a bread and water on my fridge also living on 3rd world country but even if I post a proof everyone will say im larping

>People falling for this larp
>spent 5 month to save up for a 1 and a fraction of a bitcoin
>suddenly decides to spend it now
>5 months on Veeky Forums and retarded enough to not know theres nothing to do to get it back
>"in the game for 2 weeks"
>has been purchasing crypto for 5 months and went into ICOs
>either full larp or full retarded and doesn't deserve shit


lol loser