Who here still tethered up...

Who here still tethered up? I just know that if I buy now it's going to crash but everything is mooning and I get beginning to FOMO

give it 1 more week if it is still rising up might as well buy in

me too, but it will probably never go down unless i buy
s-should i fomo in?


I tethered at 7800 and fomo back in at 8500, kinda sad that i missed that 10% profit

Tether more likely to crash than anything

At least you didn't leave 100xrb on bitgrail.

it's really like you lost 20%

Wait until Monday user

It wasn't supposed to be like this

Fuck you guys. You are what is wrong with this market. If you weren’t so greedy to the point that you are supporting USDT we could have recovered faster

please user

Just hodl tether, you'll make great gains. I didn't lose any money during the crash.

I work for MY personal profit, not for some random neets. If I can force neets to liquidate all their BTC at a loss to pay for living expenses and taxes, I will do that. BTC only has to remain below 10k to trigger a mass selloff from people forced to liquidate their BTC to pay taxes based on BTC being worth 20k.

Here's how it's gonna go guys:
I'm going to be swayed at last to fomo back in after it doesn't crash this weekend
Then I'll buy back in at 9 or even 10k when I don't see any shot of it going back to 8k,
And then at last it will crash back down to test 6k

I'll let you guys know when I've bought back in

>not noticing these bear flags

Go buy right now.

There's no point in waiting.

BTC is down 10k from all time high.

Buying in a 9k versus 7k doesnt really matter

Can someone explain why people even trade to Tether. If I think a dip is coming I just trade for Euro. Why doesn't everyone do this?


What do u mean? Show me

"28% of gains doesn't matter"

Zoom out.

You're still tethered?

Man, I pulled my gains out of tether and reinvested when it seemed like the crash was bottoming out.


Exchanges like kucoin and binnance don't trade for fiat, you can only buy usdt.

But at some point everyone traded Fiat for either Eth or Btc. It only takes a few minutes to trade to Eth, transfer to an Eth/Fiat exchange, trade for Fiat and wait out the dip.

Fucking same. At 7650 after selling at a loss. And it’s been going up these past couple days. Bought in at 8900.


Glad to know I'm not the only one, buddy.
There's no way this bounce lasts for much longer.

user please buy so I can buy back in cheap

Take one for the team