Anyone using profittrailer?

anyone using profittrailer?

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What is profitrailer and how will it help me?

trading bot. it needs a lot of tweaking but it auto buys and sells however you set it. its doing around 1% a day for me, still figuring it out. some guys on youtube doing between 2 and 5 % a day

Is there guide on tweaking it for extreme autists like me

I got any hope?

youtube brudder. theres settings all over the interweb to start with

can you link im autist brudder

this cunt:

and this is the official channel but the guy is chinese pajeet:

How can you even trust something like that desu? You can lose money if it turns out to be a keylogger or a virus etc

This is the only reason why I never went bot mode on anything, not even runescaPe

you seriously don't consider that moustache guy trustworthy right?

gnome? his settings were a good starting point

meh its a java program, scanned it and looked thru code. not too worried

Been looking at that and Gunbot. Both are so damn expensive to buy - plus how much are you actually making when you consider the transaction fees?

trade fees are tiny. best to buy ETH or LTC somewhere else and send to binance, then either use BTC or ETH as base pair. with my settings making around 50 cents worth btc per trade

I built my own bot. Fucking awesome shit.

Gunbot isn't bad though - I've heard ok reports from people using it.

I'm going to be building one shortly, any advice?

hello sir please to link to your bot so i am can be using it good sir? warm regards.

2k in trading acc ran bot for 12 hours...

what strat? any bags?

Small bags..



Anyone got a cracked copy?

putting your private keys in a cracked trading bot may not end well.

how does it work

Ha funny I just looked at this last night. Contemplating buying it for binance and testing it out with 3k.

do eeet. im using it with about 600$ for now

how is this one?

Anyone tried this?

This actually very good. Do you have VPS or? How long have you been using this bot in total?