I just quit my $25/hr job to go full time crypto neet

Did i fuck up? I put most of my paychecks into crypto since jan 1st

>since jan 1st
>has at most 6k invested

lmao go ask for your job back retard



I can't even imagine ever making $25 an hour. Poor fag here.

>at most 6k

Shut up retard.

Probably should have stuck with it a little longer, but if you've been accumulating the dip I bet you'll make a fortune.

Still though Crypto doesn't seem worthy of your full-time attention unless you're trying to day trade, in which case, good luck

not as glamorous as it sounds. i worked my ass off and had to get up at 8am everyday and sometimes work 14 hour doubles


You can drive a delivery truck for 25 and hour

You can make like 10% a day, but you better have good risk management and decent at TA

are you a fucking brainlet? he makes around 1k a week, use a fucking calander and work out how many weeks its been this year you dumb cunt

i left 120$/hr job to become full time crypton

i might go deliver pizzas part time instead of being completely unemployed just so i dont have to cash out any crypto to eat

>Did i fuck up? I put most of my paychecks into crypto since jan 1st

KYS. You had a great idea, had you done it in September, not FOMO'd in like a retard at ATH.

i bought btc/eth/xlm/eos/zcl not at ath but when btc was around 9-15k then i bought some more when btc was at 7600

I make $50/hr and am borderline depressed.

you fucked up in 2 ways

you bought in high and you quit your job before making it

Yeah you're actually right. I concede to being a brainlet.

ill deliver pizzas and make like $80-100 a day to survive until crypto moons


No Lamboland for you.

its ok user


you didnt fuck up if you can manage to hold onto it for 1 year.

In 1 year where do you think we'll be? 1k or 50k? The latter isn't even that outlandish and that's where I think we're headed.

breh i can hold for 5 years

That's great to hear :)
You'll make it user.

>implying i bought that shitcoin

>$8k in cash

>$120k in crypto post dip

do you guys think i can do the same?

Yeah for another 10 years before google AI starts taking all the driving jobs.

This is how some homeless people are made. Notice the inability to plan for the future or consider anything other than some already preconceived idea that success is ensured.

Just buy lottery tickets.

im not lying. im a therapist m-w 9-6 with my masters making 45$ an hour. thursday and friday I work for the navy doing ship welding at 28$ 6am-2pm with my welding tech degree. and I still have plenty of time for crypto and stocks. if you had a decent job making 25$ an hour your should have been mature enough to understand you dont put all your eggs in one basket.

and by eggs in one basket I dont mean being weird and having 2 jobs like me, iv done welding since I was 19 im 28 now and enjoy the shitty livestyle that comes with it. so I just didnt fully give it up.

>he quit

a bunch of americans are willing to work full time for 12$/hr, you are dumb for quitting your job before already having made it

I work a 12 hour night shift and make less , crybaby

Where can I apply for the vacancy? Thank you sir.

>union plumber
>make $33/hr
>dental, health, and vision 100% covered by company
>decent retirement plan
>get paid OT for every hour worked over 8/day (if I work 10-hours in a day, I get paid OT for two hours, even if I work 40 or less in a week)
>hour lunch, two mandated 10-minute breaks/day
>barely do anything

Even if I make it in crypto, I am not quitting my job. Too cushy.

You really don't do much as a plumber? I don't know much about trades