A reversal or a reversal of the current "reversal"?

reversal of the current deadcat bounce

I've listened to you twice now and the opportunity cost has been about $9000

oh its this guy again......lmaoooooo kys.

like a reversal upwards or downwards

this faggot

the reversal won't happen dipshit

LOL all these bulls on Veeky Forums with their $20 pocket money

Shits going down within 12 hrs. Period

please keep posting OP. You have been completely wrong on the past 2 occasions so i feel confident in doing the opposite of whatever you say

I thought you were fucking off for a few months.

Oh it’s you again

filtered bye


The EMA looks great from 30m to 2 hour. The macd and RSI is alright. Volume is drying up but whatever I got my short open. I'm content either way.

and you think that wont come true. um hello we are at 50% volume of 2 days ago

this is going down. New coiners with their allowance money are about to get burned

Just let the retards with 40 IQs and an inability to store memories post their little meme cartoons. We'll sell high and buy low because we can see OBVIOUS PATTERNS. These retards think the circled portion is a fucking bull market. LOL.

also we got pics of you OP, fuck off or yk what will happen

Again this fucking omegafaggot.
You were wrong last time, you were wrong the ZCL time.
Fuck off to reddit if you need validation, fucking tripfaggot piece of shit.

no shit lol the volume from 2 days ago was the most we've had since 2016 lmao 50% of that, is still a shit load

If you are still a HODLER after this bubble burst it just means you are to low IQ to act on the obvious patterns
Pretty much. I liked biz in early december but now its just garbage. All idiots. No good coins.

can someone ban this guy already he makes shit calls every day literally told everyone it was crashing to 2k and said screenshot a few days ago then he got btfo

volume from 2 days ago is 60% down from the volume 4 days ago
>we are more like 75% down from the volume then
so yea ur wrong idiot

stop tripfagging, you're shit at TA.

third time’s the charmmmm

given if he’s right 50% of the time
he’s statistically more likely to get it right now ;)

if you actually come to Veeky Forums for meaningful discussion about crypto youre a fucking moron. Ive probably seen 2 or 3 decent posts in the past week. I come here for the wojacks everytime the market slides -.01%

>Ban dis sun a gun he dun said bitcorn aint gon go up forever and ever

Glad to see that between all this dumb newfags, there're still smart guys.


go kek yourself

nope. You are retarded... This was a great place to check in december. There were occasional good posts of coins I would not have checked out otherwise (not that I bought them... PRL, XRB, IOTA, COLX, Electra... all posted here... and others.

>Ignoring everyone who calls him out for being wrong the last 3 times.

I literally hodl'd for the years now but I know enough to see that ere definitely going down. We might touch 4k and recover up to 7700. Enjoy the short.


>30 min interval


im not arguing with your claim that pre 1028 biz was better. It certainly was. Im refering to the fact that currently Veeky Forums is only good for memes.
However the stockmarket general thread is still good

No you stupid fuck, the longer time frame bears more weight.

Omegamaker has literally never been right. Not even once. Please stop posting.

no fucking shit if anyone actually thinks we will break 10k before crashing back down to atleast 7k has literal downsyndrome.

smart money is short right now

>smart money is short right now

you gonna get squeezed

Yeah i remember the cunt saying buy at 8500 because it will go up from there
>neckminute drops to 6000

Shorts out last call

lmfao this thread. omegacuck knows biz unanimously thinks he's a dumbass but he keeps going. unless this is incredible elaborate bait 10/10

lets see your short order

Fuck you, when I first got to biz people were saying back in early December that ethereum was just having a deadcat bounce and it would go back down. I’ve learned since then to never listen to investment advice from you retards.

>omega makes a thread saying the price is about to drop
>5 minutes later the 40btc sell wall gets eaten and the price rises to 8950
once again my faith in inversing whatever he says is reinforced

Why Did u tell us that they weren't announcing the fork date dude when they litetally did.

What charts to use while margin trading? I heard there is a live chart that predicts when to stop because reversal...


Omega please tell me more so i can do the opposite, pls sir.

I'm so close to hitting the buy button guys. I have FOMO

I have never looked at it that way, maybe he's actually really decent at TA and makes threads poorly shilling the reverse of what he expects to happen.

Then normals fall for it and lose money, eventually leaving Veeky Forums.

I like it.

>have the highest volume day of all time
>hello the volume dropped get out now


Be greedy when the others are fearful
I know i should be greedy when there's a sudden increase of fear thread like this one

Agreed even though I bought some for a quick flip I feel like I goofed. All signs point to downtrend still. Bears are hiding ready to rek us, Monday to wed something will happen.

Delusional fags have been warned.

post the tx of you shorting with leverage or gtfo OP

put your money where your mouth is TA fag

>thread like this
90% of the threads are bullish
10% are bearish

Is there some discord where you faggots are congregating or something? The pajeet spam and shitcoin shilling turned into non stop fud. Next time don't sell the bottom kids.

>hourly omegamaker 6k cuck thread

you been making these every fucking hour since btc went up from 6k

Oh god, do you even know how to read a candle? KYS

News > TA every time. When crypto was spoken of positively in front of the US Senate, that immediately changed things.

you said the same thing 24 hours ago

>If btc goes below 7k again we are headed straight for 5k
>Get out now!
>If we test the 7350 bottom and support breaks we go to 3k.
>Get out now!
>If we can't hold 8k its straight back to 6k.
>Get out now!
>8500 is a dead cat bounce its going down to 7k.
>Please sell.
>Oh god I sold everything at 5950.

samefag, kill yourself

We are definitely seeing greed. The thing is that we can afford to lose a good chunk without sending everyone into a panic, if we go to 8K it will be dissappointing, but it's not a search for the bottom.

55% of people voted that it will go down from now and 45% voted it would go up in a recent poll

most people are still bearish, it's time to buy

hard to tell not enough shapes zig zags or lines on screen

>third time’s the charmmmm
>given if he’s right 50% of the time
>he’s statistically more likely to get it right now ;)

>t. monty hall paradox

It's incredible. At the very worst, you should be able to predict 50% of trends. So far, 0 out of who knows how many. Unbelievable.


Chad insider here. There'll be a fake dip shortly where everyone will say "its crashing" , then a sharp fake rise to sucker in all the FOMO's, then it legit will crash.

yo you've been FUDDing about crashes since $7k, can you admit that you're wrong now?

Just close your short before you lose everything

Insider here
their will be a time when BTC will go up and after that it will go down followed by a period of going up and than going down

trust me my dad works at bitcoin

Holy shit you are an embarrassment to FUD.

we are still 50% from ath but anons think we are greedy

omg he's so cute

you made this post on ktt fgt


This is what he means:
We have reached the downtrend line and will go down again now.

pls sirs..go 10,000

congrats on this, seriously


I'm just copying what was written on It's their graph.
>The current pullback is likely to face resistance at the downtrend line and the 20-day EMA.

its not going to 4k, or even 5k

i don't care what the meme lines say

it going to -$5k t b h

suck a dick

A triple reversal of the last reversal

Oh look it's that dumbass Omegamaker again trying to FUD because he sold the bottom like a fucking retard. Continue to cry motherfucker. make my day.

Is that you Q?
I think you finally found the right board for your boomer schizophrenia.

What site is this?

if was expected i have prdeicted this 9k attack then fall to sub 5k for days.

nice quads btw.

It's the weekend nigger. You actually thought volume would rise today?

>Monty hall
More like gambler's fallacy than Monty hall

i will be very surprised if it doesn't... your reasoning?

whatever this nigger says, do the opposite. also sage this please, for the sake of gains.

Why do you still post with your trip? Every single time you've posted your TA prediction, you've been wrong.

Anyone with half a brain would just do the opposite of what you say.

my indicators point to lamboland EOY

reverse 4D chess
>pump it

this is why retards think TA doesn’t work