Be me

>Be me
>started with 100$ and made 900$ on crypto living in a fucking 3rd world country and basically starving the past 4 months just to invest a couple bucks everyweek I can
>Check Binance after their last "manteinance"
>had 600$ on BTC and 300$ on other coins
>all my btc is gone but the rest of the coins are okay???
>basically i look at my fridge and there is only bread and couple meals for this week

what are some painless ways to kill myself, I cant take it anymore, fucking living on this shithole and now I got scammed by chinks

>still up 3x
>necks himself
The absolute state

Exactly, not gonna be rich if you are always trying to punch your own ticket

yea, it feels good losing fucking 2 months of advance on 1 fucking "MANTEINANCE"

Drink bleach. It’s a horrible way to go, but you’re probably black so you deserve it.

im whiter than snow

I'm so sorry user but this is fucking hilarious, are you a pajeet?
>be pajeet
>get scammed by chinks
>cries while asking girls to show bobs and lasagna on facebook
>goes to fridge
>"it's bread again"
>thinks of ways to kms



just chill they will get it resolved. I logged in a few hours ago and all my coins were still there.

yes im a fucking pajeet thats why i earn so little and this fucking chink page steals my fucking shit

Alteast you made that much, I'm actually in loss and I'm also poor as fuck and retarded at the same time.

I just checked like 20 times on website and on my phones app the fucking BTC is still MIA but the rest of the coins are literally fine, I want to send a fucking ticket but im pretty sure this chinks won't fucking reply me on this life

You have to starve yourself for $100?

dude you don't know what is feels like to live on this country I would starve the whole year to invest so I can just get the fuck out of this shithole

you're still up 3x AFTER "LOSING" you piece of shit. stock market just had an amazing year and a lot of people and myself lost all their gains from that in a week. greedy SOB you deserve nothing.

$100 is worthless to begin with just give up now

so I got fucking scammed by fucking chinks and im the piece of shit? oh fucking wow, sunny lu is that you motherfucker?

Literally spam them, not even kidding when I had a problem I submitted like 40 tickets in an hour and then replied to each of their emails saying it's "unresolved" they got tired of me I guess and fixed my shit, I then moved all my stuff outta there

I just sended a ticket, i don't know why im being fucking affected why they don't fucking steal BTC from fucking druglords with 100000BTC per second, why fucking me

I'd say buy a helium tank but you probably can't afford it

Boohoo. Just stab yourself in the heart. I spit on your mother and curse your father.

most likely lol, how much are those worth?


i went from ATH of 50k to low of 10k holding bags like a dumb pajeet but i'm smart enough to realize it doesn't fucking matter give it till summer you piece of shit. it's been a month. if you're this worried you invested too much initially hoping to get rich quick, you're the dumbasses that somehow actually lose at crypto you broke fuck. buy high sell low

what the fuck are you talking about? are you on fucking drugs? i didn't fucking expected to get rich in one month you fucking retard, and also that im fcking 100% didn't expect was that i was going to get chinked from binance

chinks doesn't respond, i think imma just cut my wirst and wish for a fast death

show us your fridge and skin colour and I will send you $200 in ETH.

if that isnt a third world knife i dont know what is

wish to lord to not get chinked again



yes it is, pretty rusty i know but its the only thing i have

In case you decide to off yourself, could you send me your remaining coins first?

you're filth

that fridge is beyond fucked, if you clean it up and get yourself some dignity ill send you 100 link

>you're filth

im not its just old im not rich to buy new things

user this fridge is 19 years old its not dirty believe me, im also working to move on and buy better things do you think i enjoy living like this?

no user... we understand its why we are all here, to further ourselves with wealth... I applaud you for starting on the quest to better yourself, you managed to turn $100 into $900 and I think you will be able, with due diligence, be able to turn that $300 into $3k and that $3k into 30k... your going to make it user as long as you don't give up. be thankful of that dirty fridge and that paltry loaf of bread as these things will be the fuel for your succes... keep at it and you will make it

$600 boo-who

MODS ban this faggot. Another fucking LARP thread and that fridge pic was posted a few weeks ago.

thanks user but have losing 2 months in 1 day just makes this day my worst day ever, im depressed as fuck i dont know what to do

bruh clean your fridge so when they find your corpse they'll actually feel like its a loss

Where are you from?

Timestamp with that fridge now and maybe I'll send you some eshekels

what the fuck are you talking about

im just gonna eat my bread

What the flying fuck are you on about pajeet? what missing btc?


my btc on binance is gone

Why only you? Haven't heard anything about it anywhere.

then you haven't checked here the past days, anyways i ask the same, why the fuck me im fucking poor as fuck

come on, join the funky beat!
now slap your ass to a 1. 2. 1 .2 beat





Not a single thing on twitter about it. Think you're just fudding as usual



>if its not on twitter it must be fake

>thousands of users
>only this guy has a problem
I wonder

this guy orobably living on top notch country instead of my, think im gonna off myself now

You're gonna off yourself over a few hundred bucks worth of fiat? Is your life that cheap?

my country's salary is less than 5$ i'm just gonna say that

what country?

Have you checked transactions?
Did you got hacked or did the coin just vanished?

Yes, so? Do you define your value by paper money created out of nothing by bankers? You're a human being, the possibilities are endless in reality, paper money is just used to limit those possibilities by controlling your thinking.

If you really did lose your btc, just open a detailed support ticket with binance and you will get it back. It will just take awhile.