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Who else is close to giving up?

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I'd rather be destroyed than give up

Before quiting, watch this first

Quite the opposite

as much as I'd love to give up it's not an option

Before you kill yourself read Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. I was in the same place you were and also thought reading a book from some faggot in Greece would be stupid, but it changed me. Give it a go.

not close yet, just defeated. sick of wagecucking, sick of normies, sick of everything. watching all of my coins get JUST'd in horrific fashion over the last month has made everything so much worse, especially work. 5 am starts arent my thing but i dont have much of an option atm

is the travelling meme really worth it? i wanna make my life exciting again, but the problem is im introverted and a little autistic, and since i wanna travel alone i can see this being a massive problem. my only hobby atm is crypto and watching financial markets, couldnt give a shit about anything else

Ive literally put my life savings into Crypto. I wont be fucked if it fails cause I have a good job but I'll break past chronic depression if I don't make money on this.

More anxious than anything. Depression softens the sharp edges of world and loud noises. This cryptothing is exhilarating and safe compared. Its my last stand.

Wow. That's a really good way to describe my thoughts user. Thanks. Seriously. That makes a lot of sense to me.

>the travelling meme
I'm skeptical about the traveling meme

Every fucking day. Just waiting to get my mushroom spores in the mail so I can grow them and start microdosing. Only thing I have to look forward too. I’m hopin it helps. Nothing else has.

Niggerball inspirational talks do fuck all for legit depression.


I spent 3 weeks over the summer driving back and forth across the country with no where to go, staying in random hotels and seeing the scenery from my car.

You can do it. People don't really talk to you on the road. Most mind their own business.

Me. Ive never been this overwhelmed and stressed in my life. Crypto crash is just the tip of the iceberg. Im honestly done. Cant take anymore. I find writing everything out can help sometimes but I just dont want to go on anymore.

almost quit my job the other day

told off my boss and now she hates me, but cant fire me because she needs me

idk what to do but find a new job now

im 27, to retarded to get a job, not retarded enough for retard bux, got into crypto with $1000 in january that is now $200, just checked my bank balance and dont even have enough money to pay the rent and im about to get fucked iin the ass with a power bill
i feel numb, with an the odd tear here and there
i gave life the best go i could, had lots of jobs that i gave my heart and soul too just for it too never be enough,most of my familly died over the past 2 years and im watching my grandmother die of cancer, she has about 3 weeks left, even my fucking cats died last year
yes OP im pretty damn close to hitting the off button on life

Take a break, watching graphs all day is not going to help. Sometimes your gotta chill out and have some fun.

Hey buddy
I don't know you.
But just remember most of your problems are probably constructs of your mind.
If you have food and shelter, and family or friends, things can only be so bad

Just a perspective

Traveling meme is shit. Wherever you go there you are. I’ve been to Japan, a good chunk of Europe and most all of the 50 states. I did like you want to. I traveled alone because I fucking hate people. It’s ok but after awhile you realize you’re stuck with (you). You can’t get away from who you are. People are the same everywhere honestly with minor nuance. That minor nuance is enough to annoy someone who is a shut in introvert. I moved just recently to Europe to be with my girlfriend and now regret it. I like routine. I would much rather be alone looking at my crypto shit get justed than have to keep having the same stupid conversations or do things to acclimate myself to my new “home”. I realize I just wanna be left alone. Would much rather have vidya, crypto, and shitty junk food as I slowly entropy. If I’m lonely I will watch an ASMR video and fall asleep.

I hate when shit always comes down at once. Good luck bro.

I got hit with divorce papers yesterday. Now I'm probably going to have to pack my shit up and move a few thousand miles to live with my sister, which is a better option then my parents house, at least. Good thing I didn't turn my whole savings into internet bux.

My plan( If I make enough money from crypto) is to travel across the USA, hitting national parks as I go. Eventually I'll do a full hitchhike across and then kill myself at the end.

Traveling meme is great if you treat it like an open world vidya game.

It took me 24 years to find out I am not good at anything. I'm depressed because it seems that everyone else has their life figured out while I haven't even finished college. And this depression keeps me from making improvements to myself leading to this endless cycle of self-pity and anger. My parents are over dependent on me because one of them is old (and maybe senile) and the other one doesn't speak much english despite having lived in the states for over 10 years total. Oh and my ex girlfriend cheated on me and absolutely fucked up my life to the point I left the state. Recently I found out she got knocked up by this guy who is a selfmade rich guy.

Feels good to be understood too. You get that from books sometimes when they describe crazy persons like hesses steppenwolf

Every day it's becoming more and more apparent that I'm 100% not going to make it and I'm going to be forced to slave away at some horrible job I hate for the rest of my life

Honestly considering just ending it to avoid a fate of overwhelming mediocrity

>tfw I still can’t run over pedestrians in my stolen Pegassi Osiris.

being away from home in a foreign place makes your survival instincts kick in. life seems much less trivial when you have to make an effort just to get food and shelter. you just have to hope that your newfound confidence in life stays when you come back home

Yeah. I quit my old job to be self employed (not via crypto) because I was getting my soul crushed in an office. Not being in an office hasnt made it much better because I'm a total shutin and leave my apt once a week to get food and thats about it.

Its not a great life and I'm not sure if its better than waking up on 4 hours of sleep for better pay. Especially if I'm using the extra freedom on sitting in my room browsing Veeky Forums.

Nigga everyone has a purpose. You just gotta keep your chin up, do the best you can and harness that ass when you find it. Don't get stuck in a cycle fo downward thinking

I am, dropped out of uni for the 3rd time lmao. Social anxiety + a little bit of autism doesn't work in uni. I don't know what the fuck to do. I need a job in the future but I just can't finish uni.

They say money can't buy happiness, but fuck it would make everything so much easier. Right when I hit 19 everything just started crashing down and I've failed at about everything I've tried for the past 9 years. On top of that I got into ether early but sold my stack when it hit around $15 thinking it wouldn't go anywhere. I think like end of 2016 I lost what little hope I had left for achieving any of my dreams. As much as I realize how worthless it is to ask "Why me?" sometimes I wonder why everything seems to have worked out for most of the people I know while I just get continually shit on.

>be me
>eat shittons of canned albacora tuna for years because it's cheap and tasty and I'm a broke fag
>get mercury poisoning from it
>results in permanent brain damage, become uncoordinated, sluggish, moody and depressed

might as well just end it, it's only downhill from here

If you stay in crypto until march 2019 you will be one of the richest people in the world. Commit to living to 2020 regardless of what happens and you wont regret it

This is the only answer.

I already have after spending a whole year researching and flipping shitcoins for every gain possible, sleepless nights of watching charts and constantly worrying about the bubble popping at any moment thinking that this can't just go on forever and tripping on every pajeet pnd scam possible, finally coming up to some big gains that could have changed my life, only to hold through my ATH and not take profits as needed like a greedy ass and then panic sell everything in fear of it dropping even more like a fucking retard when my whole portfolio already dropped 75% at the complete bottom of the crash only take home a fraction of my ATH, which would we back on track to being close to my ATH now had I just held, but now can't get a re-entry point because everything keeps going up non stop the ONE FUCKING TIME after I panic sell and don't immediately fomo back in. Yeah, I'm absolutely ready to die now, just need to pick a way that has least potential of fucking up and leaves the smallest mess. Every dollar BTC/ETH increase is just one more reason to kill myself now.

holy fuck are you me?

>Doesn't matter how much money I make in crypto, I'm already broken mentally and physically
what's the point lads, should I just start shooting heroin until I od

Getting closer to it. I have a job that pays fairly well, but recently has been sucking every hour of the day into it outside of sleep. Haven't even had a weekend in 5 weeks, just going into the office to try and not fall hopelessly behind. I've been overeating in response to the stress, and have been skipping going to the gym. If this keeps going I could easily start becoming a fat fuck. Additionally, the job's mostly solitary so my social awkwardness and autism has been getting worse. It's looking more and more likely that the only way that I have to make it is to get crypto rich, and is there really any chance of that? The easy early money could very well be finished.

yall are gettin wholesome af in here. prouda you Veeky Forums

The thing that keeps me going is the desire to see Trump pay for his crimes.

>26yo khhv uni dropout neet
>no drivers license
>tiny 25sqm apartment
>my sister who was the last family member i actually spoke to moved to another country with her fiance so now im left alone again
>the only real friend i ever had cut contact with me almost a year ago
>$150k in crypto (down from $400k ath in january)
>the only people who talk to me talk to me only because im le richfag in crypto and want me to buy stuff for them or lend them money
>its ok though because im socially starved so i hang out with them because it feels nice being invited
>anime, manga, vn:s, ln:s are the only things apart from moon missions and going out with the leeches that gives me satisfaction anymore
anyone else

cant fucking stand people crying about being depressed because of muh feelings, we have drugs for that shit now. if you dont have any physical real world reason to be depressed you need to just get your shit together and stop crying.

>26yo khhv uni dropout neet
go back to uni and make some friends dumbass

Living in 3rd world shit hole. Mother is prostitute, dad left. Know english but nobody gives a fuck... idk what to do

Men never give up. Life is a series of struggles and the result of those struggles is what makes you a man.

Fuck your mom

I never plan on killing myself because life is so short and I don't believe in an afterlife, but shit does seem really bleak. Majoring in accounting and finance just for employability, have no interest in them whatsoever, I have no idea how I will get through days of work.

The thing is though, I have no interest in anything. I can't think of a single real job I'd like to do. I'm constantly considering simple alternatives like being a mailman or security because with those the job is simple, and I'm not sitting at a desk all day.

I think I have mild underlying depression, which is causing my lack of interest in anything. I had a severe bout of depression, anxiety, and compulsive thoughts for about a year a couple years ago, and I've managed to get over it, control my thoughts, and suffer a lot less, but I'm still not truly happy.

should keep you going for at least another 7 years then user

I can't give up I haven't make it yet. Real talk, having a goal makes me feel less numb. Out of pure hatred on people that once fuck me up, a greedy ambition, or wanting power to help those you care helps in not feeling empty.

I can't get a job in Canada as a mechanical engineer.

I hate this country I hate this life.

Get some shitty qualification, then translate shit to your native language for bucks
Work out next step from there

That's one of the saddest things I've ever read.
OP, try traveling for a couple of months and see how you feel. It won't necessarily change you for the better, but it will give you a new perspective on life.

>I can't think of a single real job I'd like to do
Fucking hell, that's me. I applied for both law and IT (austria, so uni is free here), but I have no clue which one I should choose in a few months because I have absolutely no interest in both of them. But I'm already way behind the curve by being 19 and still not studying that I simply can't afford to take any more time.

you know, it can only get better from the absolute bottom, stay strong

Dont give a shit about time. Youre not late to anything, take your time to figure out what you want to do.
When you are 30 it wont matter if you started 1-2 years late. All that matters is where you are at that point, and your decision now will impact that bigtime. So take your time

Holy fuck you are stupid. I'm 33, almost finished my law degree. I thought I was too old at 24. Stop being a faggot.

why not ?

Holy fucking shit, are you me?????

Nearly finished my PhD. Used to be interested in it but I don't care anymore. Just fuck around on the internet all day. Have depression, anxiety, no friends, no social skills. At least I made 500k from crypto. Tbh I think the money made me more depressed, because now I don't feel like I have anything to strive for anymore. I know I should be grateful though. Going to try travelling for a while after I finish my phd.

Me but it happens every year around this time when the sun is playing peak a boo

That's just the chemtrails-haarp geoengineering combo.

The nano particles go to your brain and then haarp messes with them causing inflamation


After 4 straight weeks of dropping price, i sold my XRP and sat there until it bombed to .70 CENTS AUD.

I got greedy and didnt buy back in despite that point would have yielded my target amount of XRP.

Since then its gone up and now past the point where i sold. To buy back in now would be a major loss and for less coins.

I feel that i have missed the boat and am depressed knowing that it XRP goes back to $4 then I will have to live with myself knowing that a moment of greed lost me the chamce for a deposit on a house.

My only hope is that XRP bombs and i can buy back in.

The travel meme isn't real man. Me and a couple of mates drove through all of southeast asia and china on motorbikes and then lived in koh phangan at a bar and yeah, it was fun, but my depression was like a black dog following me around the whole time. Now im back home on neet bucks doing fuck all

all the time accepted it as the normal modus operandi


Shrooms are a very good way to treat depressions. And the meticulous precedures of preparing the cakes, sterilize them, inoculate them, the patience needed to grow these wonderful little fuckers - that's half the way. Be good to them and they'll be good to you!

Hi anons. Not sure if this helps at all, but o can honestly say the travel meme is NOT A LARP. I was in similar situations when I decided to take a measly $4,000 and go to China to make a film documenting punk and noise around the country. It blew my mind wide open, and led me to going to Japan, Indonesia at length, Korea, and many other places.

Anyway, I NEVER expected what would happen, and sometimes you have to just go all in and out of your comfort zone.

People are NOT the same everywhere as someone said. Fuck that. Go to an Indonesian city that isn't Bali and your heart will be stark full.

I now live in China, and have struggled to chip away at credit card debt. I finally got into crypto in September at the China crash and killed it up to a healthy 75k. I took no profits like an idiot, and held through to the low to 25K.

I sold near the bottom too. I'm....pretty busted about it. I guess in the end I realized I'd hit my goal of paying off my credit cards and that was all that mattered.

Such wasted opportunity by my own stupidity.

It's June to rebuild, anons.

Everyone ITT must realize hese two replies are a market indicator:

The normies are about half driven out. We still have further to fall.

>eat shittons of canned albacora tuna for years because it's cheap and tasty and I'm a broke fag
>get mercury poisoning from it


I always tell people about how they're slowly but permanently destroying their nervous system with every bit of carnivorous sea fish they're eating.
They never believe me.

They love rating about "muh mobile phone radiation" and "muh MSG" being bad for you, while at the same time literally ingesting heavy metals and plastic.

>Find out where they teach english.
This is where rich white kids come to volunteer for a year to help out in shithole countries.
>Get job as low level translator

I've grown the most when I was dead broke, about to lose my home, unable to afford important things, no one willing to help. I'm sure I'll make it but I'll just be more cynical, more jaded, more cold, more hardened. I was probably a normal level of depressed for awhile but now I'm mostly just numb.


Giving up is not an option, but I am so tired of it all.

don't be a pussy and quit now. if you already told them you want to leave, they won't pat you on the back and for sure will think twice before helping you with whatever. man up, quit that piece of shit and do whatever you want.

>join my cult!!!