Post college life

What happens to most people after they graduate college? Do they all just get jobs?


they get a job making 13 bucks an hour just like everyone else. maybe they found a sexy whore to call there own during the college years tho. I literally only regret not going to college because of my lack of social life.

i just trade crypto


Anyone here meet any new people now they left college? For me it's just my school friends and uni friends, and people at work... Was uni and school the only time to meet new people?

what else do you want

$13 and id be set for life, i currently make $3.5 per hour

My university friends just got good jobs and got married and bought houses and had kids. Their lives are rich and meaningful.

i fucking hate those assholes

They wake up from their 21 year long dream and face the harsh reality of survival of the fittest.

They're not assholes. They're about as decent as you can expect from anyone. I think you might be the asshole (but you don't have to be).

how? where the fuck do u live lol.

It's just me, work and 2 old friends from middle school. Having more people is waste of time, considering there's already very little own time to left with.

I guess so user. Its fucking insane. I try and meet new people now and they are like "do I know you" its like whatever fuck you then. Back in the day I had thousands and thousands of friends from high school and my 1 year of college. I was slanging pot and everyone fucking loved me. Now the past 4 years my life has been total shit. All I do is work, eat good food, and read the internet.. i mean i guess its okay but how the fuck am I spose to meet a women and start a family at this point? I should have just settled down with a decent chick when i had the chance.

Took the only job offer in the middle of a fucking desert. Fuck this shit. At least it's low cost of living.

Unironically this.
You either skip college and make $12-15/hr or you waste 4+ years and $30k+ and get a job making $12-18/hr.

Average salary in 2016 for fresh grads was $50,556. Average for engineers was $64,891.

They are free.
Some get choose to get jobs.
I used my freedom to live in Thailand and play online poker after I was released from the chains of the school system.
Of course with freedom comes responsibility. Many people do not like having to think and plan and work hard so that everything doesn't turn to shit. They want big daddy to lay out what they "should" do.

You can try whatever you want, but you work with the world as it is and the tools you have available. You probably won't be successful if you try to be an astronaut for example. Be smart, be reasonable, be a man, and do something challenging.
Start a robot restaurant.
Paint houses as a business and grow to 5 staff.
Invest in milk futures and get really good at playing the market.
Become a drugged out hippy living in a tree house down at the river.
Go to young professional meetups and tradeshows to build your LinkedIn network.
Host a board game night and advertise it on Veeky Forums.
Record a porno at the local campsite.
Whatever you do don't be bored. This is the most exciting time in history to be alive.

yea thats not reality tho. thos calculations are based off old timers who actually did real shit in college during the 80s and 90s and are now making 100k a year. In reality there are faggots paying 60k to go and learn about how socialism works so well and how 2+2 doesnt always equal 4. You pay 60k to go learn how many different genders there are and how blacks are superior to whites now a days.

no idea where those number come from. you aren't making 65k at entry with just an engineering bachelor's.

maybe 10% of my fellow graduates (in engineering) are making much over 50k lol

one went into software and now makes 100K+ 2 years later, but that's a pretty large outlier.

don't fall for the education meme. college is about networking, that's it. unless you're going full dick on software engineering, it almost doesn't even matter what your major is so long as you're building the right connections.

Just learn programming, don't need college and you can make $100k+.


I did a master's in computer science and wrote my thesis about some machine learning in video games. Afterwards I asked my professor for a job as scientific researcher. And now I 'work' 30 hours/week and make more than most of my friends and family with 40+ hour weeks. And I'm putting 'work' in quotation marks, because there's no fixed time (can work anywhere beween 8am and 10pm), I'm programming video games all day for my research and have my own lectures about game programming in Unity. I'm basically doing what I'd also be doing at home. It's a fucking dream job.

I just want to show you that your life isn't over once you have to work. There are jobs that aren't terrible wastes of time and energy. But I know that I'm the only person in my friend circle that isn't fed up with his job, so maybe this is an exception. Most people are indeed in dead-end jobs that take up all their free time and their will to do anything after work.

I mean, you go to college to get a job so...


>engineering and CS are the only degrees universities offer.

Most important thing: you can network meaningully only at a good uni. It just doesn't work as well everywhere you go.

That is why someone quite dumb like G. W. Bush goes relatively far, and others not so much.