Do you think it'll ever recover? December seems so long ago now

Do you think it'll ever recover? December seems so long ago now.


and bonus, soon youll be able to see the bitgrail founder on /r/watchpeopledie

yeah, its on sale too

I'm still shocked at how much shit this coin has been through these last 2 months, coming off the initial hype/ATH

>Node issue that went unfixed for weeks
>Bitgrail's first drama with verification
>Rebrand didn't do shit
>Binance didn't do shit
>Bitgrail losing over 10% of the entire supply to "hackers"
>People losing literally millions and NANO's brand name irreparably damaged

I dunno. I still have money invested in NANO from back when it was $3.5 but all this non-stop drama and price hemorrhaging is killing me. I think it might be time to bail lads...


Best case scenario is $15. It will take at least 8-12 months for it to trend upwards. BitGrail really fucked over the Nano team.

If you bought before it mooned, and can profit, for sure sell right now. Its future is uncertain, and it's only a cryptocurrency it's not a platform or a deep project.

On the plus side, we do get some lols like this


Every problem you mentioned was literally because of the 17 million xrb coin hack except maybe the blown node and mercatox. The reason bitgrail suspended xrb transfers is because they realised they got hacked and didn't have enough xrb to allow everyone to transfer their xrb out. They processed the account verifications super slow so people Wouldn't find out about the hack. Meanwhile, the real hacker was dumping them all on mercatox and constantly forcing the price down. That's why good news did nothing to help the price.

Trips confirm

there is no hack, bitgrail owner is bullshitting in last ditch attempt to put blame on someone else, he lost coins due to bugs in his exchange's code over the months

From what I've read, it's been suggested that the hack happened back in November, long before the first moon, the NANO rebrand or the Binance listing.

The original 17 million coins are most likely all back in circulation again with new owners of stolen goods which is the fucked part

Hacker obviously waited for January to start dumping them even if it did happen in November. Crashes always happen in January so it's a good cover for the major sell off happening.

there is not "the hacker", don't be a brainlet and believe that scum from bitgrail, he says he didn't know anything until 8th feb, absolute bullshit, you have 15m of coins missing for months and you don't notice anything? seems legit

The hacker allegedly stole 15mil XRB. That's something like 12% of the ENTIRE XRB/NANO supply. When you've got this much money illegally, you don't HODL it. You move it and sell it immediately, making as much as you can before the blocks are frozen.

Also, if by some miracle the hacker did keep the funds, are you guys really comfortable knowing over 10% of the entire market is in the hands of some scumbag, who could manipulate the price at will?

They are all dumped by now. No realistic reason to hold them for too long.

it wasn't just one person. several people on Veeky Forums took advantage of it, but i think many of them are keeping their mouths shut.
they've had ample opportunity to dump

It was bitgrails fault. I dont know why, but my xrb didnt disappear on the exchange after i withdraw, so i could withdraw again.
Made about 2k xrb until this stopped working. God bless i only gave them fake infos

Yep, seems pretty clear to me that the "hacker" is in fact TheRetard's own shitty code, which gave away more XRB than he actually had. Only a fool wouldn't take advantage of this.

>BTC was hacked and stolen
>ETH was hacked and stolen
>NANO was hacked and stolen

I`m noticing a pattern here...

>BTC was hacked
>ETH was hacked

Imagine being this fucking retarded.

fuck 2k nano is my whole stack I wageslaved 3 years for and you got it for free, fuck you faggot

>NANO was hacked
Imagine being this fucking retarded

Bitgrail had bugs and knew about them already in August, according to some posts. They've been in damage control mode for the last month.

Good fucking riddance Bitgrail, this is a good thing long term.

Congrats me

They will recover if they go back to original name and logo...

RaiBlocks is weird and memorable, and the logo looked like a robot's colorful asshole...

Nano is generic, cliche, small and weak. The new logo looks like jizz splatter.

Yea, there were no hacks, only exit scams.

cucked and justed
gaymer and soyboy confirmed

Sucks all this shit has happened, but if you aren't buying this sale right now, you are a fool.

Depends on the mindset of nano holders
A good chunk of them act like a cult for this shitcoin but the rest could still dump this.

>mt gox was $450ml
>this hack was $170ml

Only because of the current crypto crash and constant FUD NANO has endured these last few weeks. If this happened early in January while it was still $30, it'd have been even more money lost than mtgox.

shit was buggy as hell
people were credit 2x of the nano they could withdraw, so they did and ran
>mfw nannys stole the nannys from other nannys
>we have a great community



Holy shit. Veeky Forums conspiracy theorists were actually right on the price being manipulated on Bitgrail. The hacker selling his stack over the last weeks dumped the price hard.

Good reminder to move my RLC from liqui

well if it wasnt for him I wouldnt have accually looked into nano, and now I can get it on the cheap. still hoping for pajeets to gangrape him with rebar.

Are you guys dumb? There's no hacker. There are however logs going back to august last year of xrb double spending. The exchange is either coded to shit because Italian or he's done it on purpose and using the backdoors to steal xrb

>insert jew analogy red pill.jpeg

What? There was an exchange bug to double spend only XRB?

Ye, you sure must be a fool to not buy a coin that has a billion stability and security issues, these theoretical scaling promises really sound very robust indeed.

Imagine being this retarded and actually buy more

But this wasn't due to a security vulnerability from XRB

>insert ShareBlue shills because your ideas are so weak you have to pay spammers

Im talking about the other 999.999 issues. Why bother with them when its just a worse xlm without potential. I swear xrb holders have a mental handicap

I don't have any XRB cause I didn't want to use bitgrail lel

>billion stability and security issues, these theoretical scaling promises really sound very robust indeed.

this sounds like a load of bullshit FUD. show me where the stability and security issues are? im waiting for some evidence. XRB was already stressed tested and passed with flying colors at 300 tx/sec. there will be a worldwide community stress test this week, which should do just as well now that we have over 1,500 nodes already set up. that's already more nodes than BCASH. you fucking retard

there was no hack. Bitgrail wash traded this shitcoin until it got to a price that made it significant. Now they can't pay everyone.. I can't believe that even some intelligent bigwigs fell for this...

don't overexaggerate. 999.999 issues u say? list 10 issues right now 1 ->10. oh wait i bet you can't even list 5. well ill list 5 reasons why XRB will succeed fucking retard but you can't see it because your mom dropped you on the head when you were little

A humble team that does not make huge promises, and delivers on what it sets out on. We see so many projects with huge frontrunners promising the sky. It is almost reminiscent of politics, where they will say anything to get your money/vote, and it gives me serious bad vibes.

Even distribution not trying to raise money, giving it for free to anyone for solving captchas. Most noticeably poor people (some of whom were making more money solving captchas than working, and were doing it full time. This is the reason the value was so low for so long (despite existing since 2014). The distribution was still going on. People who wanted some just got it for free instead of buying it, resulting in NO buy pressure

The small amount held by dev-team. Only 5% and even that is just as funding for the project. This is a huge issue with some currencies like Stellar Lumens and Ripple. 82% and 60% respectively of the supply is not circulating, and that is a big red flag for me

The devĀ“s interaction with its community and clear transparency . Daily updates when people wanted it on Reddit, active discord where you can get help with anything, and in general great responsiveness, helpfulness, and transparency.

The vibrant community. This is key. The community is behind this coin is developing, coding, drawing, animating, marketing and so much more for the project for free because THEY BELIEVE IN IT. This is more important than any partnership or endorsement, and it is the force that has gotten bitcoin to where is today

You mean this 1 guy spamming transactions from his own node, ahahahahahah, it literally has no meaning other than another self pat on the back for the reddit echochamber. If you cant see the issues i suggest reading the whitepaper and compare it to solid projects like litecoin. Its a miracle you can even do a single transaction, it will just fall apart with top volume levels. Theres a reason it was a dead memecoin for years, now its just an overhyped dead memecoin. enjoy your bags

Holy shit, imagine being this deluded. Im sorry you cant help yourself

It might be. You don't actually know yet but I've seen some evidence that's leading to that type of conclusion. If so you bet your ass the devs will do everything in their power to not let the truth get out about it as they see their fortune disappearing before their eyes.

neither was nano. the dumb fuck is a novice php monkey that programmed his site to allow double and triple spends and bled his own wallet out into the public. when he noticed it, he kept his mouth shut and tried to lock withdrawals to cover his ass, then likely transferred what he did have to mercatox to arbitrage some xrb back, but then ultimately fucked up MORE

We all know your pathetic game man.

You own stellar, and if that's not bad enough, you decide to systematically fud all xlm competition because in your deluded brain you unironically think you're making a difference.

What's next on your list? You've probably done IOTA. There's steem next, right? Did i miss anything else?

lol wrong again. you must really not read your facts you dumb little kid. It wasn't a dead coin you fucking retard. The creator started the project in 2014 and started distribution but didn't finish distributing all the coins until late 2017. it takes a while to distribute the suppy before you can start trading but you don't fucking get that? hence it blew up end of this year once it was confirmed distribution was complete and 5% of coins were for the team's funding. go support litecoin where charlie sold all his ltc at ATH LOL fucking dumbass

I saw that dude on reddit that lost 1 mil on bitgrail's xrb. Jeezus.

>Holy shit, imagine being this deluded. Im sorry you cant help yourself

dude quit talking about yourself. so you think litecoin is better than xrb? you must be deluded as fuck. litecoin never recovered from the $420 ATH, and charlie sold all his LTC at $380. you mad since your stuck with heavy bags that you bought? hows it make you feel that the CEO dumped all his LTC at ATH? bet it helps you sleep at night knowing he fucked you in the ass

LTC: not 0 fees
XRB: 0 fees

easy choice

This is really getting sad now, the fact that you cant even see the level of mental gymnastics you guys are playing. You honestly deserve to lose everything. And yes xlm is simply better than xrb in all aspects, thats just a fact, no shilling needed. Your choice if you want to stay emotionally attached to some memecoin that cant hold a network together.

you completely dodged the question. you can't even name 5 problems with XRB, yet you said there's 999.999 problems. wait,,, you must be a fucking retard who can't put together coherent sentences to defend your argument. your mom dropped you on the head too many times when you were little.

Everyone is fuckin convinced this shit coin is valuable because it's fast . Lol . Literally anyone can make a fast coin you fuckin retards. Does it scale? Is it safe? It's another useless shitcoin.

lol 'another useless shitcoin' that performed better than all the other coins and is up 5000% from Nov 2017 and is in the top 20 of CMC. sorry kids go cry while daddy fucks your ass cuz you didnt listen and buy xrb when it was $5. love seeing all these XRB shit talkers because it shows how insecure you little shits are about it overtaking your coin

>Does it scale?
Yes dipshit, that was its main feature

>Is it safe?
If it wasn't it would have been exploited by now

>It's another useless shitcoin
Go snap your fucking neck if you make dumbass arguments like that

this, i remember some user posted a screenshot of receiving double his input, which i'd asked how he was doing it

i agree with you. the rebrand was retarded