This is proof it was a pump and dump over XMAS with their daily give away.

>Thanks for shilling this shit coin, your services are not needed anymore. We are going to lock everyone out to organise the next PnD- chef

Sold at 5200. Held close to a year, That CCR couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery

He wouldnt make it to the brewery cause his to busy counting his bitcoin

How the fuck does that prove anything? Pretty boring announcement

i guess you didnt spend days shilling xby if you had to question this. how are those heavy bags?

I don’t understand. He’s just said that they don’t need so many people on the team any more. So what?

Post dump, they dont need so many people on the team. dont you get it? ZZZzzz

Pic relevant. The great CCRev.

You sound paranoid. Relax. If they dumped, why would they communicate anything at all?

This bloke is not taking anyone to the moon

They are, we are shutting down everyone who has helped out.

Is this for real? They never said he was deaf and retarded

My thoughts exactly. Does anyone have the videos of what the XBY team called "FUD patrol"?

Good times. in one of the videos you can hear the the mans water heater feeling up in his moms basement. All while he talks about how the coin is totally not a scam. They removed it from their official youtube channel because it was so cringe.

Yep reverse image search it and it will bring up his old linkedin profile. Everything is deleted on it now but the pic is still linked to it. Zoltan Szabo. from somewhere in Florida. Knows only a few shit tier programming languages. With next to 0 experience. That is all i can remember from like march of last year when it was still up.

ccr jumped ship after that last great pump by yankeeruinx and enki, who only took over because the board quit so they could pump and dump their bags. The original board had good intentions but it quickly became evident this coin was going nowhere.

>6 posts by this ID

looking forward to the old boards new coin, the wanted system

The fuck are you talking about? You can’t even type proper English sentences. It’s hard to understand what you’re trying to get across here.

wtf are you saying guys, this coin is not into moon? I have all my savings in it, bought at $0.5

your retarded then

Goodluck user. You won't see a pump like December for another year or two


Trust me, my reading comprehension is fine. You’re not getting across what you want to say. I’m interested in why you think xby is a scam based on the pic you posted. You haven’t explained why well enough for anyone to understand.

I couldnt give a flying fuck what you do and dont understand, its obvious they got 100s of people to shill the coin on biz, twitter, fb and reddit. now they have dumped their bags they are closing the group to a small amount of cock suckers to organise the next bi yearly pump. If you cant understand that your clearly retarded

You’re insane. When patent pending comes out with the open source code, you’ll FOMO back in.

They set themselves under pressure by announcing patent pending status. If they deliver calling them scam is ridiculous. If they don't fud is justified.
Doesn't sound like a good plan if you want to pump your coin bi-yearly, though.

I mean, by announcing that they are in the of acquiring.

Theres no reason to FOMO over something that cant be patented.

Wasnt that ANN back mid december? What is it now? Mid Feb

>11 posts by this ID
You either sold at a loss or are bagholding.

They have registered a company and have released code for XCITE.

I'm pretty happy with my bags. If I lose £1000 so be it, it's not that much money. If they deliver, XBY is pretty much guaranteed to moon and will x10 easy. Seems like a good gamble to me.

By the way, remember CCR just "hodl" post? That's not the first time he has told people to just "hodl". Going on the historic events that follow such a post CCR will be missing for around 4 months while he is "on the road".

Make that 12 now bumfucker

Bag holding since 31sat (so hows your x10 outlook going for you) and have sold 1/2 all the way up and will sell the other 1/2 when they announce node reg like last year so I can dump all over you.
I feel for all you new guys to xby. It really is tough when I hear people who bought at 10, 20, 30 all the way upto 80 cents..