$1+ by beginning of February

>$1+ by beginning of February

>FairX, IBM already priced in

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What did he mean by this?

Pos coin, NEEEXT

XLM being $1 defeats the purpose of XLM

by beginning of February?

Explain it to brainlet.


isnt there like 100 billion XML in circulation? I mean how the F is that going to be worth any $ for 1 of those

i'm thinking about selling my xlm to increase my omg stack

>FairX, IBM already priced in

This so fucking much. I believe in the project, but you god damn retards have hyped up FairX way beyond the impact that it's actually going to have on the cryptomarkets. Which means that the only response upon FairX release will be a dump.

I hate you newfags so god damn much. I just pray you stay the fuck away from the other projects in my folio.

How can fairx be priced in when no one knows what it is

>no one knows what it is

You hold XLM without knowing what FairX is? Jesus fucking christ.

Show me one person who holds xlm and haven't heard about FairX

You don't know what fairx is assclown.


We all, except you apparently, know what it is. We just don't know the details of how exactly it will work.

I'll refer back to my first post, since retarded speculation beyond that is going to make sure XLM dumps when FairX is released;
>but you god damn retards have hyped up FairX way beyond the impact that it's actually going to have on the cryptomarkets

Why is it wrong?

It's funny that this meme has moved to xlm now. But unironically xlm will literally never be above 5 dollars unless we're in the biggest bubble in existence

Why would anyone buy this shit when there are much better gains to be made?

You are literally trying to argue you know what it is, while the people making it are saying "you don't know what FairX is yet". Tell your hubris to get off the fucking computer and let your brain post instead.

for example?

Everything is dipping why single out xlm

Seeing increased FUD on this recently.
Time to accumulate.

it's been going sideways for weeks, even before the massive dip

>market cashes
>why is your coin not 1$+ ehhh
Fuck off

If you aren't All In you will miss out on 1000%+ gains this year. Watch and learn


>this thread