Francesco Firano è un ladro

This fag stole your XRB/NANO. 15M coins.

> Name: Francesco Firano
> Street: Via Roma 145
> City: Signa
> State: Florence
> Postal Code: 50058
> Country: ITALY
> Phone: +39.38964056
> Email: [email protected]

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Saved from old thread

Just can't trust these European niggers.

Why don't u just go there and kill him?

I bet he's enjoying some negro cock with your money

Ive been out of the loop, just went and read their 'we got hacked email'. If an exchange disables withdawals theres usually a flaw in their code or they were already hacked and are attempting to figure out how to balance their books because once you announce you were hacked, everyone flees and there is no chance to get user balances back. But in between the hack and the admission you have a little leeway to up withdrawal fees or do anything you can. KYC/AML and hoping some people wouldnt so they could keep the coins was probably their last attempt.

Not an XRB bag holder. But enjoy the drama that came from it.



I'm from Sicily and I could potentially make his life become hell.

scarface took your money motherfuckers

Abomination detected.

He gambled our coins and lost
Now he says he was hacked and tried to blackmail nano devs to save his ass

Our ONLY hope is the low adoption of nano. It's only on a handful of exchanges and if they all work together they can pinpoint the point of failure and probably the hacker.

My money's on Bomber. He has a shit load of IDs, so he's probably done a billion of fake accounts to mercatox and sold the coins.

do it, please I lost over 30k from this shit.

>I'm from Sicily and I could potentially make his life become hell.

I lost 70% of my portfolio because of this.
Was about to pay off the mortgage of my parents.

I was about to defend Bomber but HOLY SHIT! He didnt even store user IP addresses and instead stored Cloudflares IP. Jesus christ. The coins were probably 100% hacked off his site as its no doubt the whole thing was a piece of shit if he cant even figure out how to store user IPs.

Let me tell you about who is white my friend.

Dobbiamo fargliela pagare.
Qualche idea?

Look at that Italian stallion dining on your profits.

>che risate
>nobody is laughing

Chi si è fatto inculare è un coglione.

In ogni caso stavolta gli è andata male.

Seguite i giornali locali di Firenze nei prossimi giorni.


Reading the convo between bomber and nano devs is triggering me. Both sides seem fairly incompetent.

Avevo il limite per i prelievi.
Impossibile tirare tutto fuori in tempo.

It's in the hands of the N'drangheta now

Si ma se per sto fatto l' Italia si sveglia riguarda questo mondo e si inventa qualche legge del cazzo? Non penso sia un' ipotesi del tutto stupida


Can somebody give me a quick rundown?

Indovinate la madre di chi abita qua? Leggete i giornali della provincia di Firenze. Hanno sottovalutato le persone che utilizzano crypto.

I soldi non te li ridarà nessuno, mi spiace.

Italians aren't white

A guy's about to be murdered outside his house in Italy.

Get fucked raiblock fags

is it for the greater good ?


as in the faggy french karpeles who goxed you?
don't think so
all that you autists can do is pollute the internet with you nerdrage
don't be deluded, shit will happen
karpeles lives like a king in tokio
>mfw karpeles stole all the money from fat fucking autists to live the fatfuckingautist dream of being a millionaire in tokyo

>trusting tuscanians

You got what you deserved

Tfw i live in Florence

whats the quick rundown on this?

So how did the double transactions bug work?

Anyone here take advantage of it?

Is that italian H3H3?

Andiamo a prendere il figlio di puttana

>be me
>$50 to invest in a shitcoin
>there is this buzz about a coin called raiblocks, what a gay name
>put $50 when it was $12
>oh shit it's almost $36, this pos is a goldmine
>price drops to $25
>hey dad this coin is the future and the price is really low right now, we should invest
>sure autismo
>tfw crashening
>tfw gay bomber steals all xrb

he stole your XRB

You could sell XRB to yourself, buying with DOGE/BTC/LTC and you'd double any amount of money you wanted.

ma chi cazzo si fiderebbe mai di uno che si fa chiamare FRANCY IL BOMBER