The ridiculous candle at 8500 despite the obvious lack of buy interest was launched by the exchanges in order to...

The ridiculous candle at 8500 despite the obvious lack of buy interest was launched by the exchanges in order to liquidate the positions of leveraged traders who were betting on the obvious crash and to make the people who are dreaming of 50k btc put x20 longs all in.
Direct bull of more than 30% never occurs because the exchanges would get fucked because of the number of leveraged traders setting up positions at the bottom

Or you sold at 6k and are concocting outlandish conspiracy theories rather than taking responsibility for your weak liquid hands.

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Biz in nutshell

If anyone truly believes big money or normies are flocking at 9k BTC they you are truly retarded. Not only did it crash spectacularly just month ago, it proved itself as absolute fucking shitcoin.

lol OP got liquidated and he made a thread so we can laugh at him


Hey look another 6k memeliner who got BTFO

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I get liquidated at 7900, maybe you're right.

Nobody is flocking to buy it, nobody is flocking to sell it, we just chilling.

I actually bought at 6k. Shorted again yesterday. Would not mind going down again NOR would I mind getting the fuck off with amount of money I currently have. Just please be aware that these "reversals" have now happened 4 times in last month already.

Explain me niggers how exchanges offering huge leverages could survive without market manipulation on an asset that has a purely speculative value and it could potentially just go from 8k to 30k because normies keep on buying it

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literally because of retarded meme liners like you longed at 19k and shorted at 6k

By having the liquidity to open the net position of all of its users so that the positions don't make them incur any losses, obviously.

Do you really think that when you make money with a leveraged position the exchange is losing that money? Are you this naive?

Exchanges win, the people who bet against the leveraged longs lose. Exchanges make fees, you autist

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this "sold at 6k" meme is forced by stupid faggots like you who bought at the top and now desperately wants to unload his bags

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