With the latest fuck up and drama around MEW i want to use another wallet comparable to the neo GUI or VIA wallet.
The official ETH / Mist wallet are trash as i had to learn trying to set it up yesterday.
What wallet do you guys use?

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Another thing i'd like to add: I actually cant believe how bad the eth wallets are, i cant fathom how a currency that big has such trash wallets.
Crypto is still in its eraly stages thats for sure.

what's wrong with MEW?

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how do you miss something like this?



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>The pajeet founder hired a roastie and made her a partner.
>The roastie tried to scam him
>Pajeet went to court
>The roastie quit MEW, took the majority of the team with her and stole MEW twitter account and all of the financial records

whomst is mommy?

What is a good wallet that also does ERC20 and Trezor/Ledger? I’ve heard about metal vault but know it has a strict EULA

Maybe because we don't surf Leddit

So someone is just creating a rival MEW?
This is news because..... ?
Nothing is wrong with MEW.

10/11 devs leave take everything including twitter account with them
>its okay
>this is something i want to entrust with my money

>This is news because..... ?
Because the roastie now has all the MEW financial records and the majority of the team.
She might try to do something to ruin MEW reputation, the whore is obviously salty.

Guys someone answer OP plzz, I'm also interested

But when you generate a wallet, they don't store anything on their side.
Do you even know how MEW works?!

>twitter account
Oh no not the TWITTER account! Anything but that!

This. Faggots don't even understand shit.

>a verified twitter account with 80k fallowers
yes this is normal, happens every day no need for concern just keep entering your private keys on that website

are you retarded?

how do you know what they LOG?
you can print youir private key with a "myetherwallet" form
can you guys just try to find a good alternative or help people who are searching for one?

if you are fine with what happened just FUCK OFF

But metamask can't transfer erc20 token so I'd recommend parity instead

t. roastie who wants us to move to mycrypto
fuck off whore we are staying on MEW

>trust MEW not to log your private key
>trust MEW to use proper randomness when generating the key
I'm skeptical too

Brainlet here. I access mew with a trezor. Unironically are my coins safe?

It can transfer tokens where did you get that info?

Where, can you show me, every time I want to transfer token out I always have to do it through MEW

Because MEW is open source. Nothing gets logged. I'm not fine with what happened (it was retarded) but mew is still fine to use because its just an interface.

no one knows, they are safe as long as nothing happened
read the threads on reddit

you cant predict if or when something happens, but i want to take precautions if possible

I use Blockchain, it supports only BTC and ETH but you can exchange between the two within it now

Ok so what precautions can I take?

keep everything on binance

Only if you locked in your price

i dont know friend i want a good desktop wallet where i can just put a fucking backup onto an usb stick like i do it with neo gui or for example BTC/STRAT

ETH seems to lack good desktop wallets, they all have unbelieveably bad handling like the official wallet or are trash like parity or have drama like MEW

Shh. No point preaching to the retarded. Let them use a new North Korea Best Korean website to generate his new ETH wallet

So where the fuck do people store their link?

thanks for making me rich


blind trust is the best thing you can do in crypto but i bet you are a fucking software engeneer and checked their code and website


That's what I thought. Can someone explain for a retard like me with 60 iq what the connection between mew and my eth address which is logged on etherscan is? I mean, my address on ethescan publically confirms the amount of coins I hold. I access this address through my trezor, via mew. If mew ceased to exist, where would my address be & how would I access it?

who cares man its open source ;)
trusting a third party is the best you can do

Your address would be the same, mew is just an interface to interact with the blockchain

I'll stick to MEW thanks

>Trusting women
Lmao motherfucker its a tale as old as time

So metamask is better than mew? Please explain the difference between them, I've gone full retard at this point

in the trash where it belongs


Ok but how is my address linked to my trezor if mew isnt there to be an interface?

literally just write down your private key on a piece of paper and you will be fine even if mew ceases to exist

You mean the trezor 24 word seed? I have this encrypted in multiple dispersed places, most of which are behind 7 proxies

Not touching anything but the official wallet. Should be using the geth CLI for maximum security to be frank.

Who is that? His gf?

no idea how that thing works
i mean the private key to your public eth address

im not a fan of hardware wallets i just store the wallet files on usb sticks

Where do I find my private key to my Eth address?

man are you serious

press print paper wallet and just print it out and put it into a safe or your bank if you have alot of money

they give it to you once you open up a new wallet via MEW. jeez bro

I still don't get it though, I've printed the paper wallet, but where it says private key, there isn't anything, which I'm assuming is because my private key is my trezor. Is this correct?

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no idea, read the trezor wiki or whatever
never understood why people pay 200$ for an usb stick that only makes things worse

if you really were in the loop you would just keep using MEW, instead of getting cucked by the ginger feminist who stoles their twitter account and a bunch of their employees

im not in the loop
i want an official, easy to use desktop wallet with erc 20 support

hmmm do i trust pajeet or white woman.... neither desu

Nothing ever leaves the blockchain. Your private keys allows you to move things within it, mew is an interface that helps you to generate a private key, it just helps you interact with the blockchain. Same with trezor, the coins aren't in the trezor. Does that make sense?

Yes I think so, what I'm confused about is mew & trezor. I'm assuming that the private key to my public Eth address is basically my trezor. Is that right? Cause there's no private key that shows when I view wallet info in mew, I guess because I'm accessing that via my trezor

Don't have a trezor so I can't tell you how it interacts with mew. But will you always have a public and private key for every address. I'm assuming you put your private key into trezor and it safeguards it? Try looking up trezor mew videos on youtube.

Yes I've just been reading, the Eth addresses on mew come from my trezor, which encrypts the private keys to them. I think that's the point of a hardware wallet, to keep the private keys encrypted offline. But I'm a retard so I have no real idea

>you can print youir private key with a "myetherwallet" form
how retarded could you be to store shit on whatever a site generates and for fuck sake unless your computer is ridden with russian ransomware and nsa spyware how big of an idiot you have to be to get your wallet actually stolen

you are a fucking idiot, you don't understand what a hardware wallet does, what the fuck a site like MEW is and how is your money stored on your wallet.

I know this, I'm slowly understanding though, it's called learning. as surprising as it is, even you had to go through it

At least you do recognize you are learning. The thread is full of people shitposting and making themselves look like damn imbeciles

not going to leddit nigga, it's easy

It's Veeky Forums tho, if that surprises you then you definitely need to lurk more

It's more of a reddshit tier, Veeky Forums is full of pajeets which are not that difficult to spot but I guessed most here at least know how the fuck a wallet works and where are they storing their magic money.

>if you really were in the loop
what loop?
>you would just keep using MEW
why? all the tech guys doing the actual work left.

that's a long shot, even with his net worth