We're still laughing at you

We're still laughing at you.

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Is Jorge Stolfi mentally ill?

Well we think about you everyday, and laugh.

I'm laughing at you because I'm up 17x on my investment.
you're fucking mad. nah, burning inside. (:

I've watching Bitcoin and making fun of Butters since 2012.

If I bought in then I could be a multi millionare, but I didn't because I don't like taking advantage of stupid people.

back to your plummeting DOW and your "stable" investments grandpa

>if i woulda then i coulda

jesus christ, always the same shit with nocoiners


If (x) y



You're a singular individual not a group. Also you speak like a woman, are you a woman?


No I'm male but I don't really identify with any gender.

Which race do you identify with though?


>are you winning pops?

buttcoiner here

I love that sub

Thank you, but i would prefer if you could address me with my preferred pronoun Master of the Galaxy because im feeling like you are being a bit insensitive.

Personally my gender is Attack Helicopter and my race is Turtle on wednesday and Cheetah today. Can we talk more about emotions? I feel like men are not allowed to express their emotions anymore. Sometimes i just want to cry you know? And stick dildos up my butt. Im sure you know exactly what im talking about sister.

It's been glorious during the crash watching all these idiots lose money.

So glad I never bought any.

>"What did you say to me you little shit?"



laughing at the fact that I made more money in 2017 with crypto than your entire family tree in the last 100 years?
ok I guess..

>No I'm male but I don't really identify with any gender.

I'll help you

Your gender is faggot

KYS now

His gender is actually clueless, don't be cluephobic.

It's not his fault the jews decided to fuck him up his ass. Hate them not the propaganda victims.

id rather eat shit than be a redditor

>durr you stupid coiners lost 100k$


>If I bought in then I could be a multi millionare
Imagine the salt

We're not salty, we just enjoy laughing at Butters.