So what can we expect in today's conference? White paper? Wallet? Anything?

So what can we expect in today's conference? White paper? Wallet? Anything?

You know, I gotta give to these guys. They are really trying. Other btc forks just fucking forked. This team is doing these conferences left and right, very active on twitter and other medias, meeting all deadlines. If this is a scam, at least is a very well planned one.

20% pump and uring the conference a return to normal.
If any of you fags want to make an easy 20 % this is it.
Get your meager 0.010 BTC and make it 0.012.
I am in no way shilling, it has AL-motherfucking-WAYS been this way on conference days.

last conference they surprised us with a snapshot. i'm gonna say they that a good marketing team and will surprise us with something else today.


twitter activity has always been the best way to evaluate crypto

Also, how high can this shit go till the snapshot? I'm holding etc, might sell a portion for this.

wut this?

hard to say, i never seen a coin get forked off two other coins. they obviously did this on purpose to reach the largest audience in crypto with btc so that means someone there is pretty smart.

just look at bcash. they managed to market it well despite exit scamming mt gox. honestly lol

Didn’t even know there was a conference today. Well good to see these guys are marketing. Hopeful for some exchange support announcements. That would send the price to $400 or so. I’m thinking just under $1k before the fork.

Bitcoin Private, fork off of ZCL & BTC. Snapshot happening on the 28th, check their twitter @bitcoinprivate for all the info newfag.

Next big bitcoin fork. For every ZCL or BTC you have, you will be awarded BTCP on a 1:1 ratio. So accumulate all the zcl you can before february 28th, this coin will claim bch spot in 6 months.

They've already applied for a Binance listing so it's only a matter of time before they can make an official statement on the listing, probably during the conference.

BTCP fork. If you hold ZCL at the end of February, you will get 1 for 1 BTCP. BTCP will be anywhere between $200 and $8k. You do the math, user.

But to be accepted they need to win coin of the month contest right?

The previous conference was a fucking disaster, pajeet.

How so

i haven't seen a conference that actually went well in crypto yet. given that i'll give them a 7/10

Well you can always just pay to get listed. Don’t know if that’s what BTCP team did. Does binance even have zcl? I thought it was just trex for now.

As a reminder, shortly before the conference, this piece of shit scammer omega will post a thread about BTCP on here. Ignore that fucking cock goblin. He’ll try to get you to sell low through major fud. He’s singlehandedly destroying BTCP’s reputation.

ya i had enough of his shit. seen him several times now. fuck u omega if u reading this nigga

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thats what the voluntary nining contribution thing was for


>Meeting all deadlines
Fork has been constantly delayed since december and it will probably be delayed again since they won't collect enough donations


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They have the funds now to list on binance, okex, or any major exchange.

Zclassic was followed on twitter by Binance. We generally get confirmation of fork support 5-7 days before the snapshot date.

Any new exchange listing for zcl = moon. Fork support from any major exchange = moon.

There is no better short term bet for explosive gains over the next 2-2.5 weeks. And if you dont believe in BTCP just sell it all the week of the fork, but you WILL make gains with this short term.

Exactly, fuck you omega.

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it's on in 4 hrs no?
any one know where the stream will be up?

Fuck you Omega

I too would like to know this.

They always provide a link in twitter

I wonder what ZCL will hit pre-fork now. Before the crash, I was sure we'd see $800+ ZCL shortly prior to the snapshot. Now I'd be ecstatic to see half that.


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yeah also this, all the thing was perfect because the fork was delayed so we could have had a nice grow to $800 in a month or something like that but with the bear market fuck i don't know i hope it goes to 300 at least

anyway im selling one or two days before fork then rebuy btcp

question, are my zcl hostage on cryptopia

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Is this the next attempt by the jews to control both sides of the "coin"?

Privacy is planned for bitcoin cash too... This project literally has zero reason to exist except to scam people.

just withdraw my zcl from cryptopia to the electrum wallet , took 5 minutes


privacy in bitcoin cash is shit, bitcoin cash in general is totally shit and useless