The team just released a new update, fixed some major bugs on the platform. They've also released updated photos of the team to prove that they're real people (for the second time now!).

I'm really happy with the direction this project is going, the team is dilligent and they're working hard to get the working product out.

Who else is in on this hidden gem? What are your price predictions lads?

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literally team of beta males, how will they make it?

This onyl confirms that this will moon rocket.

are they active on Twitter or Instagram? that is the best determinant if a project will succeed or not

1700 in the telegram. twitter is worthless.

They post their blog updates on twitter, very active in their Telegram.

>Who is Vitalik Buterin ?

I could beat the shit out of everyone of those pussies. I could probably take most of them 2v1 even. Lmao

>>Who is Vitalik Buterin ?
touche, but he's alpha in his domain while speaking...haven't seen a video of these guys.

because they have nothing else in life

They just need one Chad alpha and a Stacey to market it when it's up and running and they'll be set

Nothing compared to Hawala, PayFair is another shitty pnd just like Bread

cause everyone is buying their bags, the parking lot outside the office only has lambos in it

hmm. not bad. enough autism to see profit long term. consider investing 100k

What's worse if you rip Hawala for being a better Local BTC but hyoe payfair all day. Lol fucking retards
interview with the twitter legend naval,
aint beta, not a chad though ahhahaha

Well, in tech, there is this unwritten rule that the nerdier they look, the better they are. So, this must be good lol.

*blocks your path*

All these guys are multi millionaires who work in a building with security who will wreck your shit then the police come and lock your gorilla ass in a cage.

no chinaman

no invest

you should see some of the early pictures of apple and microsoft

let me save you 20 years and millions in wealth and accept all of this as a universal truth.

I just looked at coinmarket and it looks like this peaked in late January then dropped and now is just laying there. Is this what usually happens on this subreddit when a shitcoin comes and goes? People holding a lot of it try to shill it and act like it's coming back to life.

Бopoдa oт лицa yбeжaлa

look at the graph of every fucking coin right now, brainlet

lmao literal neckbeard

Idk man probably shouldn't fuck with the angry looking guy 3rd from the left

Because the coin is literal dog shit. We have ether delt, idex and this crap coin is just a fancy local bitcoin. Gtfo out of here. Go look at Hawala, actual mobile apps released, money services platform and 15% staking.

We can see your ID dumbfuck



You must be confused, I am well aware I made numerous posts. Hopefully you will realise your mistake backing this copycat coin.

HAT pajeet, just make your own thread for your inferior product, this thread is for superior Russian might.