I haven't lost more money than I can afford. I'm okay. But why am I incapable of making any money in crypto? Why are my instincts this awful?

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I'm the same, user. I've lost money in the stock market, in the crypto market, I just always lose. I don't know why I even try anymore.

>pump it

u did good, just dont buy back, year 2018 is the end of this crypto mania phase of retarded so-called investors "investing" in pure vaporware and useless crap that doesnt need blockchain


Go all in on QTUM and don't look at it for a couple years.

try holding?


you just cant lose money in the stock market if you hold and invest in not utter shit companies... FAANG or BAT... you're up 50 % a year...


It's easy bro!

Just bee yourself


>selling bitcoin under 100k per

It's because you like giving money to me user, we need many more people like you 'investing' in crypto

I fucking feel sick. We're mooning again. I might just withdraw and never come back to Veeky Forums again. I don't understand myself.

Stop looking at 1-minute/3-minute/5-minute candles and zoom out.

Stop watching the order books, I've seen pumps eat up 1000+btc sell walls if the price wants to go up. Dumps decimating 1000+ btc buy walls just cause. And the price not pumping despite having no walls in the way and a huge buy wall support.

Use 1-day candles. Or 4-hour (or 1-hour) candles, but zoom the fuck out.
Buy when it's low, sell when in profit.
Don't "cut losses" over 5-minute candle movements.

This, I still remember the 10 million dollar market buys during btc's run from 3k to 8k, crazy to look at

It seems you have perfected the buy high sell low formula!

It's a confidence issue. I get it. Read 'Study Guide for the New Trading for a Living' right now, and don't trade again until you have--unless something is viably mooning/crashing. There are pdfs.

You should invest in the next phase of crypto. Anything dealing with dapps or that bring a unique use case to the market. RLC, ENG, JNT are interesting to me. Stop trading, I’ve lost over $300k timing the markets. Park your money in something that isn’t pajeet shit and forget about it. If you wanna be a “day trader” give yourself an allowance. I day trade sub $100 to see if I can get it up to 1 ETH. But it’s a game. And if I loose it’s no big deal because my real investments will more than makeup for it. Everyone FOMO’s at the same time. That’s why you constantly loose your shirt. It’s emotional and herd behaviour driven. That’s why whale shakedowns work. That’s why buy wall and sell walls work.

Being incredibly shit at crypto can be a blessing in disguise. Just do the opposite of what you think you should do.


okay kid

hey user, you should capitalise on your stupidity
>set up a paid telegram channel
>anytime you get the urge to do buy/sell something, let your clients know
>they do the opposite
>everybody makes money

Look at the rsi and macd across several timespans and plan you entry point from there.

Sick of this board being an outlet for weak handed sub beta autistic morons.

Only based autists allowed. As for the OP, kill your fucking self and fuck off

Your problem is this: your charts are zoomed in and you're thinking ultra short term. Zoom out, stop being hyper reactive to every little movement.

Because you invest with emotion. Don't do that or you will get burned.

Should I buy now and just walk away? Should I wait for another large crash?

we're not mooning ffs. the entire week we oscillated between 7k and 8.5k in a 2 months down trend

stop trying to catch falling knifes if you don't know what are u doing

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We just rejected 9k hard. Tonight chinks will put us below 8k, 24hrs later below 7k, then everybody panics and we retest 6k and probably bounce from there for good finally

If this was really a bull market, we wouldn't easily hit 10k by now

1 - you have no patience
2 - you didn't hold
3 - you don't believe in the technology and you're here just for money (most important point)

to everyone else, if you don't meet any of those points you should just leave crypto and never come back because you are going to get rekt eventually.

Bounce off 6k is also my prediction but we'll find out soon I guess.

You're doing fine mate, buy high sell low is the Veeky Forumslet way to lambland.

Just hold you fucking retard.

No one can exactly predict the market but everyone knows Bitcoin will be worth at least 30k by end of year.

BTC being 30k EOY doesn't mean he shouldn't wait a couple days before buying in and getting an extra 30-40% more coin

You're not holding long enough

>wait a couple days before buying in and getting an extra 30-40% more coin
I want some more info from your crystal ball. You're very lucky to have that user.

How to not lose money in the stock market:

Literally just invest in some index fund and get a steady flow of income

Incoming call

This kind of thinking is literally what caused the comming recession

My "crystal ball" is simply not being a permabull

Sentiment has been very positive since the bounce off of 6k, yet we couldn't hold 9k. When Asia wakes up in a few hours, they will dump it below 8k. Then America wakes up and realizes it's not a bull market yet and also dumps. Do you see where this is going? Once we retest 6k and bounce, the bull market will start. It's not like I'm fudding or something. I'm literally saying the bull run will start in a few days and it will be late Dec all over again.

Wonder if that shit will be repeated with link

>Once we retest 6k and bounce, the bull market will start.
Everybody said this before last crash to 6k but it still didn't happen. Why would it happen this time?


Welcome to Veeky Forums, a place full of broken clocks. Doesn't matter they are wrong 11 out of 12 times - if they are right even once, they will smugly rub into your face "I told you so". Make your own conclusions.

All I'm saying is that we need to bounce off of 6k for a 2nd time. People need confirmation that 6k was in fact the bottom.

what are you looking at
I keep warning you brainlets that it has a super hard time supassing that red and yellow line

Just buy the dip when it dips, as long as the difference is bigger than the difference u sold at a loss for its gonna be okay

If you are a retard, just buy and hold.
If you are good at it then trade.
I hope you really lost money.



Kek you fell for the BTC to 3.3k meme loooool

welcome to Veeky Forums

you should rebuy fast. 100k soon

yeah i'm sure this made sense in your head somehow


Always do the opposite of you and the majority instincts.

You feel like selling. WRONG. Fucking hold.

You feel like buying. WRONG. Fucking wait.

Selling at 8.2k is going to seem like one of the smartest things you've ever done soon. Just stay out of crypto and don't reinvest until BTC is at $2000. Except then don't invest in BTC. Invest in Ethereum, or really anything, just not BTC.

BTC is dead and the recent market volatility is the death throes of bitcoin. Bitcoin will be nothing but a meme come this summer. Honestly best thing to do right now is liquidate everything, hold on to fiat, and wait until the market reaches the floor. We're not there yet.

I think you mispelled HODL
And why take those pink dildos in the ass if you can also tether up and buy the dip
Its will save u money and increase your stakc

You need patience, which is honestly counter-intuitive in crypto where everything moves so fast. Basically you buy after a >30% crash and then you sell when it's recovered and wait for the next one.

Ignore the price moving up and down, you're not actually losing money unless you sell at a loss. Sure you're missing out on potential gains, but you're not a mental gymnast who can predict shit, you're just some random retard who'll have a hard enough time even timing your sells around the top and buys around the bottom.