Shill me this coin

Shill me this coin


It's the most promissing project on the market. MIT team, early release of the marketplace (ahead of roadmap schedule), privacy coin, secret contracts.

$250 per coin in 12-18 months.

Absence of a shill, is a shill in and of itself

imagine ethereum and monero combined + still pretty cheap

It's not really a privacy coin but yeah dyor and hold it unless you're an idiot

>privacy coin

What the fuck are you talking about ?

Comfiest of holds

importantly, can be added as a second layer to any other cryptocurrency to provide security, scalability, smart secret contracts

goes down 3x whatever % btc dips, it's like free margin trading. buy under 28k sell at 40k

I want to believe so fucking badly user, Iv got 20k ENG and if it hit 125 this year I’d probably sell. I really hope I make it this year but I can’t see the next bull run being orders of magnitude bigger than the last one

If Enigma becomes as big as it could, money will be coming from shitcoins and even big coins as well
Whether the market grows order of magnitude or not would be irrelevent

It is 100% a privacy coin.

Using a Turing-complete scripting language, each node is given a stand-alone piece of seemingly random information so that no single party has access to the complete data; this allows privacy to remain totally decentralized.

The coin itself is not a privacy coin though

one of the future kings. up and coming in 2018 ($100+)... unleashing domination in 2019 ($250+). comfy hold

this thing isn't a privacy coin exactly, it's a block chain agnostic protocol that will allow secret smart contracts across whatever you use it on.


make them bigger user, if only for the gains

Master nodes are 10000=20000 I believe

It is my biggest holding by .8BTC, I don’t want to over extend my risk but really want to enough to stake. Wish they would even drop a hint.

How much do you got user? I've got my humble 1k which is nothing compared to some but I think it's decent.

I think that is decent especially if you are going to hold a long time. I see a lot of promise in this project, atleast 5B marketcap EOY. I don’t want to disclose my holdings but it should be enough for a node.

>Mfw when only 120 of this bad boys in my bag

How many do i need?

I'm never letting go and yeah I understand I believe 7 billion market cap would mean we hit $100 per ENG so lets hope we can make it there.
You gotta pump those numbers friendo, try and reach 500-1k.

10k here, hope it's enough for a masternode. Definitely one of my comfiest holds.

>drop a hint
They said they're hoping to get small hodler involved as well because they would need many nodes

It has a cool name that sounds super techy and it has one of those black cubed logos to go with it.

Guaranteed gains.

Sorry for the dumb question

But what do you get for running a masternode? The transaction fees?