Which crypto has the most legitamite chance to replace Paypal?

not REQ btw

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OMG for fucking real

no crypto

How would req & omg coexist?


PayPal has a different value proposition to anything in crypto - remember they arbitrate returns/refunds via human inspection which is a big part of the buyer/seller appeal.

The above process would therefore be incompatible with the immutability of the blockchain.

My view is blockchain tech is only in the infrastructure/protocol layer, see the OSI.

Before a PayPal killer can emerge, we would need to see a richer application layer emerge capable of autonomously resolving buyer/seller conflicts, fraudulent tx etc. The application layer could be built on Ethereum, Quantum, EOS, Tezos, NEO etc.

Conclusion: PayPal killer has not yet been born.

Nothing that uses coins.


Escow already exists as a feature of many cryptocurrencies

SmellyCoin lmfao

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Litecoin right now. Bitcoin after LN.

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Stripe Coin

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Unironically Bitcoin Cash or any other currency type of coin. You don't need a company built specifically for payments as people will develop those platforms on top of the major coins.

Unironically this


>PayPal has a different value proposition to anything in crypto - remember they arbitrate returns/refunds via human inspection which is a big part of the buyer/seller appeal.

>The above process would therefore be incompatible with the immutability of the blockchain.

Smart contracts are turing complete so they can effectively replicate any other piece of code in the world with enough effort. It's possible to create a system with payment confirmations where it's possible to refund money within a certain amount of time.



This is the correct answer

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Ngr coin

Ironically, REQ.

REQ. Your bait is 3/10 I responded

Is it tho? I want to believe cause I've been holding these fucking req bags since 0.09, but what about omg?

because Paypal transactions take 10 minutes

Don't think you know what bags are

No crypto will replace fiat payments for the masses. Never. They need a middleman and don't care about decentralization.


OMG is a super strong call. ADA as well. I legit have insider info. ADA will be trading at over 6k satoshi by feb the 22nd. I am not fucking joking about the insider info. You've been warned.

Until crypto provides exactly that.. which oh shit, is being developed right now. LUL

Oh you mean REQ and its cheaper than paypal

This gem


YFW paypal is bigger than AMEX.

Did you not know?

It will be REQ cause connections.

Or LTC because its the only btc fork that matters.


Keep an eye on this if you want to know which coins they will use.


That would be REQ

tell me one reason why paypal itself can't convert into blockchain? they gonna save tons of money, lower their fees and become more competitive, and they already have the capital and the name and the market share

> why cant Google into social media
> why cant Jewbook into search
> why cant Apple into software

Retooling an established company is like turning an oil tanker at full-bore. Too many shareholders to keep happy.

Thats a really good point.



Perhaps ill pick up some omg to go with my req.

Nothing will replace PayPal

If consumers want it they could replace it today, but the average person only feels safe putting their credit card info into PayPal. Even the perfect PayPal replacement appeared good fucking luck getting people to use it.

PayPal is just a middle man though, it's credit card companies that give you all the hassle. The idea of "credit" has gone too far.


>nothing will replace PayPal
yeah cause no product ever gets replaced

currently the way crypto works it wont replace paypal. You guys constantly moan about "muh decentralization" but the reality is you can't have a completely secure online "bank" without some form of decentralization. People want to know that someone is in charge of their money, they want to know that some actual company is securing their money and they aren't floating in the "cloud". People want to know if their money get stolen or someone scams them a company will be there to take care of it and refund your money, people want to know that their money are insured and if they get hacked the company will have to find or refund their money. Unless crypto take cares of all these security problems no serious or normal person person or business would want to use crypto for trade and transfers

*without some form of centralization

decentralization allows them to do all that except the insurance thing
everybody's a fucking moron though so whatever