We're back in a 2 years stagnation

>We're back in a 2 years stagnation

>2 years to accumulate

what's wrong with that?

i bought at 11k

More like 2 months.

2 years to accumulate feels good.

Good.. I'm going to wagecuck/sell drugs on the side for more crypto so I can accumulate lol why the fuck would I miss this golden opportunity to get rich as fuck nigger

>barely second month of the year
>impatient retards full FUD


whale cum 2 r/biz/

Thank god I bought at 1k

more like 2 decades

More like a few months. Back in early 2014, there really wasn’t a whole lot going on in crypto. Now we are on the precipice of hella Dapps going live, with real uses. It’s gonna get interesting the rocket will take off without warning.

This. Keep your dayjob, accumulate some promising crypto each month, enjoy gains once the mooning happens

Maybe learn to trade the volatility user instead of relying on winning a ticket to the moon on the shitcoin lottery.

>learn to trade the volatility

That's an interesting way to say gamble


If you can make money from gambling then who cares what it is.

you can lose as much as you can gain

You're tossing a dice, you can only win by taking the money of another gambler

Candlestick shamans are just rationalizing their luck

Why are people always acting like it took a long time to accumulate. Unless you're a big whale you can just market buy in 1 sec.

Idiot. You're not as smart as you think you are.

I don't care if I'm smart or not I care about my 60,000% gains through bull and bear markets.

Just wait until the 16th noob

do... do you not plan on making any money in the next two years?

I'm unironically starting to think of doing that twitter impersonation scam, sick of this fucking bullshit market being bipolar and me losing my poorfag money. It goes against my morals but i'm starting to think twice.

welcome to minority mentality


Shill me this laundry detergent

>crypto in stagnation
This shit has blown up and crashed in the space of a couple of months. No way it will remain stable

I’m making losses, but you must see it as an oppertunity to learn about the market. Buy low, sell high. Even though I suck at it right now, I will eventually learn how to play the market.

Because this is how Veeky Forums works.
>fuck this shitcoin I’m selling
People on Veeky Forums are impatient children. The ones who make it in crypto, and I mean REALLY make it, hold. All these Le wolf on Le Wall Street redditors daytrading will ALWAYS fuck up because they are impatient retards.

And if you deny my claim, ask yourself... How many screenshots do you see from 2013 I’d people who sold BTC? You know they regret that, right?

hella dappz

lel. welcome to biz
all the neet memes are true

>I’m making losses, but you must see it as an oppertunity to learn about the market. Buy low, sell high.
how?i just started and i am up 10% already

Well I was initially up 50% but after the great crytpo depression I’m down to -20%.

preach OP. the FUD on here is crippling. at this point i just browse Veeky Forums too take funny screenshots

Because crypto is not meant to be traded for fiat. I hope you lose all your money and become homeless, trader scum.