I'm battling against the top 4 players right now to get the rewards for the dungeon.

Literally closest thing to a GAME I've every played on the eth blockchain.

Made .7 eth so far, insane.

Don’t listen to these shillers. This shit is rigged. Pots are small and need to spend a fuck ton of money to level up. If you don’t believe me then try it for yourself. You need to be around 170 to even compete for something worth it and it will only get higher as everyone else levels up. I was stuck at 144 and spent .3 eth and leveled up to 145. Like I said, see for yourself

yeah you fucking suck

I spent .1 to pass your level. Learn to play the game

This is why its NOT a scam, literally making players fight vs each other. Thats the whole point of the game

also im not shilling, ive lost money before i made money.

Fuck off pajeet jew nobody is making money playing these games

except the people who are

which will never be you since you don't even start the game

fucking amateurs

>doesn’t read the smart contract

this, holy shit you mongs are retarded. Find a fucking strat that works and stick with it, ditch holyland after a few levels and train in const until you can make cash if your success rate is favorable (C, B, A or AA is all good)

Poor here, I have 0.1 ETH on my account and im fucking desperate, can someone tell me or show me how to make some profits from this game please? ;_;

>pic related my fridge

IF your really broke and need money bad.

>dont play

You need more than .1 eth to start. youll lose it before you make money. You don't make money until you can run dungeons at like 150+

>wahh feel sry for me :(
Grind in const faggot

fucking hell dude im literally starving, you sure i cant atleast make 0.2 eth back from this

sorry but i've saw the scam threads

I let myself get pajeet'd by ethercraft and I can't believe I let it happen again with shit. I spent a shit load getting to 170 and can't even challenge constantinople and the % to lvl up at this point is fucking garbage.

Golly gee whiz you only spent almost $100 to level up in a non-game ponzi scheme? Wow golly gee sure sounds great I gotta try it out.

Oops did I say $100? I meant $1000.

Yeah something smells rigged, getting a decent reward in holyland is a fuckfest.

Ethercraft is just getting started. That should be the least of your worries right now. Hang tight, desu.

I like this game

I'm break even and I never left Holland

I'm trying to collect the whole set
does anyone know the odds on E training? I've rolled over 60 fails in a row.

You will only lose money if you play like a retard, just like how in a real RPG you waste time if you play like a retard. Only brainlets lose money on this shit.

How can you possibly be breakeven when you lost over a hundred on failed training?

I just wanna add that it is very possible to make money on this game. It will take an initial investment in training and you will have to lose a little figuring out the challenge system but if you stick to it, you can make money.

Thanks user, but seeing this game doesn't give me any hope for ethercraft. It's a zero sum game and if you don't make your money back in the beginning hype phase you'll end up being stuck with some heavy bags. This one's much worst though, cause at least ethercraft gives you items. This shit just scams you.

E-Training is not worth it

with challenge on every 0.0016-0.0018 spent I earned 0.0009-0.0062 averaging 0.0023

get the fuck out of here you spergs, this board is for men.

but is it impossible or just improbable. I'll take 1/100.

spend 0.4ETH. this game is a monygrab!