Anons who made it into 5 figs, how did you do it?

anons who made it into 5 figs, how did you do it?
also has anyone used trade view and what was ur expedience with it?

I waited for coins to pump sold the top and put it in coins that didn't pump. repeat till you make it.

bro it was so easy. i can't believe ure not even at 5 figures yet. all i had to do was start at 6 figures and then like trade a bunch, and then suddenly you are at 5 figures.

I started with 20 Bitcoins
They then rose and I was at 5 figures
They then rose some more and I was now at 6 figures
I then invested in random shitcoins and made it to 7 figures



I started with 200
not 5 figs yet but almost, im at 8k
we're, gonna make it bros

5 figs is easy. Currently at 6 and I hope I make it into 7 by EOY.



I started with 1k in October. Ended up with 30k by mid January.

Sell your losers, let your winners ride. We're not warren buffet, this isn't the stock market. Buying coins in the red is a luxury for a market that historically always goes up. Cryptos go up, down, left, right, all fucking directions, and some are just pure shit that don't deserve to be valued in the million of dollars. Don't be the greater fool.

Find good projects, sell the news, don't buy what's shilled here. /biz is a place to get started. Don't blindly buy the meme coins, you'll probably get burned.

Buy good projects. Don't hodl stupid coins. It's all about the underlying projects now, all the stupid gimmick bubble buddy coins are getting bled out. Don't be fooled, this is still primarily a bear market. Play it safe. Don't get greedy at 20% gains and hope for 40, then 50, then 60. Sell, move on. Stay ahead of the pack.

Good luck.

What are you holding right now?

Which coin has made you lots of money?

Historically, ICX, WTC, and ELIX were my biggest winners. I bought WTC at 30 cents and sold at 30 dollars, bought ELIX at two cents and sold at two dollars, and bought ICX at a dollar and sold at... 5? My only regret is I didn't put more money into them, as I was diversified over a large range, or I'd be at six figures now haha. Ah well, can't complain about what I've made, still great money.

and right now I'm in cash watching from the sidelines. I rode the pump on eth from 580 to 900, and I'm not sure if it was a dead cat bounce, or if it was a genuine recovery for the market. Until I'm sure, I'm going to play it a bit safe.

also, I made plenty of bad trades. Got burned plenty of times. Be careful, don't lose more than 10% in a bad trade, and keep going if you think you might have the talent for it. Otherwise find good coins to hodl in the long term. Historically, it seems like most people here have made their 6 figures that way, it just takes time and is less exciting.

So you literally buy the very bottom and sell the very top?
Seems like larp.

Believe it if you want, I'm honestly not too invested in whether people believe me. This was an advice thread, and I tried to share some of my experiences. Take it or not, it's out of my hands. I am by no means an expert. Some luck, some determination, and a lot of TA and staring at charts.

best of luck though

imagine if you hadn't wasted all that time and had just started with 8k
you'd be at $320k now

Started 2k in June, hit around 150k in January, sitting at 50k currently.

Did it by buying NEO (and being in absolute shambles when I sold at $20 in the august bull run to $60 and missed out on so much gains). Figured that we're early so there will always be other huge ones like that. Was right, bought WTC, a tiny bit of VEN. Got 2x on in Jan trading, put it all in MATRIX presale which took me to the 150k mark, currently sitting at 50k now, still all in MAN, holding patiently expectant of 7 figs in the next few months where I will then invest in presales at 100k a pop. Thankfully have access to a prestigious pool somehow.

I live in London, so I want 10-20 million USD before I stop and consider it "made it" status

>Tfw if these people who started with 200 had started with 20000 they'd be millionaires

Pic related, started with 10k, similar returns to others in the thread. Definitely returns slow at my level though.

How to find out about upcoming projects that might have good potential?

do a lot of research. a lot. browse Veeky Forums everyday and if you see a coin mentioned you don't know about do 15 minutes research, get a good enough grip on the idea that you can explain the project in your own words. after you've studied a few dozen coins, you start to get an idea of which hold water and which don't. put money into the ones that you have the most faith in (dont go all in with more than a grand that's just a meme). after that you can uninstall everything, walk away for a year, and come back to money. If I had just held everything I bought in 2016 I'd have way more money rn. Just hold, it's only a meme if you buy shitcoins.

it was a really easy market to make money in over the last year or so

it wasn't so much which coins you bought, it was what time you bought and sold them. Never buy coins that are over-shilled, by then its too late, if people are telling you "BUY XRB!" after it already went up 100x, and for you to think that's a genuinely good idea you'd need to be retarded. Don't FOMO into shit thats already mooned.

Some of my personal biggest profit earners were things like COSS, bought at $0.06, sold near the top when the new UI released at $2.60 that was about a 40x gain and I had $3500 invested there at $0.06

Made lots on shit like ZRX, KNC, VEN, originally bought in "late" in ETH at around $100-150 and made quite a bit off that as well.

Anyway overall point is just look for ICOs or lightly shilled coins, stay away from shit that's in full blown hype/shill/FOMO mode because by then its too late to make the big gains the majority of the time. Do research and find the gems before other people

Crypto is ALL research. But you have to learn to do it yourself. And when you research don't just look at things you like, look at them with an objective eye of "how hard can this be shilled?", because that's all that matters.

Your biggest winners will likely be coins you researched yourself and got in before the masses started hyping it. I can attest to this from antshares and waltonchain.

Trading is a dangerous game, buy rumour and sell news when applicable, but mostly just find undervalued coins and hold them.

Shameless plug, the coin for me right now is Matrix, but you can research it for yourself. It's the best technical team in crypto, the best business links in China and a well fucking considered platform design. Expecting huge things.