Seriously thinking about moving to tailand and just waiting this shit out, can I make it with 35k...

Seriously thinking about moving to tailand and just waiting this shit out, can I make it with 35k? All time high I was at 86k I just want to escape this shit hole and live in a hot cheap country and fuck asians

I have lived in Pattaya, the most degenerate place on earth for 9 months last year and literally getting a new 6 month visa next week from the embassy to go back, I lived in a 1 bedroom condo in a new building with a pool on the roof, gym and 24 hour security / concierge for $350 a month, I lived out there and spent around $1000 a month but sometimes more if I went to the bars and gogo's etc lots but once you live out there a while you end up with a phone full of girls who will come to your apartment within 10 minutes of messaging them, I also banged ladyboys and their cheaper lol.

It's fun but gets a bit degenerate after a while but w/e

Wow thanks, what website etc do you use to find the place where you live? I've seen places on Airbnb are they good prices? For what you did you get at 350$ I'll pack my bags today

You get much better deals once you're out there, go in low season which is in a few months, the weather isn't as good but you do get good days but some days the rain is kind of heavy but w/e, just message a girl to come to your condo....

I stayed at 'The Base' which is pretty central, I got the place by going to one of the 100's of rental agencies out there, just book a hotel for a week then when you're there browse condo's, in low season you can haggle good deals.

pic related is the rooftop pool of the base.

If you're not into the complete degeneracy, where would you go? I just want to relax, drink beer and eat some spicy ass food on the low low.


Chang Mai, hoi an, bali. My favourites.

probably bali, going to Japan is pretty comfy too even if you're not a weeb. more expensive tho unless you stay outside the major cities.

still thailand, bangkok is pretty GOAT, lived in a £500/month condo, 35m^2, 24th floor, 10 sec walk to BTS, 10 sec walk to supermarket, swimming pool, gym, the works

Meal out and a film ran about £10-15, would move back in a heartbeat if I wouldn't be lonely af there

Japan's only comfy if you can spend a lot on accomodation, nothing comfy about sitting in a 1K room that costs you £500/month

Going to Japan for a month this summer. Not for the weeb-shit. Only plan yet is doing some manufacturing plant tours, going to yoshikawa destillery and bumming around on hostels along the southern parts of the Jr line. Got any definite must do's?

Aight, thanks. Bangkok is definitely an option. Been there once, but that was like 15 years ago. Yeah, the big con seem to be the very present isolation, especially isolation in a country you're never going to fit into.

Koh Tao is pretty nice and very chill, it's an island. Great for diving too. If you wanna party you can take a catamaran to Koh Samui which is its bigger brother with more tourists and action

honestly entirely depends on your monthly income really, £1-4k and you'll have more fun in a 2nd world country(thailand, vietnam etc), but there's a lot more fun to be had in the first world countries(korea, japan) with an income of £5-10k+

>all the betas itt thinking running away to some third world shithole will change anything in their life


Patong is good for chilling the fuck out. Also has the degeneracy but its kept in areas. Beaches, markets, gyms, hookers, shopping and all the usual tourist shit.

thinking of teaching english in asia

my life is so fucking boring and I need some excitement

worth it?

I've done it before for about 6 months in Thailand. Really liked it. Thinking I will go back soon in a month or two and teach part time and crypto. Basically just waiting for market to go up a bit to cash out 30k or so to last me well over a year or two over there

How would you compare hoi an to chiang mai? I've lived in CM and debating living there again but hoi an looks very nice.

did you save up any while teaching? how much were you earning? how were people treating you? do you have tefl or cae?

Lol this. They’ll get scammed by some floozie in a week and move back in with their mums.

>went to a shithole to fuck men's shitholes
>somehow this is an improvement in a coper's mind

I like hoi an better. You can go to the beach as well. Nice food, and decent ex pat community. I prefer Viet people to Thai people as well, they are more genuine/nice

Hoi an looks comfy af

I got a tefl over there, was a pretty fun way to make friends too. I was just earning a bit over $1k a month which is enough but not enough to save any. Actually why I left, but since then I've gotten involved in crypto and a small salary like that is no worry now. People treated me fine enough
It does look really nice think I will have to check it out, I often do hear that Viet people are friendlier. How is pollution over there? Gotta be way better than CM

any crazy stories of living in thailand? had sex?

Non existent, sometimed the water is polluted from China though

Its hard not to have sex there, be it other travelers or Thai girls. Nothing exceedingly crazy comes to mind, but at the same time every night out in a place like bangkok is crazy in one way or another. Not sure what it is but had some of the best times ever out in bangkok. Some how going out with strangers there is way more fun than going out with good friends back in US.
Nice thanks for info will check it out Hopefully next time I'm in SEA.

how many hours a day/wee were you working? did you have any experience before getting the jbo?

About 30 hours roughly a week. No experience besides the tefl course I took, but that had us teaching a few times at different schools. Would highly recommend the one I took if interested, is called SEETEFL in chiang mai

how mmuch money did you have saved up to go there?

Were you teaching English to kids or adults?

Not sure if larp, but I'm sold. Im fucking going

Gross, enjoy your stinky thais in a hot, gross STD filled shit hole.

Not larping user, I checked out of UK society last year, I wagecuck and save up thousands to live out a /comfy/ life in Thailand.

How much do I need to make is there? Is 80k usd enough?

Me too

Yeah you could live out there for like 5-6 years with that but less it depends on how much you go out each time and if you go to gogo bars and beer bars, how many girls etc, you get bang a girl for like 25 bucks short time, 50 bucks long time overnight etc.

Ive already booked a flight to Japan for 3 weeks just to see if I like it. If it doesnt go well I might consider Thailand. I used to want to go to Philippines to be a degenerate but theyre getting too full of muslims lately.

I forget, but I'd say save up $5k to be comfy. In case it takes some months to land a job.
Mostly kids but there is quite a bit of opportunity to teach college age people as well

How are you leaving out Koh Phangan man!

I could only stand being around people college-age or older. Really couldn't do babysitting, especially 5,000 miles from home. Getting a TEFL certification is something I've thought about after I graduate, though. Do they give you the choice of which groups you want to work with?

ITT: Pedophiles and Homosexuals

Yeah I hear you. The Thai kids can be pretty bad but I had fun with it regardless. The tefl course I took doesn't place you directly but has a lot of connections, there is certainly more work for teaching younger kids, but older is certainly possible. I think a lot of people offer private tutoring to college kids, quite easy to get a hot student or two. Some of the tefl programs place you out in the middle of no where, avoid those ones that promise placement