Every time when there is >5% difference the western price follows whatever is in South Korea.

Bithumb and other exchanges are starting with sign ups for new users again.

Get ready for $9000 Veeky Forums

hey hey heyyy

I've been following the 5% rule for a year already, feels comfy

didnt someone say this last night?

shhhhhh let the prices drop

dont tell them user

$9101 already with 7.89% difference

Fuck you, dude. You just want all the sensible people who just sold to feel regret and buy your fucking worthless BTC bags.

I'm buying back in at $5.9k. Not missing another chance.

Pajeet spotted.

BTC is going up, everything else is a pure FUD.
You gotta be stupid if you think it won't reach a new ATH.

Korea is always higher than the rest of the world retard

hasn't been that way for weeks until yesterday.


it leads bullruns often

When it dumps it dumps harder in Korea.

Korea and Japan are shit traders. They literally sell low and buy high

Kimchi premium

You're an idiot, OP is right

It's usually higher, but when there is over a 5% difference that means a lot

It was also very true yesterday

Mmmm kimchi premium


Woah 8.25% difference, gotta hurry with my orders

9.32% damn

Korea was at like 23k bitcoin. We didn't follow. Op is a nigger


Chinks and koreans are always one step ahead of the rest of the world now. Get use to it

mm mm no no no

New 24 hr low incoming

>doesn't know about the Korean premium
Not gonna make it OP

> BTC continues to dump