Are we mooning? Should I buy?



Okay. Pulling the trigger now.

>1 minute charts



so ya..

Huh? It's the most accurate. Explain to a brainlet.

go all in OP, we're going to the moon.

Prob 9k~ish

Wait for 9k you buy and later you sell everything at 5k

it point up so it means price goes up. of course you buy now

And of course it's fucking crashing. Fuck my life. I cannot do crypto right.

Go all in user, 10k by sunday

It's even lower now. I might sell.

>goes down 1%

You are the reason I'm rich thanks

Holy shit you ADHD monkey step back from the screen for 5 minutes. You can't see the whole trend if you only look at 1min candles, those are mere fluctuations in the long term.

well well well where is the chart going next Veeky Forums?

to the right

This is why I called you a retard for going off of 1 minute candles

This is a LARP, nothing to see here. No one is retarded enough to use 1min candles and consider panic selling over a 1% loss.

Either bounce or we go to around 7800

I'm still unironically scared to buy back kek

Yes you should buy user, act now or regret later

Nothing says we aren't still in the downtrend. I'm holding off for $4k BTC

hahhahhahahahha LISTENING TO Veeky Forums

zoom the fk out, can't even break 8400 resistance, rejected 3 times

Same. I'll try to catch some flahs dips but other than that it probably has a ways to go... I'll definitely buy if it gets close to 6400.

every bounce we have is higher and higher, it's consolidating tighter and tighter

same, planning to buy around 6.5k
6400 to 8200 and then back down to 5k

And it cant break 8200-8300 support, rejected 4 times

Sounds like a bear flag

it's going down to 8k at least

Things right now are very uncertain. There is a possibility following the latest rally (peaking at ~9000) that prices could fall to the earlier lows of 5900.

Oh you sweet, sweet, naive brainlet

Just rejected 8300 again, stay mad 6k cuck

This TA is backed by some of the most successful analysts in crypto. Just strap in and enjoy the ride.

thats a good video


Its been going down since the start of 2018


hope you tethered up


I don't like where this is going

Crital support is 8k, if it bounces we will hit 9.5k. If it fails then fucked if I know but it will be low.

Just bought. annnnnnnnnnnnd

Don't buy/sell until you have a confirmation either way.

>He bought?
>Dump it.


im liking these new webm memes of bogs and wojack.

I meant to say no

This is the second time I've seen this larp today
The bottom is forming tho, so maybe 6 is the last bounce before we can take of, the bears are getting tired
>inb4 sold at the bottom meme
>inb4 fanboyism

It's up again, you should buy in