Is it legal for my boss to fire me for denying the Holocaust...

Is it legal for my boss to fire me for denying the Holocaust? Need an answer urgently because I'm supposed to have my office cleaned out by the end of Monday. This is bullshit

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what country?

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It is legal to fire an employee for being an absolute dumbass, yes.

if you deny the holocaust he can fire you for being too retarded to hold a job

well you could argue that you are retarded and thats a protected class

Probably. Fuckin kikes run everything.

never change biz

Yes, if you live in one of those New World Order countries.

>he denies the six gorillion
You deserve it, Nazi scum.

wrong board biz is full of jews take it pol and the answer is absolutely not.

>good riddens


Yes its legal
>believing the Holohoax

That's going to depend on your state and even if discriminating based on political beliefs is illegal good luck getting a judge to view that as something other than "hate speech."

Without an employment contract a worker can be fired for any reason, including telling the truth.


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No, although he could just make up a reason and fire you anyway. Why does your boss know you deny the holocaust? Are you a fucking retard? You thought you could just go around redpilling your colleagues? Jesus christ man keep it subtle

Never reveal your power level

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Holocaust denial would fall under political opinion. How'd they find out your power level?

That's what you get for showing your power level to normies. You deserve it.

Not unless you're in Germany. Only brainlets repeat the 6 gorjillion meme. Everyone knows Auschwitz wasn't a death camp. The only reason so many died was because the allies bombed the supply trains.

I'm not the one who believes fairy tales, bet you believe the earth was created 6000 years ago too, it's every bit as plausible.

Uhm, no, sweetie. Holocaust denial is NOT political opinion?

Is this a political opinion though? It's more a question of historical validity. If someone says 9/11 didn't happen that isn't a political opinion. That being said OP is retarded several times over.

That's not a political opinion, any more than Flat Earth is a political opinion

The irony

Is this on Veeky Forums because you plan on starting auschwitzcoin or what?

Says the cuck who ethnically and unironically and what the fuck other meme safe word you no-future new fags use couldn't form an independent opinion.

>When you say it didnt happen, but wish it had

Lawyer here.

I don't know exactly the Australian laws but in most of the world they can't fire you for political reasons.

As far as you don't work for a jew related activity, Idk a Jew Musuem or something, in that case, depending on the laws of the country, your employer could lack of trust in you and that could be a reason for a dismissal.

unironically in Land of the Free is pretty much the only place you can say whatever you want and face no consequence

if we ever needed hard evidence that /pol/tards started frequenting Veeky Forums during the December bull run this is it.

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Dude I am from Australia, no fucking way they can sack you for this, you can fucking sue your employer for this, what job do you do? Are you part of a union? Too be honest op you should keep your mouth shut about your political opinions at work but none the less your employer can not sake you for it also guessing there are no Jews at your work?

>BTFO by presenting stacks upon stacks of verifiable scientific evidence
>holocaust truther
>threaten them, fire them, arrest them, then point them to a mock trial with literally zero evidence of any crimes and an statement that no proof will be required to convict
Truth does not fear investigation, but the jews fear the truth.

Nice reddit spaces new fag.
Here's a tip, if you want to fire someone for being utterly retarded, the easiest thing in the world is to find a legal reason.
Firing people while keeping your own ass clean is the easiest thing in the fucking world.

I would fire you for being an idiot, you deserve it desu

Claim you are Jewish and have the 23 and me results on the way.

>tells others they couldn't form an opinion
>regurgitates nonsensical fairy tales he was told as a child
Holohoax doesn't stand up to scrutiny whatsoever.

Even the most retarded opinions are still opinions and ought to be protected by free speech.

>one of the fundamental beliefs of a modern political movement isn't a political opinion

Read the Pressac papers and tell me nobody investigated the holocaust.
(spoilers: Pressac was literally being paid by holocaust skeptics to conduct his research and ended up convinced the holocaust did happen)

>autistic thinks his moronic poltard shit doesn't come with consequences when you actually have the balls to say it not hiding behind wifi

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Jesus christ dude. They got you good. How is Flat Earth in anyway comparable to a disputed historical event?

>dubs confirm

which political movement denies the holocaust as a fundamental belief, exactly

What kangaroo court would ever rule in your favour though for denying that which cannot be denied. Judges don't shit where they eat, unlike OP.

My boss says his wife's great uncle died at Dachau and he was personally offended by it

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And firing because he says "Holocaust never happened" is not a legal reason, you Jew shithead.

>A long-shot candidate with a history of anti-Semitic statements and Holocaust denial is primed to represent the Republican Party in a congressional race in Illinois.

Never ever ever talk about politics and believe at work. In this world you will be fired with a bullshit reason if they label you as alt right.

Worst thing is that being a leftie is totally accepted at the work space....


Did you know that meme is supposed to be ironic?

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Holocaust didnt happen. Theres plenty of evidence it was a lie, you dont need a political opinion to see

Flat Earth would probably fall under religion, they're all hardcore creationists aren't they?

A decent lawyer could easy win this

Does your bosses wife work there, also did you say it directly to your boss?

personally I'm a flat earth atheist. there's no evidence for God, unlike how the Earth is flat

Read what I said you retard. When you want to fire someone, you pick a legal reason. Firing someone for being a nazi retard is a lot like firing someone for getting pregnant.
You tell them that you're cutting back, that their productivity is down, that they've gotten in too late, that they've been to sick, whatever the fuck you want.
Of course you can always involve HR, since being a nazi scumbag is actually good grounds for removing people from most teams, but why bother?

Funny that that's where your mind goes, bet you assumed that I was white too.

These fucking fake jews cannot stop the awakening. Truth always wins.

holocaust denial isn't free speech its hate speech. People denying the holocaust are almost always anti-semites. If you want political debate then criticize the policies of Israel not holocaust

earth is a toroid and 60 million jews were killed in the lolicaust, you retard.

No and yes

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how the fuck is an employer supposed to trust such a subhuman fucking retard with anything?

Legally, in most civilized places he can easily get away with it legally as well, since your theory probably involves evil jews and their conspiracy or some shit like that, which classifies under discriminatory behavior.
On another note, denying holocaust, srsly?
Have you ever been to Auschwitz, any other death camp? Have you ever talked to someone irl who has been and survived one? You know it was not just the jews that were sent there (not even talking about racial minorities here btw.)?

>itt people who think you need to break the law to get fired
fuck off neets you are not welcome in an employment thread. OP you are fucked. If you try to push this you'll end up on the news and literally no one will hire you. Literally no one will defend over this except /pol/. Never go full retard

funny this kike is not denying the holocaust, he is literally telling you you are not allowed to, these people are the fascists.

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> pretending not to be a teenage americuck who's failed miserably at everything but found friendship in the reich.
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>Hitler did nothing wrong!
>Gas the Jews!
>The Holocaust never happened!
explain this thought process to me


What's wrong with wanting to kill Jews?
There isn't a single logical argument against it. You are just sperging our, because you are Jews yourselves.

Nothing, it's just that I'd rather kill nazis.

The fundamental policy of Israel is the holocaust, brainlet. It was used as a smokescreen to invade Palestine in 1947, and now as a shield against any Israeli criticism.

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Are you even trying to show off Jew lies, user?

but wouldn't fake jews have to actually be semitic first?

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Yeah because /pol/ is a fucking echo chamber

Auschwitz wasn't a death camp. Infact, the "gas chambers" had the chiney stacks added after the fact. They were delousing chambers.

56% nigger opinions aren't relevant.

>believing this

im not even jewish lol. you fucking morons just need to learn that the same thing you hate about leftist applies to you. Stop pretending you are the disadvantaged one with everyone around you out to get you. If your life is shit its not because of jews.

Seriously, the fucking kikes are literal Ashkenazi's from the Khazar region. They were pagans who converted to Judaism

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Own my own home and have enough passive income to never have to work another day if I so choose. Keep swinging champ.
Hitler did a lot wrong, the biggest one was not gassing the jews, there were also military blunders.

Depends. In right to work states they can fire you forl looking at them the wrong way

you deserve to be fired you anti-semitic Nazi scum.