Bitcoin will never go below 8k ever again

Bitcoin will never go below 8k ever again.

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We're going to 5k

thats what you think

Just like when you fags said it wouldn't go below 8.3k ever again

wanna be market movers just overplayed their hand trying to flash crash

wanna see a magic trick? keep watching the charts op

Crypto currencies are over. BTC won't go above 9k. Binance will get hacked. Scams will destroy normies confidence in alt-coins.

Time to sell while you still can.

do it fag

Bitcoin has strong support at $6480. And that's about IT

inverse head and shoulders forming

I think will fall to high 7k and go apeshit after

is that your chart?

I made my own and had it saved but saw another image of what I charted on twitter which was this picture.

This picture illustrates it more clearly. It isn't exclusively mine- I've seen a bunch of other people chart it too before and after me.

this is mine (much more sloppy)

Literally all the green wojaks the entire day have been wrong.

It'll never go below 8.6
It'll never go below 8.5
It'll never go below 8.4
It'll never go below 8.3
It'll never go below 8.2

jesus man

Are we? Back?

You can almost smell the desperation. He's posting it again in hopes of convincing some schmuck to buy back in at this level.

Do you think you can convince enough people to buy back in so you can see a little peak up to 8400 before it plummets back to 6k OP?

theres' absolutely no pattern of indicators that point there right now. Eventually even the peak of that inverse H&S is completely fucked up (should be up to $13k but it's never going go happen now).

This is why people that see this kind of TA believe that TA is like astrology.

I posted bearish TA so long these days that I'm bored to post them again, just get ready with your pink Wojaks.

Reminder, always do the opposite of what nujakposter said


Oh sweetie it's going to hold here for a week at the most before the suckers run out and it plunges again. It's happened every time it has "leveled off for good"

well tomorrow morning when I'm up a couple grand we'll see whos right 8)

the fuck is this shit

heard same deluded shit at 10k

This is my TA altho I think it will take a day before we reach the bottom which might be like 5.5K - 6K
Tethered up when it dropped past 8.5 resistance it just broke a few hours before
It appears to be bouncing inbetween the 50day support and the 8.6 resistance
Not trying to be a smartass or anything, just trying to ride the waves