Why are you faggots not getting in on Cardano?

It's literally about to moon. Why are you faggots not buying in?

Stuck all in on another alt that has a moon in the near future and anything but all in is for cucks

more like Gaydano

Because it needs $10 billion new money to fucking double. You fucking idiot.

Why will it Moon this month?

Staking is in Q2


imagine my hurtfeels from a dumb faggot.

TA fags saying we are about to crash. TA fags are richer than poor normies, therefore I listen to TA fags. SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL SELL

Because it's trash obviously. Does no one check you on this bullshit?

markercap is a meme

Explain how what I said is not correct.

For me one of the best team and project out there but that marketcap tho...
Im gonna invest for the project but i dont expect any moon mission.


The absolute state of 10Bill marketcap coin

So you're basically saying it's a stable investment. That's what I'm getting from all these people

You can have a total 10 trillions of coins in existence, you go ahead and buy a coin for $10.
Boom - you just raised the marketcap by $90 trillions with $10.

Marketcap doesn't mean there are actually real money involved, it's just the amount of coins multiplied by the last spot price.

Huh? Oh ADA, yeah, no...no thats not doing anything.

Why would it moon now? I have some small bags of it but I'm not aware of anything imminent.

I was just baiting to see what people thought of it lol

Haha clever tactic, yea it probably won’t do anything until Q2 for staking

>Q2 for staking
Is this when they start PoS mining?

Yes 10% ADA the first year

>you just raised the marketcap by $90 trillions with $10.
How does this make sense? Explain your logic.
t. newfag brainlet

I just bought 100 ADA, you think it'll go up once PoS comes out? And should I buy more? (I have ~.03 BTC)

You buy a coin with $10. Which mean the coin costed $10. Which makes all other coins in existence cost $10, until someone decides to sell them cheaper.

Can’t predict the future but I would say Yes. If team delivers people will be staking essentially taking out a large chunk of the circulating supply


That's exactly how the market cap works, brainlet. The real amount of money in the whole crypto market is close to $200 millions.