I think we can possibly break .4 again

I think we can possibly break .4 again

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.04 by EOM

Forgot pic

Bitcoin will die.





As soon as miners start the segwit selfish mining attack all segwit coins hit zero. Segwit coins can't defend from it and it allows for the forging of transactions. Any miner of any size can start this attack and they will mine the coin more profitably than honest miners. But since they release blocks without signatures no other cartel can form and be as efficient as theirs. As soon as the cartel hits 51% size they can forge all transactions in a block and send those transactions to themselves. Segwit coins are fucked.

Bcore is scared


i came here today from pol and i am seriously interested but i guess i came at a bad time?
cus all i have seen is brapp memes and chainlink memes (and i don't even fully understand chainlink)

You have to go back

That was pathetic.

But people shouldn't be surprised, bcore/blockstream has been playing dirty as fuck ever since 2014 when they forced out the original BTC dev team and DDoS'ed competing nodes.

Fuck them. If 2018 sees exchanges actually get halfways decent support and BTC finally dying, it will be the best year ever for crypto.


Only a matter of time!

Bcash is a scamcoin that occasionally gets pumped and dumped.
Only buy it if you're a gambling degenerate.

Chainlink has an interesting use case. It's a network that aggregates trusted off chain data and provides it to dapps (which can't make their own queries).
Honestly it could take off and 100x from here but it could also flop. It really depends on institutional adoption.
The safest things to buy are BTC and generic smart contract platforms (ETH, NEO, XLM).
Ripple (XRP) is a jewish scam, stay away.
Some niche projects like Powerledger (POWR) are worth looking into.

>an actual answer
i'm listening
now you got my attention

At least it provides an actual argument

>muh cult of infallible satoshis vision
>muh blockstream conspiracies
>muh whitepaper from almost 10 years ago can never be revised or updated as technology, purpose, usage and markets evolve
>muh roger ver
>muh hillary tier shills
>muh bcash will be used to purchase coffee and you cant do that with bitcoin because noone wants to but they will with this because its different this time
>muh tx fee meme
>muh asicboost miners
>muh segwit selfish mining copypasta
>muh fake volume and coordinated pumps
>muh flippening
>muh merchant adoption
>muh you have to provide arguments even though were the ones trying to prove our shitcoin

hello i am early investor of bitcoins. pls sirs buy our token, is the real bitcon in samgsuns vision, not one everyone is already use. pls make price go up,


Bcash is Turing complete, literally.
>Pump and dump
Yeah, having the highest volume on every exchange. I'm sure your little ancap pirate 13btc pump group can pump a top ten coin