Just got my dad on LINK, have you done your part today, LINKMarines?

Just got my dad on LINK, have you done your part today, LINKMarines?

you and your dad are idiots kek

you just lost your dad money , congrats

never breed

Ow god I hope your kidding.

I love Veeky Forums, you are even worse than /pol/

>Just got my dad on LINK, have you done your part today, LINKMarines?
It says in the holy Bible:
"Honour thy father and thy mother"


Digits confirm 2 Dumbasses


I've opened a ChainLink thread on /s/:


>never breed
>implying anyone gives a fuck what random anons say online

>implying anyone gives a fuck what random anons say online
That's the reason why people bought into ChainLink in the first place.

I did the same today LUL

I did too.

I'm a top 650 wallet holder lol.

Hope your dad thanked you. Tell himmhe atleast owes your a few grams of coke and 4 decent escorts

>selling your bags to your dad

Wow you must have a pretty retarded family.

Sold my ICX and VEN for LINK today lmao.

how much link is enough to be millionaire?


10000 unironically

love you too john

Jealous I'm gonna race lambos with my dad while you niggers can't find yours?

I'd love to have an evening with Sergey . I find him strangely sexy

I told my father about link when it was 17 cents. The pathetic cunt will remember when he reads about it in the guardian in a few years after it hits 1k I bet.

whats wrong with interracial marriage?

Get your nigger ass away from my chink bitches

Confucius say can't I ching chong my slant eyed-whores without having to fight off crackers, niggas, pajeets and sandfaggots?

Holy shit, an Asian guy with balls. Impressed.

kek enjoy your slide down to 0.000000000001 cent Linkcucks.

told my dad about link
he was like
>if I know about it already it means it's too late to make money on it

He's right
you're literally all fomo'ing. its already over

What the fuck kind of financial ladder is that?
Starting a family without an emergency fund?
Starting a business while you're still in debt?

>I have 8.5k
>My dad just bought another 4k giving him a total of 9.4k
>My mom has 2k
>Friend of mine has 3.9k, other friends have around 500 or so each
>Neighbor planning to buy 2-3k
>Dad's friend bought 1k eth at $3, he has about 3k link
>Dad's other friend is planning to buy about 4k

Planning on setting up nodes for everyone or pooling our links together to run a big boy node, pretty comfy.

Yes you do. Easy fucking pickings. I've personally got off with Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean. Feels good to be 6'3 white master race.

It's the ladder that the jews want you to climb.
Keep your debts as long as possible so you can pay us lots of interest you sheep. Don't build an emergency fund so that even the slightest hiccup will cause you to default and all of your assets will belong to us.

emergency funds aren't necessary at all if you come from an actual first world country
can't speak for the US tho


>tfw I've reached the "traveling abroad" part of the ladder with a 650k net worth and I'm still 22

kek'd 'n checked

doing some research on link now, looks like an alright product but adoption is obviously key. How is it going to compete with similar projects with only 2 main employees (CEO & CTO)? Other projects have dedicated biz dev teams who are actively seeking adoption.

shill me linkies

don't buy link. it's a scam
>alright product
>implying there is a product

How do you check?

bestiality should be before pedophilia, canadas already making strides.


Holy fuck

replace "starting a family" with the ball and chains and this comic makes sense. No kids and no wife and I literally go anywhere I want once a year. Japan? konichiwa bitches. Norway? Fuck yeah let's go to some fjords. Don't whine because your dumb ass is stuck at home wiping snot and peanut butter off of all your dreams.