Google: "Sergey chain link" WHAT THE FUCK

YOU FUCKS. What if this is the first thing people see when they google chain link?? WE LOOK LIKE A FUCKING JOKE. HOW THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET NEW INVESTORS NOW


>spam autistic memes nonstop talking about le epic chain link meme
>get surprised when google picks up on your retardation because this is the only place talking about chainlink
>cry when your own retardation sinks your own

This is seriously fucked, yet I'm kekking hard.

Let's say Sergey goes on a date, and she googles the fucker first and find this picture.

>thinking someone outside biz actually invest in chainlink

THIS. I was keking hard when all the biztards in the other threads were bragging about being some of the top holders... ...without letting that properly sink in.


The absolute state of linkies hahaha

>Hmm maybe it's not so bad if you just search for "chain link cryptocurrency"

top fucking kek

fucking kek

poor stinky linkies

Made me laugh

>doubting the power of meme magic
this is the dumbest thing that I have ever read on this board...perhaps even Veeky Forums all-together. My only hope is that it is spill-over from reddit (I woulen't know; never been) and that your stupidity is not contagious.

I bet big institutions will be thrilled about these memes


all memes aside, this is what rebrandings are meant for

this is one of the first results... it's ogre

The price of fame and riches

just normal memes, I don't see anything extreme

lmaoo holy shit

big nothing burger

family video

You guys realize that revolution of IoT is coming and banks, insurance etc. are connecting to blockchain? You should know that they want decentrilized smartcontracts to work with.

doesn't Sergei inspire you to bulk? #fatForSergey

The retarded childish chainlink memes are one of the things that helped me stay away from it. All in on XRP.

But people love memes

Holy fuck it's real. We're hitting meme levels we were never supposed to reach.

Believe it or not "Sergey chain link" on google first result is THIS FUCKING THREAD !

I’ve been coming to biz for a few months now and I can tell you I have avoided it and regarded it as an ironic joke.

My impression is that it exists purely as a memecoin. Same category as that doge.

It’s not a serious project is it? I have completely skipped over it.

Or am I an autist because I’m not getting that OP is making a joke too?

jesus fucking christ what have you autists done

Kill your self


neck yourself faggot

exactly. In one day all these images will be irrelevant.




Man, the suffering in that expression. It runs deep.

Did you not forget what memes accomplished in 2016?

Free marketing? I'd be thrilled too.

Sergey already knew at that moment, that in order to fulfil his destiny, his reputation would have to die, and be resurrected as a meme, for the salvations of his fellow NEETs and autists:
As a gamer and autist, he knew the sacrifice he was making. We must not let his efforts go in vain.

>linkies sabotaging themselves with their delusion

>The Linkie is confused!
>It hurt itself in its confusion!

> Marketed specifically for pajeets as to have free shilling and shit. Realizes pajeets fail miserably at shilling, can't SEO for shit and literally burnt the "brand".

Yeah I was about the same when I started here. But no, they are actually that retarded. But I love the memes so whatever.

Do we still own %10 of the total supply?

>tfw if you just held all your blockbuster rentals you would have tons of free movies rn


kiss your sister
and then kys