I just went all in

I just went all in.

enjoy losing all your money on that scam

thank you sir

Could be a life changing decision user, I did the same thing


How much is that? The chart didn't move.

What colour Lambo you getting you fucking genius you. I don't have the balls to go all in for fuck sakes

You only have at most a week to accumulate.

we're all gonna make it

the fuq you do that for?


what kinda bags you holding?? I've only got 15k but feeling pretty confident about this hold and making it



I got 1800. I might not make it but at least I won't be a total pajeet-tier poorfag anymore.

Willing to throw in some BTC into this one, but why would anyone tokenize their assets. What the fuck would be the benefit.

stay poor lel

professional investing without the exchange overhead? why wouldnt they tokenize their assets?

Maybe you should read a bit before you invest you inbreed

On and offchain arbitrage for example. Besides the obvious reason of worldwide liquidity and exchangeability with JNT as well as cheap worldwide transfers via blockchain.

The first term basically describes the phenomenon where stablecoins temporarily have more or less value than intended (think of Tether going above 1 dollar briefly during dips). By tokenizing their dollars a bank could profit from crypto volatility by seeling their dollars for 1.02 dollars during dips, as demand goes way up.

Basically, the on-chain dollars can be worth more/less than the "real" dollars due to market movement and restricted supply of jCash, which creates arbitrage opportunities. 2 cents might not sound like a lot, but when you have a couple hundred million tokenized... Well, can be a nifty profit.

Sounds good in theory, but this is sniffing after tons of new regulations

we're in this together user.
don't rub it in
a measly 10k



been all in for about a week

Not too bad, 10k is making it territory.

They are currently registering with FINMA. Regulatory compliance has been their top priority from day one.

what do people consider as making it? 100k? 1m?

1m, you might not be set for life, but you "made it" in crypto. Assuming we are all young, relatively poor people starting from low 5 figures at best, that's an achievement.

going to try to accumulate 100K of these over the next 2 weeks. i unironically believe i could have 10M by 2020 with 100K JNT.

They would need to reach a mcap of 20 billion for you to have 10M by 2020... call me crazy but my guess is that you'll have a lot more than 10M

hope you're right. don't want to get irrationally hyped for this but i fully expected at least 1M in gains and anything on top is gravy

remember murphy's law user. something is bound to fuck us so stay diversified and never go all-in on one coin.

>hope you're right
>don't want get irrational but
>murphy's law

>t. poorfag

it's gonna have a 10 bil mcap by the end of next week lol

pajeet pls go

Sauce on that?

from Telegram. That is the co-founder

i'm praying for a kucoin dump

>it's actually real

Jesus fucking christ. UAE/Saudi money is going to pour into this fucking thing.

Time to increase my stack.


Yep. This coin is being slept on hard.

Is this the sheikh when he was a youngfag?

>slept on hard

there are at least 6x+ shillthreads by u fucking streetshitters everyday who get at least 50 shillreplys by ur streetshitter friends

just kys with this crap pnd

Yea lets give unscrupulous people a reason to manipulate the markets even more.

I have $1000 in fiat ready to buy into ETH when it drops, but this has got me worried I'll never see JNT under $10 again

Most rasheeds on JNL threads are posting shill threads because their coin is dropping everyday lul! It was 0.00076 and now 0.000069. It will keep on dropping. Anyway, even if it successful, it only be 1$ EOY. Its no moon ride. Trusting arabs hahaha. Thats even worse than pajeets.

You December newfags are too easy to spot. You lack the intuition and awareness to differentiate between Veeky Forums shilling and pajeet shilling.

this one weird trick will take us to the moon

6 months minimum lurking required to develop this radar. 3 if you're a neet turbo-autist like me who can devote 12 hours a day to lurking and shitposting

I made some quality FUD threads on this, all with over 100 replies. I hold over 300k. That's biz shilling for ya, I'm just having fun. Antshares, LINK pre-SIBOS, DNT, ZRX, all those filled my bags, and now I finally have a meaningful position in this. I know I won. Now I'm just chilling and waiting. :)

my nigga