I lost $40k in student loan money all on Bitgrail

I'm fucking beside myself and I don't know what to do. I haven't been able to eat for the last two days, haven't even left my dorm room

>be me
>hear crypto buzz around June 2017
>fall for the FUD, ignore it
>December comes around
>Bitcoin ATHing
>stumble onto Veeky Forums from r/cryptocurrency
>FOMO into RaiBlocks on BitGrail with $40,000 in student loan money
>figure I'll flip it quick and pocket the change
>get up 400%
>see imminent Binance listing
>FUCK YES I'm gonna make it
>go to cash out a bit
>Bitgrail withdraws halted
>KYC bullshit enacted
>exchange is insolvent and lost it all

I'm fucking sweating guys, I've already thrown up 4 times today just thinking about it. The only reason I can even type this is because I jacked off to some trap porn right before this

I'm seriously about to end it I'm so fucking dumb, I can't believe I put it all on fucking Bitgrail. Call it a LARP, call it whatever you fucking like. I call it the end of me.

Can you overdose on caffeine pills?

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If you take too many caffeine pills youre gonna have the worst diarrhea shits of your life

You waited too long to withdraw mate, for that amount of money I would fly to Florence and visit bomber.
Nothing violent just pull out my account for evidence and demand my nano right there.

You went up 400% on a risky investment you could not lose and you did not think about pulling out your initial investment? Yeaahhhh......

Why didn't you get it out of there as soon as Kucoin was announced? That is what I did..

You could see this coming a mile away.

go cry on reddit faggot you never should have bought railblocks

You left money on an exchange and therefore deserved to have your money taken. Consider it a life lesson.

I lost 50k dude

>Can you overdose on caffeine pills?
Yes, in excess of 2500mg it starts having a possibility of becoming lethal, but it's not a pleasant death. You will develop a cardiac arrhythmia before your heart actually fails. Suffering an hours-long heart attack triggers massive anxiety and suffering because the body knows it is dying.

I'd talk to a friendly neighborhood jew to see if there is a good exit strategy / tax writeoff you might be able to escape through since you were scammed, but that's not likely. If all else fails, google "exit bag" and invest in helium.

>abused caffeine heavily in college

sucks to hear bro.
not sure if LARP.. but if not then don't kys.

you're still alive and you will have to come clean with it and find a way to survive and move forward.

50k? I lost 60k dude

>be brainlet
>go all in with money that isnt your own
>expect to come out on top

This will be a lesson that will haunt you for at least the next 20 years. Either an hero or....actually just an hero

60k? I lost 70k dude

I know this is a larp, but you still deserve it

70k? I lost 80k dude

it's only 40k dude chill out

80k? i lost 81k dude

you learned more with that 40k loss than you would have ever learned in school.. so there's that. in a way, you actually got your money's worth

They give you $40,000 of student loans in 1 big payment? WTF?

I would go find BitGrail owner and either get my money back or bash his head in, upload it and get ad revenue.

Seriously don't just waste your life by a simple suicide. Go fuck that bitgrail owner up. Then start selling weed/lsd/fake shoes or whatever if you cant get the money back. Do some crazy shit. Imagine your life is a movie. A guy who lost 40k. What will he do next? Bash Bitgrails head in or just kys?Dun dun duuuuuuuun.

They don’t he’s larping

don't worry, student loan debt can be discharged in bankruptcy.

oh wait nevermind they are stuck to you forever no matter what.

you're better off borrowing from a mobster.

Damn, dude. You gonna be alright, dude?

Are you really considering killing yourself over 40K? You fucking burgers and euros are so fucking weak OMG.

I just lost 200 bucks by directly sending ethereum to Bibox from Bitstamp, whoch apparantely you can't do. Now it's stuck in some sort of eternal limbo, fuck me I guess.

i've seen it done at a massive big state school
dumb gf

I tried to cash my initial and plenty of profit but that fucking italian wop cunt stole all our money in a ponzi because of his incompetent coding

I'm gonna get kicked out of school when I can't make the next payment, parents are gonna dump my ass when they find out and I'll be on the streets anyway. Might as well fucking end it now. Is there at least a class action going? Can I get some back?

not everything can be settled with a lawsuit you fucking burger. holy shit

Dude who gives a fuck, its a student loan, you have forever to pay it back, this is a lesson learned, might be an expensive one, by one none the less. Pick yourself up, you have your whole life ahead of you for fuck sakes. You will be fine op,also never invest money you can not afford to lose, you were greedy, why could you have not only put $5k-$10k on it and keep the rest just incase you fool. Pick yourself up , dust yourself off and get over it, its a new day and what is done is done

>borrowing 40k, investing it in a memecoin, and keep it on the shadiest of shady exchanges

Woops forgot my frog

there is a uk lawyer starting a class action for uk and eu members for free/donations right now. he lost 10k nano himself. currently about 50 people involved.

where can I find this?

Either he's a fucking idiot and got hacked and tried to cover it up by cheating balances. There's no way that's ever sustainable so why would he do that? But let's say that's the truth and that's what happens, what is the class action law suit going to do. Who's going to pay out the money lost.

And let's say he siphoned the funds into XMR, how are you ever going to find him? He's worth millions and millions in a virtually untraceable cryptocurrency and we live in a world where you truly can dissapear if you're rich enough. What's the civil lawsuit going to do then?

You're getting scammed again and falling for it, the lawyer is baiting the anger and resentment caused by this massive fuck up. But actually it's retards who held their XRB, a currency that NEARLY INSTANT NON EXISTANT FEES, on the shadiest exchange site ever instead of transferring it to a FREE FUCKING WALLET.

Just take the L.

Wow. I really dodged a bullet.

I had some funds there and only withdrew them two days ago. Normal withdrawals were not available without verification . I didn’t want to verify who I am because sovereign citizen. So I opted to cancel the contract and have my funds returned as bitcoin, which was the only quick option to get my money back.

I was upset at first because I couldn’t withdraw my money as eth,

In any case any time an exchange starts acting funny and demanding too much verification, it’s best to withdraw everything as quickly as possible.

Also, it’s better to keep money in your own wallet than in an exchange.

>we been posting here its a scam for weeks

People couldn’t take out their funds because of the verification requirements. At first it was only for sums greater than 5000 usd or so, but then for any sum. They did leave one option open until the last minute which was to cancel the user agreement and have funds returned as btc.

>>stumble onto Veeky Forums from r/cryptocurrency
You have to go back

You buy the coin. You move it into your wallet.

AFAIK there were no crazy verfication requirements at first, those came laters. So only a minority of people are affected by this, doesn't change the fact that the majority fucked it up for themselves.

not gonna post the discord link here, because its gonna get overrun by retards. ask in the nano discord bitgrail channel. i'll pm you if i see you.

yeah, no. i'm not gonna give up that easy. he is personaly liable for this shit. i'm not getting scammed at all because i am not donating until this goes to court.

he prob should go all in on OMG

Should've waited for kucoin


OP just come clean your Larping right? No one can be this retarded not even me. I took out a Loan of 5K, I did the math even if I lose it I can easily pay all + Interest back in less then a year. Just come clean bro we had a good thread. I mean gambling 40K shit dude I am not buying it

If you can provide full proof that you aren't larping i'll reimburse half of it to you

Why go all in on some obscure exchange coin man

You mean KEK COIN


>larping as a loser
can't wait for AI moderators to autodelete these shit threads


reverse google search biz bro

And make sure nobodyon rotten tomatoes can downvote the movie. Easy af.


if you are serious about this op, get the fuck off Veeky Forums. Its just money, literaly just fucking money. Imagine you had cancer now and needed to pay 200k for chemo for a 30% chance to live. While you are young 40k seems like an absolutely life changing amount of money, it isnt.

>babbling about reddit and biz
>not joining the discord group
KEK, user, really KEK!

discord gg/b9uVZBm

>I'm fucking sweating guys, I've already thrown up 4 times today just thinking about it. The only reason I can even type this is because I jacked off to some trap porn right before this

there's a guy on the telegram offering to verify your account for .03 btc

its probably another scam... but.. . worth a shot?

also if this works let me know, I lost 202 nano myself

jesus who the fuck would pay a lawyer who puts his money in nano lol... begging to get scammed again

pretty funny op, sad to see how many that takes you seriously in the thread

What exchange is helium on?

Nice larp

Lol, idiots buying into the XRB pump that only happened because it was literally only on two shit exchanges making it the perfect target for a pump.


Just get a job in trades instead, OP. The President is pro econony and we are bringing uncucked non-college jobs back.

Should have terminated your account for BTC like any non retard who had anything on Shitgrail