Why aren't you making free money by clicking twice every few minutes in etherdungeon while watching your loli anime?

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>Training fails 30 times in a row
>Shit graphics
>Broken English everywhere

No thanks. I tried, but it's just not very good.

How much ETH do I have to waste for every level? C'mon don't be shy, tell me about your gambling ponzi scheme.

Made about $400 profit from this but all the fails do get annoying

because i sold all my ETH reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Heavily luck dependent, can't give any decent approximation.

what's the most efficient way to grind levels 150+? constantinople king's blessing or just holyland train? really sucks being just below the lvl threshhold to make money back on the constantinople dungeon.

Depends on your gear, if you have mostly rare Const/Cath equips go to holy, if you have mostly rare Holyland equips do king's at Constantinople.

Same here, but only +100$ for now, dunno if I can get any higher, just taking my profits from constantinople and not trying to train anymore.

Can anyone here shill me a similiar game where I can get eth easy without having to sell shit kittes or something?

Find a trading card game with decent volume pops and wait for new drops. CryptoCountries, CryptoPornstars, etc. As long as you get in on the price ramp you'll make your money back pretty immediately.

I have an iron sword, imperial light robe, and the rest are ebony. do equips really factor into training success rate? i just really need to get those 3 levels so i can finally challenge.

Got to lvl 80 with like 4 bucks
177 with about 30 more bucks
You just have to get lucky

Equipment figures into your actual power rating, as you're looking to improve your power one way is through improving your equipment. At your strength this means epics and the only way to get those currently is through combining two rares in the same slot from different areas.

Fuck off pajeet. Only ethpyramid

So the most efficient way for me tor each 176 is to spam train at holyland and hope i get a linen armor to combine with my ebony armor? Would it actually be more efficient to re roll trains from a new wallet?

Yeah, spamming Holyland is your best bet, I definitely wouldn't reroll. I went from 140 to 184 in Holyland with about .1ETH but who knows how luckY I was. Was a C grade for training for me.

Out of curiosity, do you remember how much ebony armor you had? I have six pieces should I feel confident about training back at HL?

I only had 5

I have 0.1273 ETH shill me, is this worth? what should I do? im fucking starved

Well worth it if you play your cards right. Although with that much ETH you'll have to make careful moves. Check archived threads/discord for advice. Also as with anything early if normies adopt this it's the moon.

Join in dude, I'm making enough money for 2 sandwiches per minute.

can you please link me the discord? im tired of being poor already

Is there a site or something where I can look up games or even see how many people play them?