The Slav that saved Crypto

>The reptilians bow to the mighty Sminem
>At first contact aliens tried to merge with the human DNA, creating superior beings that would become masters of this planet.
>The first experiment failed, no single cell could harness the raw psychic power of the alien race. The cygote forcefully splitted in half in order to survive leaving the resultant offspring with deformed features, dividing the psionic power between two distinct entities.
>we refer to them as the Bogdanoff Twins.
> aware of the failure of their creation they desperately seek approval of the elder alien race by controlling humanity from the shadows.
> But then it came, the second experiment
>Successful melding of a single entity 200% Bog/human DNA. Less deformed features and much more powerful
>He doesn't own a home or have a single ruble to his name. Doesn't need it
>Contains all the DNA information of all life in every single cell of his body. He descends from every creature that ever lived, can generate offspring with any creature in the universe. He can create new life by merging DNA with his mind

>He is said to have 500+ IQ quantum brain but his mind working at 10% would warp the fabric of reality ending life on every being that has not a multidimensional nature.
>Being omnipotent and aware of the fact he has a gentle nature and tones down his psionic powers to a minimum to allow life to exist but is diminished to a 60IQ slav-tier intelligence in the process.
>His only goal is to bring happiness to all life
>The Bogs fear this creature and try to destroy him
>Sminem doesn't care, he enjoys the flowers and the little things in life knowing that he only needs to wait until the next heat death of the universe (has witnessed two)
>He mocks the twins by foiling their plan of bankrupting some Neets in an anonymous Cantonese basket weaving forum, just for fun
>for every Bog dump he provides a pump

>for every crash he provides a Bull run
> The time will come where Sminem will provide eternal green candles for all humanity ushering a new Golden Age of Mankind.


>The cygote forcefully splitted in half in order to survive leaving the resultant offspring with deformed features, dividing the psionic power between two distinct entities.
>we refer to them as the Bogdanoff Twins.


fake news to protect the kid, here is the real image of him and his friend created for him to not be lonely

Cпacибo бoльшoe, Cминeм.

praise smegma

here is him too, made to crush the virgins and neets, just for fun. You can see how its working out. Please spread real truth, maybe we will be able to

would unironically fuck sminems sister

Well, you're shit out of luck, cus the sister is the one in red. GL HF

post the one with the bear caged


we know

>implying i didnt mean that one

do you say it like "smuh-nem" or "smigh-num"

belly fat, arm fat, calf fag, guaranteed cellulite from the knee to the hips- low standards user

Who is this poor kid and why did he become a meme

Guys, it's a poor kid, stop harassing him.

Epic op it is time for biz to learn the truth of this world

>Those nails
Nope OP. You should stay away.

son of bogdanoff brothers. they used their dna together in a lab to make a fusion bog. 200% bog dna, incredible.

Cant bur a rotten stick, they say. Didn't know the meaning of that until now

Why are eastern European whites so unironically ugly?



They're all the same age as him

not sure about other nations but when it comes to Poland (where I'm from) I'm sure it's because of how utterly btfo we got during last 500 years
constant wars, even it we won some battles it was at very high cost and most of the times we were loosing obviously
the people who dies were the ones with most valuable genes - soldiers, officers, professors all brutally murdered first during over 100 years partitions (and all failed uprisings that took place) and later on during world wars
all that's left is crap blood of uneducated weakings that didn't fight with germans and russians
what a shame but no wonder the nation is shit after that

Please protect our gains minister u sminem!

Holy fuck


This is crazier than a link thread

Bear market BTFO

Has Sminem given us any hints as to which coins he holds?

Anyone else notice how he is smiling and petting the bull while scowling and caging the bears? Snimem IS our messiah.

The 65th day of the year is March 6, 2018. Expect a big bull run then.


He looks like a Vulcan from Star Trek, but the makeup/wardrobe people did a shit job because he's a background extra.

fucking screencapping this
If this happens, I will fully invest myself into the cult of Sminem