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Last chance, this is the pullback.

thanks, just bought 100k

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Thanks for our daily crypto horoscope

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The buy zone, good luck biz


Textbook pattern, we are at the pullback right now. litteraly the last chance to sell this high today and probably tomorrow also



it looks like it finished h&s and bounced of the support

Can't be over since we are only at the pullback phase

It appalls me that will be underrated bc of nufags

Whales just staring at their screens doing nothing while they see if normies give them a clue what they wanna do. They have given up at this point. Normies are now going to make a case for either side. Bear or bull.

Also yes I can see you little upward trendline but yest we hit the big downward trendline


>last chance to sell this high today and probably tomorrow also
you fudding faggots have been saying that ever since monday. youve been wrong for 6 days straight, why would anyone listen to your tea leaf readings now?

No I actually bought back at around 6k because we bounced on insane volume ( very bullish). I also day traded by selling during the night ( UTC time) and buying back in the morning, My initial sell target was 9300/400 but I had to lower it to 8700 because we were rising too slowly and volume was decreasing ( bad sign).

If you are a "holder" than ignore this thread but if you are a trader or are on margin this should be interesting information

Also if you think btc will go up to 20k without pullbacks on the way you are an idiot

I know but before that I still have about $200-$500 worth of uptrend, this is what I'm waiting for

Infinite support at 8.2k

You can't stop these gains

My long dies at 6800, no reason to touch it yet, right? I expect pullbacks but nothing too horrible.


i don't get it, the circle you have is at the same price level that we are at now. Just don't take the risk of having another bounce on the trendline. The more we touch the trendline the more chance we break it

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i dont
thank you you sound sensible, not at all like the whales trying to FUD this down to 4k

are you on margin? If yes id take profit or reduce leverage maybe

Once bitfinex crooks start getting arrested, BTC will go to $1K

Screencap this post

Crab 16 analysis and the Elliot-Rodgers wave suggests that there's a 50/50 chance that the market goes up or down from here on out.

ill just leave this HEOR

Yee I'm on leverage, but 80% not knowing WTF I'm doing. Blessed by beginner's luck at least.

bitfinex is legit, tether also.

so whenever your TA bullshit is false and it goes up instead, will you admit that its bull shit?

What platform are you using ?
I was on leverage and cut it on the pullback right now.

it's not about specific price but about the pattern

Also be careful with leverage, never risk too much and make sure you TAKE profits. its hard to take profits because of greed and its hard to cut losses so you end up sitting on the wrong side of a trade for too long sometimes. If you made good profit congrats, take them, relax a bit and look for the next good entry point. Trade like a casino

The pullback shouldn't cross the trendline you fucking mongoloid.

what fckin trendline you talking about

correction due soon in any case... look at my nice graph guys...

so? they're just salty because they bypassed the us cuckregulations of trading usd by creating usdt. Bitfinex and Tether are crypto OGs, biggest platform with highest volume, they have more than enough money to back up tether

The one you didn't draw but you should have you fucking trisomic negroid. The one that would imply a downtrend which is basically the only reason for this thread.

Bitmex. Don't worry, even if I start going crazy on gambles it's ~3% of my crypto I have here, mostly enjoy reading how others approach it.

OP, or you've no idea how H&S works or you're completely retard.

This thread is so pathetic that I need so save it somehow...
Check the daily candle timeframe, in 5-6 hours, more or less, when you see that we get closer to 9000, sell the fuck out of it.

is there verification on Bitmex?
i'd like to do some leverage...

Find me one mention of the pullback should not cross the trendline in the litterature. the only rule is that the pullback should not cross the shoulder.


Enjoy the ride, have fun and learn.

nop no verification, here is my referral code. Have fun and be careful


Nah, they just ask for email. They have a testnet with pretend money if you want to start that way.

Price down more than 200usd since I made this post. I'm just trying to save you some money guys

stupid question, but do i need xbt before i can trade other coins? the fees are marked in xbt. i'd like to send neo instead of xbt and sell that before trading...

You can only send btc to bitmex

>I'm just trying to save you some money guys
can't lose money if I don't trade, I'm waiting for confirmation, I think we're going to 4-6k but before that I still need to see the resistance broken, for swing trading I would have probably shorted it an hour ago, set a stop loss and went to sleep

You can def loose money if you don't trade. see hodlers that bought above 16k...

Do you see it now? We're pulling back to the broken downtrend. It's a bullish signal and a good entry point for a long.

But TA is a meme anyway.

Listen to me and sell at 8800 or something in few hours.
Re-buy when a lot of people here will call the suicide line in few days.

> 8800
what makes you believe if will get there?

6k retest come monday
we wither double bottom there or go all the way to 4k
you don't need to screencap this, just remember I warned you

Just sing trade all the way down. look at the charts, its been really fucking consistent, easy way to build you stack and has been the past couple days

seriously? what coins are you trading that are consistent? or are you fucking larping?

LINK and XLM have the easiest because of how little they move. go on and look. With minimal TA you should be to do it easily.